Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fox News is so raaaaacist!

Crypto-fascist ultra-extremist Rupert Murdoch fired Marc Lamont Hill and, as Charles Johnson warned you, the wingnut crazies are totally OK with that:
Good riddance I say. Hill was nothing more than a straight up Obama shill. No matter what Obama did, this guy would spin it as favorable. Obama could tank the entire economy [a real possibility] and Hill would say something stupid like it needed a good crashing.
Yeah, that Clifton B. is such a white suprema . . .

Uh, wait minute. According to LGF research director Kejda, "Clifton" is a popular name among certain Euronationalist paleo-ultrafascist fringe elements and pseudo/neo-extremists like Pamela Geller. Also, Sharmuta says there may be reason to believe that the "B" in "Clifton B." stands for Belgium. IYKWIMAITYD.


(Via Flemeorandum.)

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  1. Have you seen the list of offenders?

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