Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hopefully Juan Connects the Dots

by Smitty

Little Miss Attila links Juan Williams with Dr. Hutcherson and Tammy Bruce becoming aware of the bigger evil pattern represented in the NFL attack on Rush Limbaugh.

The will to deny the fascism remains strong, however.

Remember, Juan: It's a cookbook!


  1. Juan Williams was aware of the problem before, if for no other reason than that he has been an object of “liberal” intolerance himself, before the latest smear that took place on the Factor.

    The problem is that for every honest, fair minded and courageous liberal like Juan Williams, who react against the nasty thuggish behavior of the Left, many more people are afraid and intimidated. That in fact appears to be one of the reasons the Left behaves the way it does, because it works for them. After all, the Left controls not only the government but much of the rest of society, including the schools, big business and the MSM.

  2. Yes, that evil pattern that prompted the backlash towards lard-ass Limbaugh. Poor little Limbaugh, note even his false teeth could help him save face on this crushing blow.
    I'm sure the escort services he indulges in are getting alot of business this weekend...when will the douche learn?

  3. It looks like young 4-eyes is yet another troll paid by Media Matters and the DNC to go to blogs and make rather stupid comments. Or maybe its a case that young 4-eyes needs to get his glasses checked. The most updated picture of Mr. Limbaugh shows a slimmed down individual. Perhaps young 4-eyes should have a good gander at the real piece of lard (and turd) Michael Moore the communist liar who purports to make documentaries, because if ever there was a lard-ass then Moore fits perfectly with that description.

    The fact is that there were people who set about slandering Limbaugh. The man obviously did not make the purported statements. This means that every mean troll who comes along and makes a blog comment deserves to be hauled before the civil courts and be sued for slander, just as Sanchez and others deserve the same fate because of their slander.

    Racism is a very ugly thing, and the reverse racism of Sharpton and Jackson, as well as various members of the present White House Administration is really extremely sickening.

  4. @Maggie,
    Young 4 Eyes is this blog's Zampolit, and, as such, enjoys the privilege of being as daffy as he wants to be.
    Keeping us out of the gulag is an important job, and we thank him for his efforts.

  5. @Maggie - Reverse raaaaacism? So when blacks are the prejudiced ones, we give it a different name?

    It is sad and frustrating how many conservatives (or 'conservatives') share the same (false) premises of liberalism, particularly in the areas of political correctness and multi-culturalism.

  6. Williams can think what he wants. For so many years Limbaugh has spent his time on the radio mis-labeling or mis-characterizing others . Finally he had his judgment day.

  7. OH, Montana .. the same comment, verbatim, that you left on my blog post. Understandable; I suppose it is hard to think up new things to say whilst sobbing into your pillow ... on your futon in Mommy's basement.