Monday, October 12, 2009

White House pimp-slaps gay-rights movement? That's gonna leave a mark

John Harwood, NBC News, on the smoldering discontent:
Barack Obama is doing well with 90% or more of Democrats so the White House views this opposition as really part of the Internet left fringe.
There are times when "gay" doesn't mean "happy," and they're definitely not happy about this little backhanded insult. (Did the "Internet left fringe" remark refer to Andrew Sullivan?)

Another Black Conservative hopes this a wake-up call to gays, who have apparently been so happy riding on the back of Obama's magic bus:
Perhaps things will start to come into focus for everyone that the disdain this White House has for Fox News and Tea Parties really isn’t the story. The truth is this White House has a problem with opposition in general.
To which Pundette adds:
Obama resents "chatter," a.k.a, criticism of Obama, from any source. We knew about this intolerance for dissent before the election but unfortunately no one on the Left wanted to pay attention.
Wouldn't it be a kick in the head if the gay-rights radicals joined Gay Patriot and conservative lesbians like Cynthia Yockey in supporting the Tea Party movement? Honestly, who treats people with more respect, Glenn Beck or Barack Obama?

UPDATE: Linked at the Hot Air Greenroom. Please also see my Twitter exchange with the gay atheist liberal blogger "Gen. J.C. Christian" (who is not actually Charles Johnson's sockpuppet, so far as I'm aware).


  1. It's very sad when people allow themselves to be used. But it's even harder when you know you are being used and you let it happen.

  2. And another thing if the left is angry at Obama what republican will they support in 2012 to teach him a lesson?

    If they can't name one then it's Kevin Bacon time!

  3. "Honestly, who treats people with more respect, Glenn Beck or Barack Obama?"

    Is this a sick joke? Obama is far more respectful. Neither is particularly honorable or good but one is an intentional irritant and the other is a kindly ineffective politician. The kindly politician is going to be far more respectful of people than the agitprop town crier.