Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Rule 5 Sunday. That intellectual life preserver in a whacky world, where increasingly meaningless awards are hurled, discus-like, over the head of a shark, which, bemused and unimpressed, proceeds to munch the leg off of the stunned judge.

Ignore that.

Instead, focus on the beauty that can, like Helen, motivate necessary action.
  • Boom Boom Boom brings the Sharon Tate. Bonus points for the trampoline usage. Rule 5 Sunday remains firm in its commitment to supporting Physics education.
  • Three Beers Later includes Barbara Rhodes, as well as a Kirk Douglas/Henry Fonda bit from "There Was a Crooked Man". Then he features a certain Rotten Fringe Extremist who will be blowing up the book sales charts for some time to come. Still not done, he posts Juliana Moreira, before switching to relationship advice.
  • At the Point of a Gun reports on the well-rounded artistic accomplishments of Carla Bruni, and offers Gerard Butler for feminine review.
  • VodkaPundit, concerning Jacqueline Bisset:
    Two words: The Deep. First time we rented that movie (in Beta format!), I’m pretty sure I edged six months closer to puberty. And that was before she jumped in the water. By the time she got back out, I was a man.
    This invites the question: what are you now Stephen? No it doesn't. TMI.
  • Honesty in Motion reports on the latest Italian news. Switching to Britain, he brings us Freema Agyeman.
  • Ace of Spades has a couple of cheery cheerleaders.
  • Morgan Freeberg seems to have a Rule 5 mailbox. His pairwise trip through the alphabet is 1/3 of the way there, and reaches Izabella and Jessica. If he has a follow-on kanji project, he could be at it a while. Which is not a bad problem to have. Then there is this interesting link to an image database of Rule 5 record cover photos from yesteryear.
  • Yankee Phil covers that crucial topic: bacon.
  • Left Coast Rebel tries to get all sneaky and use the Pamela Anderson ad on this blog as a Rule 5 post in its own right. Oh no no no no no no. You don't get by the referees quite that easily, hot rod. Uhhh...hold it a second.
  • Fishersville Mike says "Anna Kournikova" and we say "yes".
  • The Hyacinth Girl post Sean Connery and Steve McQueen. Spot on, ma'am.
  • Dustbury manages to combine excellent Rule 5 sensibility and the relatively obscure, bringing us "Diane Lane". OK, she's only obscure because I'm paying insufficient attention.
  • American Power points to, but does not include, some Sheryl Crow stuff at the Los Angeles Times Magazine. Douglas also reports on a new Jessica Simpson reality show, and brings a Bar Refaeli clip.
  • Pirate's Cove features a Edward Runci study in red.
  • The Classic Liberal wraps a lecture on ending the Federal Reserve around Kristen Bell, proof that even the driest topics can benefit from Rule 5. He chases this with BeyoncĂ© on the topic of the unpopularity of capitalism.
  • Troglopundit seems to imply that Sarah Palin's glare can cook bacon without harming other hotties wearing the bacon as a bikini. Advanced laser optical physiques, indeed. Switching from one fixation to another, he brings teh Megan Fox. He gets his kicks with Gina Carano and goes 'toonie with Marge Simpson. Overall, a hard working Rule 5 blogger, the Trog.
  • In sports news, Rightofcourse features the LSU cheerleaders.
  • The Camp of the Saints went Rule 5 in support of my Iowahawk art contest entry, which might as well have been a Bob Dole campaign poster, for all it was noticed *sniff*. But thanks for the support, Mr. Belvedere. TCotS also featured Claudia Cardinale, Sophia Loren meeting Jane Mansfield
  • Jeffords reports: "Esquire named actress Kate Beckinsale the Sexiest Woman Alive. I will not put up much of an argument..." and then he puts up BHO, who is, indeed, not much of an argument.
  • YHTBTTTGOTR seems to be rooting for the Tide.
  • Nation of Cowards goes on a babes 'n' guns rampage.
  • The WyBlog reports that Miley Cyrus is quitting Twitter. What rhymes with Twitter that we could say Twitter now resides within? Have to think about that one.
  • Paco suggests Betty Hutton performing "Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief".
  • HotMES brings you Rachel Bilson, and you say "thank you".
That's your Rule 5 post. Please forward more tasteful updates to Smitty. Peace, out.

Update:The Indentured Servant Girl wonders if the Brigitte Bardot post didn't "make the cut". No, the sole point to draw from all this is that I wasn't aware of the post. The "line" is more or less drawn around the PG-13 area. The last conclusion anyone should draw from omission is negative feedback. When somebody sends links to stuff that isn't working for this roundup for content reasons, I'm quite good at letting them know why.


  1. Sean Connery and Steve McQueen..Real men. Alpha males.
    Oh how my female eyes yearn to gaze upon a real man behind the podium of the POTUS. wish will remain unanswered for at least 3 more long, long years.

  2. Well, actually, Diane Lane was a couple weeks ago; the current photos are of Sela Ward, although the lovely Ms Lane is in fact mentioned in the text.

  3. Wow, Al "Mr. Freeze" Gore causes dropping temperature every time he gives a talk on global warming (a real dog bites man story), but hell also froze over last night! Little Tommy Friedman is just full of surprises isn't he?

  4. I didn't make the cut? Am I to infer that you think my lovely photos of Brigitte Bardot lack taste?


    There is plenty to be seen in this recent post from McCain:

    I do not believe my semi nudes of Bardot cross into the NSFW category.

  5. Mea Culpa!

    Well, I did wonder if my photos were a bit too *ahem* frenchy and artistic, and I guess I read too much in to your request for more "tasteful updates".

    Thanks for the link--I apologize for my rash judgement.

  6. Woo! Thanks for the link. Steve McQueen and I are involved in a love affair that transcends time and space, much like the Time Traveler's wife, only far less shmaltzy. (I must admit that I have neither read the book nor seen the movie, but it just looked stupid.)

    Anyway, where have all the real men gone? Pop culture is full of pansies. Richard Harris and Sean Connery as miners in The Molly Maguires--now there was a movie full of deeply sexy, barrel-chested men.

    Pop culture is depressing.

  7. Smitty: I urged you to demand a recount, but you humbly declined and mumbled something about tactical nuclear weapons and cornfields which I did not quite understand.

    Linked to at