Friday, October 16, 2009

Tim Phillips Rocks!

by Smitty

Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity needs to prep everyone who goes on Rachel Maddow's circusshow. This clip is 8.5 minutes of pure chewing satisfaction. He gently, graciously parries every cheap rhetorical trick employed and says "Back at ya, lady" with a twinkle in his eye.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall in Rachel's dressing room after that segment.

Update: Tim Phillips' response.


  1. I'm sorry.

    I can't watch MSNBC in my weakened condition.

  2. Look, I'm Conservative as the day is long and can't stand that fool Maddow, but I don't think he won at all - she didn't let him speak, and when he did, he was on the defense the entire night. If you are a Maddow fan, you think she won that argument hands down because all Conservatives are evil greedy corporate rich monsters. If you're not a Maddow fan like me, you wonder why the hell this guy went on that show to get pummeled like that. What has he got to gain by going on her show? If I were in his shows, I'd say forget it! Maddow's show is too small and Liberal for me to get a fair hearing or even waste my time.

  3. Sure, he probably didn't convince most Maddow fans, but anyone with an objective mind who ran across that would notice that her entire intent was just to ad-hom. His point about Soros drove that home.

  4. It probably went better in rehearsals when Maddow practiced the same questions on Morning Jo(k)e. I'm sure Scarborough distanced himself from these conservative tactics in the name of bipartisanship. But Phillips lets Richie have it, reducing her arguments to the irrational liberal psychobabble that they are. In the end all Richie can muster up is, "I don't like your kind because you hurt my feelings." We need MORE CONSERVATIVES to go on MSNDNC and challenge the ad hominem attacks that progressives always resort to when they can't win on the merits of their ideas. Thanks Smitty. Excellent post!!!

  5. You're not watching the same video I am, that's for sure... Tim, as well as this AFP group for which he's currently shilling, came off lookin' pretty bad, to me...

  6. Keep dreaming!
    Tim Phillips had his ass handed to him. He spent most of his time whining when confronted with questions he couldn't answer. Hey, way to make a case for a millionaire Republican scion running a "grassroots" organization. Oh, it was classic!
    Hey Smitty, please keep sending along these schleps for Maddow to scalp on live TV.
    Not only does it make for entertainment, but it exposes the fraud that is today's Conservatism...

  7. Roreschach test. I think she looked bad for just trying to smear him with old stuff the staff dug up. Her fan thinks she finally nailed that evil fat cat Rethuglican.

    He deserves a Nobel Patience Prize for not loosing his temper. Did you notice that thee strongest example of his evil nature was for something he wasn't even involved in?

  8. @Y4E,
    You are not this blog's favorite left wing troll for nothing.
    We love every line and stroke in your reality-denying self-caricature.
    You go, girl!

  9. Anyone with half a brain and a shred of honesty can see Maddow for the partisan hack that she is.

    This Phillips guy is bad for the country? And slandering people as raaaaacists and white supremacists on national t.v. without a shred of proof is, what, good for the country?

    Rachel Maddow remains a crack whore.

  10. "You go, girl!"
    Damn Smitty, is it raining men over at RSM headquarters?
    Nevertheless, nice try. Phillips was exposed for the consummate Conservative phony you seem to love.When confronted with basic facts which he could have refuted ( if he could) Phillips bitched and moaned about ad hominem attacks, which to your average intelligent person is the tell-tale sign of having been caught with foot in mouth...
    Better luck next time.

  11. @Y4E,
    No, really: those were facts. Every bit as factual as Byrd's KKK past, and equally relevant.
    What is telling about arguing with a nitwit is their insistence on peripheral, "gotcha" facts at the expense of the real conversation.
    Maddow in that clip, was the mistress of avoidance behavior. By the end of the clip, the audience knows that she's three times as guilty of every silly thing of which she accuses Phillips.
    Equally amusing is your insistence to the contrary. Keep it up. You funny.