Thursday, October 15, 2009

How fat is Meghan McCain?

She's so fat, we think she's kinda cute.

Because she's dumb, blonde and rich, with big hooters -- just the way we like 'em.

Also, she's my cousin. And you know how we hillbilly Bubbas are about our cousins.


  1. Does Allah know about this pic?

  2. I still would do her.

  3. One of my cousins was so beautiful when I was a little boy. 5'3", 100 lbs, blond and perfect figure.
    We moved away and I didn't see her for ten years. Some how she gained two pounds a month.

  4. Having read this posting, your previous 'Twit pics' one, and the AmSpecBlog one you link to Stacy, I agree with you that:

    Still, I think Meg's bubbly chubbiness is quite fetching and only wish that everyone shared my downhome admiration for a gal who, by all appearances, isn't ashamed to ask for second helpings of barbecue and biscuits

    I think you’d agree with the following statement...

    It ain't a woman's size that matters. Its how they wear it--physically and mentally.

    Your cousin wears it well physically, but when she opens her mouth, any attractiveness is wiped away by the insipidness of her thoughts [I call this Wellesley Girl Syndrome]. The two sides go hand-in-hand in determining if a gal is appealing over the long haul.

    Also, the make up of your soul affects how you look physically. The most extreme example of this is the schizophrenic person, who, if you look at their pictures before the onset, look pretty much like anyone else, but after the illness has ravaged them for a bit, have distorted features. A less extreme example is Kirsten Powers who is quite attractive physically, but whose dour form of feminism infuses her face with a perpetual sad sack look.

    S.E. Cupp is rather plain, but her personality takes what little is there and makes her attractive. The same goes for Dagan McDowell over at Fox Business.

    The same standard applies to men: George Clooney’s quite handsome physically, but I know many conservative women who find he loses his appeal when he opens his mouth and talks about politics or the culture. Same for Jon Hamm. Glenn Beck is not the best example of male good looks, but many women find him attractive because of his personality. [The only exception to what one may call, therefore, the Glenn Beck Rule, is, of course, TrogloPundit.].

    Rich heiresses, like you cousin, in the age before the required pre-nup, were good for marrying because you could get away with having a mistress you really cared for because the wife was easy to fool. In this age of the required pre-nup however, such daughters of money usually have to settle for David Gest-types. In other words, your cousin can look forward to a glorious future as a top-notch fag-hag.

    Dr. Robert 'Bob' Belvedere

  5. She could really benefit from going out and getting a job. Writing her stupid columns and bashing republicans is not real work. She is being paid for being the daughter of McCain and for being so nasty to republicans while falsely claiming that she is one. My lord, she's 25 years old already. Grow up!

  6. When Meeeghan sits around the House of Representatives, she *really* sits around the House of Representatives.

  7. Hooters, hooters, yum, yum, yum. Hooters, hooters on a girl who's dumb.
    /Al Bundy

  8. "...your cousin can look forward to a glorious future as a top-notch fag-hag."
    So AP still has a shot, then.

  9. "...your cousin can look forward to a glorious future as a top-notch fag-hag."

    So AP still has a shot, then.

    Works for me.

  10. Meghan is fat but not fatfat! OK?