Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trig Trutherism, 'Audrey' and Sully:
'Just Asking Questions' (Uncut Version)

NOTE: I had this ready to post last night, but hesitated because I wondered if she was worth it. Ah, he who hesitates is lost! And so Aaron Gardner beat me to it. But here is what I had written. -- RSM
When you're a Trig Truther just asking questions -- "Who's not your mama?" being the latest question from "Audrey" at the Palin's Deceptions blog -- sometimes people might get the idea you're dropping hints and perhaps making unsavory insinuations that you don't have the moxy to state outright.

A declarative statement might be proven false, but an insinuation made by just asking questions tends to foster suspicions difficult to disprove simply because they are so darned nebulous.

For example, the moonbats obsessed with Sarah Palin's fifth pregnancy -- when she gave birth to Trig, whom no self-respecting moonbat considers to be Sarah's actual son -- frequently discuss this alleged pseudo-pregnancy in relation to Palin's daughter Bristol. Here is our friend "Audrey":
In particular, Bristol’s attendance during the 2007-08 school year has been questioned on this site and on others. This school year, of course, is the focus of our interest. Why? . . . Someone had to be pregnant with Trig Palin during most of what would have been the 2007 - 2008 school year. If it were not Sarah Palin, it had to be someone else. Period.

And more recently, "Audrey" wrote:

[F]ormer [Anchorage Daily News] editor Michael Carey gave an interview with PBS on September 2nd . . . Carey had not heard that Bristol was pregnant as of September 1 at all. But he had heard that Sarah had faked a pregnancy to cover for Bristol the previous spring.

Many more such examples could be cited. One gets the idea, given the proximity with which these two phenomena (Trig and Bristol) are discussed by these Truthers, that the moonbats are insinuating that Bristol is actually Trig's mother, and Sarah his grandmother, and that this was the "deception" which inspired the name of "Audrey's" blog.

Such insinuations collapse at first contact with reality: What the Trig Truthers are trying to insinuate is that Bristol gave birth in April, conceived again almost immediately after Trig's delivery and then, barely eight months after the birth of her first child, delivered her second child -- healthy and apparently full-term -- shortly after Christmas.

To the extent that this is not a medical impossibility, it certainly seems both unlikely and unnatural to say nothing of what we bloggers sometimes call "nucking futs."

This is especially true considering that Trig was born with Down Syndrome, a condition clearly associated with advanced maternal age (Sarah Palin, d.o.b. Feb. 11, 1964, was 44 when Trig was born) and quite rare among the offspring of teenage mothers (Bristol, d.o.b. Oct. 18, 1990, was 17 when Trig was born).

Given the basic biological/mathematical dubiousness of the Bristol-as-Trig's-real-mom theory, the Down Syndrome factor adds powerful dispositive evidence of the moonbat Trig Truther hypothesis. See this chart on the age-related risk factor for Down Syndrome, which I first cited Sept. 1, 2008:
For women ages 20-24, the frequency of Downs Syndrome is 1 in every 1,400 live births. By age 35, however, the frequency is 1 in every 350 births -- a quadrupling of risk. At age 39, the frequency is 1/140 -- 10 times the risk at age 20-24.
And yet here we are, nearly a year later, and "Audrey" is still peddling her moonbat crap, OK?

Her name is not "Audrey."

Given her persistence in promoting a theory against which so much evidence weighs, it is a fair supposition that The Person Whose Name Is Not Audrey is either (a) stupid, (b) crazy or (c) dishonest. Perhaps even (d) all of the above.

Dan Riehl finds evidence of dishonesty by The Person Whose Name Is Not Audrey. And we shall let her obsessive Trig Trutherism serve as abundant evidence that she's crazy. What about the evidence that she's stupid?

Well, before we get to that, let's mention that The Person Whose Name Is Not Audrey is not just any random, insignificant moonbat. Her crackpot insinuations have been repeatedly cited and linked by that most eminent of Trig Truthers, Dr. Andrew Sullivan, M.D., OB-GYN, chief resident of the renowned Alaska Republican Obstetric Research Clinic at The Atlantic Monthly Memorial Hospital. Lather, rinse, repeat. While certain right-wing hatemongers have dared question Dr. Sullivan's authority on matters gynecological, no one has ever questioned the Good Doctor's expertise on the penis.

Dr. Sullivan's decades of tireless phallic research have led him to a breakthrough discovery, yea, even the answer to a question that penis aficionados have debated endlessly:
Cut or Uncut?
The answer, according to Dr. Sullivan, is most definitely "uncut." (The alternative he decries as "male genital mutilation.") The man's unrivaled enthusiasm for the uncircumcised penis puts him foremost among foreskin fetishists.

Well, guess what, boys and girls? Foreskin fetishists of a feather flock together. I refer you to "AnnieB393":
Personal Info
Audrey (Not tellin')
Lives in charlottesville, USA 22901
Who am I
I am a childbirth educator and midwife's assistant
And this reminder from Palin's Deceptions:
The facts are well-known: I am Audrey, a mother of six, childbirth educator and author . . .
OK, then, if we Google "AnnieB393" and "Charlottesville," one of the results is entitled "Contact Circumcision Author," and if we click on the "similiar" link we find this leads us to the "order" page for a book entitled, Circumcision: What Every Parent Should Know.

Google "Charlottesville" "circumcision" "childbirth" "classes" and you then learn about the author of aforesaid book:
She has been active in childbirth circles for over twenty years. Her interest in neonatal circumcision stems from the numerous questions she received on the topic during her childbirth classes.
Remember, friends, that this is merely intended as evidence that The Person Whose Name Is Not Audrey is (a) stupid. Because if you start poking around a bit on Google using "AnnieB393" and other such data as may be derived from online research . . .

Well, all this was as easy as following Hansel and Gretel's bread-crumb trail. I'm kind of new at all this blogging stuff, having been a professional journalist since 1986. Certainly, no professional journalist would post the actual name of The Person Whose Name Is Not Audrey.

But these crazy blogger people . . .



  1. Well I didn't mean to scoop you...seemed you had it all laid out for anyone to see...;^)

  2. "And yet here we are, nearly a year later, and 'Audrey' is still peddling her moonbat crap, OK?"

    Sounds like she got into the game waaaay too late. She'd have been a natural for assistant to Ari Fleischer or Colin Powell in 2002 or 2003, talking up them thar Iraqi WMD ... and able to keep it up for the long haul with magical "convoys to Syria," etc.

  3. I can't speak to her expertise on the subject of her book, but if I had a niche market the size of the "Trig Truthers" and assorted Palin Haters, I'd manage to keep my book in print and ranked better than #2,762,111 in Books on Amazon.

    Cripes even Joe Scarborough is doing better than that.

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