Monday, August 24, 2009

No, it's not the Onion, it's ABC

by Smitty

Gateway Pundit has an ABC clip about national parks. Apparently, slavery is at the root of the lack of black usage of national parks

There maybe something in this (wildly) NSFW rant from Chris Rock (50% potty mouth, 50% stone cold truth) about the real issues. Interestingly, Rock makes no mention of slavery.

While Rock would have a half-life of about 10 seconds as a network news anchor, given his belt-driven f-grenade launcher, maybe he could be a consultant to ABC so that their reporting would not suck so much pond water.


  1. Wht exactly are you saying here, Smitty? That black people use parks, but n*****s don't? That's kinda effed up. I really think you need to explain the connection you apparently see b/w the story and the CR clip.

  2. @Anonymous,

    I'm saying that ABC played the race card straight up, and pointing to some commentary with counter-arguments.

    Let me go on record and make a statement: get out there and enjoy national parks, everyone. Creation is an awesome thing.

  3. If there's something that can unite all conservatives, it's the glee they get from Chris Rock's "black/n*****" bit.