Sunday, August 23, 2009

Maverick: Hey, you know those 'death panels' Sarah Palin was talking about . . .?

"There was a provision in the bill that talks about a board that would decide 'most effective measures' to provide health care for people, OK?"
-- John McCain, ABC "This Week"
And if the "most effective measures" means Grandma gets a Brompton cocktail . . .


  1. "Wasilla calling!
    "Yeah, I was there too,
    "And you know what she said...?
    "Well, some of it was true!"

  2. All Alaskans rejoiced when Palin couldn't stand the pressure of being Governor and quit. Her popularity had fallen to below 50% and her self-promotion and need to be in the limelight were more important to her than holding the office of Governor. Now poor Sarah is not getting the attention she craves, so she has to come up with sensationalism and distortion of the truth. Lucky thing for her is that she allows so many ghost writers to post on her Facebook page that there is no proof whether she made the statement--or not. She is taking the chicken's way out-have something posted and if the people like it, she wrote it. If not, blame someone else. But never be available for questions to show your lack of knowledge or depth. If someone is good enough to write on her Facebook, reward them and let them write Palin's book! Palin/Octomom--2012.

  3. John McCain is a POS and the Republican party better catch on to that fact.

    I don't understand why, when they start talking about policy, McCain is the one leading the charge. Dump him as a leader.

    Hey, Arizona, send this guy to the retirement home, or death panel, whatever the outcome happens to be before year end.

    This guy gave us McCain/Feingold and almost gave us Kennedy/McCain shamnesty.

    Enough already.

  4. John McCain doesn't have to retire just yet. He's still redeemable.

    To start with, every time he speaks he needs to start with, 'I agree with Sarah Palin because..'

    And then vote that way too.