Friday, August 28, 2009

The Ted Kennedy Memorial Stand-Up Routine Will Be Continued . . .

Thanks to The Underground Conservative for giving an appropriately respectful name to the performance by that show-biz legend, "Shecky" McCain.

Now, everybody at Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy HQ is grateful to know how much you folks love The Shecky Show. Like Ted Kennedy, Shecky kills 'em every time. (Yeah, we heard your ominous stentorian laughter, Ed.)

But while Shecky's shtupping a cocktail waitress in his dressing room taking a much-needed rest, we bring you some light Kennedyesque entertainment from Stop the ACLU:
Nothing quite so humorous as jokes about a woman that died in your car thanks to your own cowardice.
Hey, no respect, no respect at all, you see? And our old pal Jimmy Antle has a great joke:
Senator Michael Dukakis!
Like the kids say, Jimmy, ROTFLMAO. Anyway, folks, we're going to take a short intermission here, but as soon as Shecky finishes shtupping that cocktail waitresses his much-needed rest, he'll be back for another show.

Meanwhile, remember to tip your waitresses -- they love Shecky, too -- and enjoy this delightful video:

Hey, Darleen, what's with this "Twatwaffle" stuff? Is that kinda like Ted Kennedy's "moral clarity"? A joke, right?


  1. Dodd: We really screwed up this time.
    Teddy: There's only one thing to do.
    Both: Waitress Sandwich!!!

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  2. We're at the Chappaquiddick Lounge all week, folks ...

  3. enuf already!

    Yes, he was a Kennedy, but he is dead! D E A D!

    If all the Kennedy crap goes on as long as the MJ crap did, I will be bald (although not 1 boobed)

    He was no hero, he adopted (so to speak) the current tenant of the WH. He played fast and loose with the truth about everything.


  4. When Bob Novak died and went to heaven, god granted him one wish: Bob chose to make the world safe for waitresses. So god killed Ted Kennedy.

  5. ...okay, now I have this mental image of a cocktail-waitress minidress hanging in Mrs. Other's closet.