Saturday, August 29, 2009

I weep with joy at the site of this URL

by Smitty

It may not be legally binding, but the knowledge that someone is driving for it is beautiful. I hope they consider my favorite drum in detail. With sufficient advertising of the idea amongst "We the People", it can build on the Tea Party success, and the (hoped for) November election successes in VA and NJ.

Last Tuesday I heard with my own ears my Congressman compare the President to Pharaoh in the Book of Exodus. The context was the wisdom of an autocrat in preparing for a famine seen in a vision. Sadly, the notion that our Constitution is written with intent to preclude autocracy seems to escape my Congressman.

"We the People" must oppose this, or our capacity to oppose will be denied.


The FMJRA nears fruition. The post is so big already, you're going to need two web browsers to load it. So you've got about another hour to go find an extra one.

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