Thursday, August 27, 2009

Right-wing kooks spread 'misinformation' that Newsweek's Sharon Begley is ugly

Newsweek's incredibly attractive science editor, Sharon Begley, says that " some of the loudest opposition" to ObamaCare "is the result of confirmatory bias, cognitive dissonance, and other examples of mental processes that have gone off the rails":
Obama's opponents also need to find evidence that their reading of him back in November was correct. They therefore seize on "confirmation" that he wants to, for instance, redistribute the wealth, as in his "spread the wealth around" remark to Joe the Plumber -- finding such confirmation in the claims that health-care reform will do just that, redistributing health care from those who have it now to the 46 million currently uninsured. Similarly, they seize on anything that confirms the "socialist" label that got pinned on Obama during the campaign, or the pro-abortion label -- anything to comfort themselves that they made the right choice last November.
Well, there you have it, folks: It's science, and only crazy people argue with science.

Borderline schizophrenic Jeff Poor of the Media Research Center accuses the stunning Sharon Begley of having an "elitist persona." Obviously, Jeff is suffering from cognitive dissonance, and this derogatory comment is an effort to comfort himself for the feelings of inferiority caused by his recognition that he'll never be worthy of a sexually magnetic woman like Sharon Begley.

Another pathetic example of "mental processes that have gone off the rails"? Ace of Spades, whose pathological obsession with the irresistibly alluring Sharon Begley leads him to "seize on confirmation" that she's hot for him: All of which is clear scientific evidence that Ace of Spades suffers from dangerous erotic compulsions toward Sharon Begley. But then again, don't we all?

Remember, denial is part of the problem. If you think President Obama's modest health-care reform agenda is "socialized medicine" or if -- like Ace -- you refuse to acknowledge your overpowering attraction to Sharon Begley, you have already begun losing touch with reality and should seek professional treatment immediately.


  1. Projection, thy name is Liberal.

  2. "Those who deny global warming are kooks and cranks like those nuts who deny the moon landing."

    Like Whoopi Goldberg.

  3. I relish in my Right Wing insanity! :)

  4. A two-bagger Bolshevik quack- yuk

    Well, the Soviets tossed all sorts of dissidents in the happy-home, declaring them nuts for not enjoying their glittering worker's paradise sufficiently. It was used as kind of a Purgatory, one-step short of the gulag or uranium mines.

    For Obama though, it's a compromise to just have the DNC/Plouffe/MSM slander his opponents- he'd surely like to have a Hopenchange gulag too, making windmills or biodiesel, if we'd let him.

    I guess it never crossed Ms Begley's mind that conservatives were right in their warnings last fall, and now that Obama's doing all that and worse... and that they might feel the urge just about now to remind mindless drones like herself how wrong THEY were, and continue to be.

    What a twit- irrelevancy looms, Sharon- you little hottie. Like the Silvio Berlusconi said: "the Left has no taste in women"

    BTW, he also said-

    "The Left says they love the poor- and that they do. That's why they create so many of them."

  5. Now, now, Mr. Stacy. Sharon would be just as wrong and just as horrifically condescending if she were a smokin' hot piece of ass.

  6. Wow, and I thought noted neuroscientist, Jeanne Garafalo, had the most insight into the conservative mind. This gal has her beat but she is not as lovely as Jeanne.

  7. Brewdog wrote: "Sharon would be just as wrong and just as horrifically condescending if she were a smokin' hot piece of ass."

    Wait a minute, Brewdog. You're saying she's not?

    Clearly, you have become delusional! How many times have I warned you about going off your medication?

  8. BTW, Brewdog, you should emulate that noted model of mental health, Ace of Spades, who just last night privately e-mailed me a 3,500 pornographic essay entitled, "Hell, Yes, I'd Tap It -- All Freaking Night Long, Pal!"

    Clearly, then Ace has not succumbed to pseudobegleyphobia, the common right-wing denial syndrome regarding the hottest science writer in history. However, Ace's excessive fantasies about cunnilingus -- his essay was disturbingly graphic in that regard -- leads me to worry that Ace is suffering from some sort of oral fixation.

  9. Okay Stacy, enough with the appearance-challenged women that frighten small children and people who haven't had their early morning coffee. I'm a woman and even I've noticed the dearth of dream girls on here lately. How long has it been since you've had a great-looking conservative babe on here? Too damn long. Use those brilliant investigative journalism skills of yours and find your readers a hot chick with a great soundbite. And no linking to Sarah Palin.

  10. How come google don't do the trackback? Oh well.

    See you on Team Sarah.

    "Sharon Begley suffers from Cognitive Dissonance- if she even understands what the hell it means- and a whole host of other problems"

  11. Ugly? Just because there are drag queens who are more attractive? I never!