Sunday, August 23, 2009

What does Janeane Garofalo know about Uganda?

I'll pass over her "functionally retarded adults" slur against Tea Party protesters, and focus instead on this:
"Our media is quite happy to report on any stolen election around the world, any stolen election around the world except ours. And it's just unexamined narcissism. It's just, if you were to say this to the average American, ‘You know they steal elections in Uganda.' ‘Yeah.' ‘You know they steal elections in America.' ‘Why do you hate America?' ‘Why didn't you ask me why do you hate Uganda?'"
Having been to Uganda, having spent some time studying the history and politics of Uganda, I cannot help but wonder why Garofalo decided to pull the name "Uganda" out of a hat in this manner.

The president of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, has done a remarkable job of establishing peace and stability for his nation in a region where peace and stability cannot be taken for granted. Museveni fought to overthrow Idi Amin and then, in the brilliant political-military campaign of 1981-86, overthrew Amin's corrupt successors. For more than two decades, Museveni's national government has sought to overcome the dangerous legacy of ethnic rivalry among Uganda's tribes, and to establish a modern economic system.

Museveni has, at times, been accused of a highhanded approach toward opponents, but when one considers the horrors of civil strife that have afflicted so many of Uganda's neighbors -- including Sudan to the north -- the overall prudence of his leadership tends rather to excuse whatever his faults or errors may be.

Given that Museveni was most recently re-elected in 2006 with 59% of the vote, I have no idea why Janeane Garofalo would pick Uganda, of all the countries in the world, as an example of stolen elections. However, if Janeane or anyone else wants to go to Uganda, my recommendation would be:
  • Take British Airways -- you don't want to bother with other airlines
  • Make sure you have sufficient clothing, etc., in your carry-on, as checked luggage can be delayed in delivery;
  • When you get to Entebbe Airport, tell your cab driver to take you directly to the Kampala Serena Hotel, a truly world-class resort; and
  • Drink only bottled water.
Or, better yet, try Uganda's excellent Bell Lager beer.


  1. That Forrest Whitaker played Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland?

  2. Obviously the poor darling has had difficulty loading Ubuntu Linux, and has made a perfectly understandable mistake. (snicker)

  3. You are, of course, referring to the fact that a day before the November election, Bush IT expert Mike Connell was forced to testify in Ohio about his man-in-the-middle computer attacks which were designed to flip the election in favor of John McCain...all orchestrated by Karl Rove. Mr. Connell was threatened that if he testified, his wife would be in danger. But, the potential publicity of this testimony caused a sudden change in plans and McCain was forced to retract his statement made that Friday that the election would go his way mysterious "in the wee hours of the morning." This was not to be, and Connell died mysteriously in December.

    Or maybe you are referring to the over 5 million democratic voters that were systematically disenfranchised through legal and illegal means by the republican party.

    Or maybe you are just fantasizing about the smoke screen that was ACORN -- who obeyed federal law and reported attempted fraud, and stole no votes that we know of.

    Instead, you spout about Uganda which is actually a good point. But, you are missing the point.

  4. Could we all, please, start giving Garafool the attention she deserves? That would be none. Please.

  5. "I wonder why Garofolo decided to pull Uganda out of the hat in this manner"

    Perhaps to Garofolo all the African countries are the same... and corrupt. Pretty racist imo.

  6. Garofolo didn't pull the name of Uganda out of a hat, but out of her a$$.

  7. When you're making up crazy stuff, why not mention Uganda?

  8. Hey,if you can't think for yourself(like most conservatives aka Republicans),blow it out of proportion with ignorance or better yet,change the subject.Why pull the wool over your eyes? Is it that painful that a woman has intelligence? Wake up!!!

  9. It's easier to spell than Botswanaland and LOTS easier to say when drunk. Two things that matter to Janeane...