Thursday, August 27, 2009

VIDEO: Glenn Beck exposes White House 'Green Jobs Czar' Van Jones

Van Jones featured in the (Oakland, Calif.) East Bay Express, Nov. 2, 2005:
Convinced that American society needed a wake-up call on race, Jones abandoned his plan to become a journalist, concluding that he would rather make news than report it. "If I'd been in another country, I probably would have joined some underground guerrilla sect," he said. "But as it was, I went on to an Ivy League law school."
He arrived at Yale Law School wearing combat boots and carrying a Black Panther bookbag, an angry black separatist among a sea of clean-cut students dreaming of Supreme Court clerkships. "I wasn't ready for Yale, and they weren't ready for me," Jones said. . . .
In 1994, the young activists formed a socialist collective, Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM, which held study groups on the theories of Marx and Lenin and dreamed of a multiracial socialist utopia.
Oh, yeah, and wait until you hear about the "diversity czar" at the Federal Communications Commission, Mark Lloyd, and Lloyd's "battle plan" to shut down conservative broadcasting.

Sarah Palin is backing Beck against the boycotters who are trying to drive him off the air.


  1. How many more Communist anarchists will be recruited into this Administration before the Impeachment word begins to enter the public lexicon?

  2. If republicans put someone in that belongs to a fundamentalist christian church, there would be hell to pay, but these guys put commies in charge of things and 'no problem'.

  3. Before the 'I' word comes into play, the people have to become very angry.

    Unfortunately, laziness (sit on the couch and let the 'other' guy do it) comes ahead of anger.

    Too many people are just too willing to ignore what is happening.

  4. Radical with vengeful racial agenda? Check!

    Incompetent and inexperienced? Check!

    Obedient Obama toady? Check!

    Suffice to say, Mr Jones will fit-right-in with the rest of Obama's wack pack. But when this appointment is taken in-addition to a Science Czar that has stated that trees should have the ability to sue us in a court-of-law (you read it right) -as well as numerous other out-there WH appointees- this begs the question:

    Does Barack Obama know any normal people?

  5. Reaganite Republican said... Does Barack Obama know any normal people?

    The current tenant of the WH is working very hard to play Clinton, "It depends on your definition of ___"

    It is obvious his definition is much different from our definition.

  6. "I'm bascially a community organizer inside the Federal Family."

    Is that kind of like a wiseguy in the mob?

    BTW. Where are those green jobs?