Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trig Truther research guy 'Patrick' researches . . . hot WebCam action?

What wonderful characters these crusaders for Truth -- note the capital "T" -- inevitably prove to be!

Back in the spring, when "Audrey" at Palin's Deceptions was doing a land-office business posting photographic "evidence" pulled from the Internet (perhaps significantly including MySpace pages), she was assisted by "Patrick (PD research)," who since has begun Twittering as "Palin Deceives." Here is one typical posting by Patrick:
the confirmation that Bristol worked as a Barista at Nordstrom in Anchorage in June/July 2007 can be found in SP's financial disclosure form for 2007 - download:
We have also a confirmation of this fact by another source which we cannot disclose.
We also know for sure that Bristol worked at PacSun in Anchorage in June 2007, and it is interesting to note that this job is not mentioned in the financial disclosure form. It is actually possible that the engagement at PacSun was cut short...
Patrick (PD research)
Oh, and here's another sweet one from Patrick:
I am not a journalist. If I were, I would pick up this story with no hesitation, because a simple research of the facts which are already known to the public shows without any doubt that Sarah’s birth story has to be wrong. . . .
In my opinion, it’s certain that Sarah Palin has not given birth to Trig. And Sarah is truly vicious, because she now uses Trig more and more aggressively for her political purposes . . .
Well, as Patrick says, he is not a journalist. I am, and "a simple research of the facts" shows that "Patrick (PD research)" used a Yahoo e-mail account: patrick12344[AT]yahoo.com. That link is to a Google search, and a bit more specific search shows that "Patrick (PD research)" likes him some "Free Web Cam" action. (NTTAWWT.)

Ah, but under his Yahoo account, Patrick was telling the Web Cam hotties: "hi baby my msn are curvers_23[at]hotmail.com," and if you search for that e-mail address . . . well, NTTAWWT.

UPDATE: As I was researching this, I came across this "Audrey" posting from Aug. 1 about "breaking news . . . too hot to ignore" :
About four hours ago, on Alaska blog Immoral Minority, the news comes: Sarah and Todd Palin plan to split. The Alaska Report follows suit.
I too have sources in Alaska. Over the last week, I have also heard rumors of things not being quite right at the Palin abode.
Right, "Audrey" -- you've got "sources in Alaska," and your sources are as full of crap as Jesse Griffin and Dennis Zaki. You idiots never know when to stop trying to milk those 15 minutes of anti-Palin fame, do you?

UPDATE II: Breaking new legal ground, in the comments below, "Patrick" accuses me of defaming his Internet pseudonym. Think about that.

The case of "Patrick12344" v. McCain could establish an important precedent for the landmark Supreme Court decision in Doe v. "HotBiChrlder19."

UPDATE III: More fun with moonbats: "Patrick12344" (who insists he most certainly would never look at a Free Web Cam) presumes to lecture us on "facts" and what constitutes an acceptable level of online proof. He then proceeds to claim that photos of Bristol Palin looking a little chubby in fall 2007 constitute definitive proof that Bristol is Trig's real mother -- because no teenage girl has ever gained weight unless she was pregnant -- and then, to top it all off, tells me that I owe him a retraction!

Patrick, you need to get a dictionary and look up the word "effrontery," which I believe you'll find a few pages past "douchebag."



  1. sarahcdcd 29 shemale Ireland
    WetClit 27 female United States
    rolinne 20 shemale Luxembourg

    You're a naughty boy, Patrick.

    Or maybe it should be naughty hefemale?



  3. Hi guys,

    here is the real patrick12344 - yes, it's really me! Wow, I feel like a star now. There is just one problem, Robert Stacey McCain: I have absolutely nothing to do with this username "patrick12344" on this strange "Free Web Cam" website. Somebody there uses the same username - that's where the similarity ends. It is not connected in any way to my yahoo-account, as it is plain to see. You master-researchers apparently think that only one person in the whole wide world would use "patrick12344" as a username. And interestingly, this person even gives his real email address...

    Besides that, there is some fuzzy webcam picture which is definitely NOT me.

    Defamation, Slander - I wonder who is the guilty party here now...remember, I can prove that I am not this person.

    But Robert Stacey, do you know what?

    I am very pleased on the other hand that you give my posts a larger audience - because guess what: Sarah Palin has faked her pregnancy, she is NOT the mother of Trig, and your funny investigations here don't change a thing about it, but only bring the issue into the spotlight. And that's exactly where it belongs.

  4. And by the way, Robert Stacey McCain:

    I just blocked you on Twitter. I don't need some perverts who are researching dodgy web cam websites following me.

  5. Patrick, you ignorant slut.

    OK, here's your Flickr account.

    And here is the Google archive of your Flickr account, showing your e-mail address as "patrick12344[at]yahoo.com" -- understand?

    Your Flicker account uses the same Yahoo address that was used on those "Free Web Cam" chats. This is a FACT, "Patrick."

    Of course, your name isn't actually "Patrick," is it? So please tell me how the hell I am supposed to slander or defame an Internet pseudonym, genius.

    This is what gets me about you moonbats. You think you're so much smarter than everybody else, and yet you're so incredibly stupid.

    Oh, yeah, and Palin's Deception moderator "Token Hippie" (a/k/a "Morgan") is not actually named Morgan, just like "Audrey" isn't really named Audrey.

  6. My yahoo address was not used in those webcam chats, because I have never seen those webpages before. You are a douchebag.

    This user never mentions a yahoo-account, by the way, and quite on the contrary says:

    "On July 16 09 @ 11:07AM
    patrick12344 said:
    my msn are curvers_23@hotmail.com"

    But thanks for giving me more PR.

    The picture of the user is not me, either. But who cares about facts, when we are having so much fun here?

    And now you send all your readers to dodgy websites, for no reason. Good move, Robert!

  7. Says the guy who wanks it to Luxembourger shemales.

  8. And thanks a lot for giving attention to my flickr-album, it contains some very interesting pictures.

    Here are some highlights:

    Sarah Palin on March 26, 2008 - just about three weeks before Trig was "presented":


    The Palin family (and especially Bristol) on September 14, 2008 - the Christmas picture which was only used ONCE (if you want to know why, take a good look on Bristol's belly):


    See how Bristol Palin had changed between June 2007 and September 2007:




    Facts, Robert, facts!! Didn't they teach you that at the Washington Times? I wonder...

  9. "Dodgy websites" = PalinDeception.com

    Yeah, I guess so. So what you're saying is, when I do a Google search for that specific Yahoo address, it just randomly turns up every "patrick12344" on the Internet. And there is no way -- not even a remote possibility -- that the Web Cam enthusiast "patrick12344" is the same as "patrick12344@yahoo.com"?

    Meanwhile, of course, "patrick12344@yahoo.com" expects us to accept his authoritative word -- based on stuff he's Googled up on the Internet -- that "Sarah Palin has faked her pregnancy, she is NOT the mother of Trig," etc.?

    See, Patrick, I'm OK with any standard of evidence that's acceptable to you. But that's just the problem: YOU HAVE NO FREAKING STANDARD AT ALL!

    Based on the standards you and your idiot moonbat buddies use against the Palins, I could state definitively that you're actually Sen. Al Franken, and then accuse anyone who denies of a "cover-up."

    You lack credibility, you see. And you don't even realize why.

  10. Anonymous said...
    Says the guy who wanks it to Luxembourger shemales.

    Hey, be careful what you say about Sen. Al Franken. The case of Franken v. Anonymous could prove quite tricky . . .

  11. Look, let me explain.

    You said:

    "So what you're saying is, when I do a Google search for that specific Yahoo address, it just randomly turns up every "patrick12344" on the Internet."

    Robert, the answer is: NO.

    What happens is that all websites which have "patrick12344" and "yahoo" in it will show up.

    That's why these search-terms are then highlighted in BOLD on the results page.

    It DOES NOT mean that all the results relate to the searched yahoo-address.

    Easy, really!


    You owe me a retraction here.

    But then, I don't think you do, because in my opinion you have no credibility whatsoever. Only a douchebag is going to believe that kind of crap.

  12. See how Bristol Palin had changed between June 2007 and September 2007

    OMG! A teenager . . . GAINING WEIGHT! This can only mean one thing: Bristol Palin likes to eat junk food.

    When my junk-food-eating teenage sons turn up pregnant, you'll be the first to know, "Patrick."

  13. Robert, you don't realise on which thin ice you are walking when you post about "Trig Truthing", do you?

    Time to take a reality check!


  14. Only a douchebag is going to believe that kind of crap.

    Says the guy who wanks it to Irish shemales. Was the shehe a ginger?

  15. Stacy McCain is truly pathetic.

    All she does and all she can do is try to shoot messengers.

    Stacy girl, no matter what you do, the message still remains. Often, louder than before.

    Keep it up. Palin is cowering in a corner after quitting her job because of The Truth.

    Sounds to me like you are on Orly Taitz's payroll. Hope those checks keep rolling in. How's that workin' out for ya?

    Yeah, you say you are a man. Ha, prove it.

  16. Patrick, can the friction caused by your furious masturbation melt steel? And if so, just where were you on 9/11?

  17. And here is another very educational video clip:


  18. FACT:
    Sarah Palin did NOT give birth to Trig Palin.

    Sarah Palin was NOT pregnant in 2008.

    It really is that simple. And Sarah Palin cannot prove something that did not happen.

  19. Right, "Patrick." Immediately after the news of Bristol's pregnancy was reported, Carey says (a) he hadn't suspected Bristol was pregnant, but (b) had heard the "fake pregnancy" gossip. And this proves . . .?

    Journalists hear gossip all the time, but just because some irresponsible rumor-monger alleges that "patrick12344" is actually Sen. Al Franken, and claims that Sen. Al Franken "wanks it to Luxembourger shemales," this doesn't actually prove anything, OK?

    Don't you see that when you offer up crap like this you continue to demonstrate your willingness to accept anything -- anything at all -- as "evidence" for your Trig Truther theories? Hell's bells, man, you're like one of those paranormal hoaxers on the George Noory show.

  20. Robert: Michael Carey didn't say he heard "gossip" about the faked pregnancy.

    He says in this clip that he has a friend, who is a "smart lawyer", who presented it to Michael Carey as the "absolute truth" that Sarah Palin had faked the pregnancy.

    It's the little differences that count.

    But they probably told you in journalism school never to trust a lawyer. I understand that.

  21. And here is another very educational video clip:

    Again, you're just Googling pictures on the Internet, "Patrick." Do you not understand why this doesn't prove anything? And that especially it does not prove -- indeed, cannot prove -- that Bristol gave birth in both April and December?

    That's the troubling fact you people can't seem to get your tiny little brains around. If, as you assert, Sarah Palin was "faking" a pregnancy to "cover up" the true circumstances of Trig's origin . . . who was the "real" mother?

    It cannot have been Bristol, assuming you are willing to grant that Bristol is actually the mother of Tripp Johnston, b. 12/29/08, because the math and biology simply won't add up if Bristol also gave birth (to Trig) on 4/18/08.

    Where is this "Truth" you keep insisting on, this "Truth" that eludes every sane person in teh world?

  22. Sen. Al Franken wrote: Michael Carey didn't say he heard "gossip" about the faked pregnancy.
    He says in this clip that he has a friend, who is a "smart lawyer", who presented it to Michael Carey as the "absolute truth" that Sarah Palin had faked the pregnancy.

    Sorry, it's still gossip, Senator. Please tell me (and you can't) on what authority the "smart lawyer" friend of Carey's knew this?

    Gossip. Hearsay. Not evidence, and the "smart lawyer" is never named, so we can't even ask him why he believed this to be true.

    But, say, Sen. Al Franken -- and you haven't proved to me you're not Senator Franken -- you don't suppose this "smart lawyer" could possibly happen to be REX BUTLER, do you? Because it sure seems to me that Anchorage attorney REX BUTLER keeps popping up in association with people (including Levi Johnston and Levi's dope-dealing mother) who are dishing dirt on Sarah Palin.

    Just asking questions . . .

  23. Robert, it may come as a big shock to you, and I hope that you don't loose your confidence in your beloved ultra-right wing politicians right now, but Trig WAS NOT born on April 18, 2008, but much earlier.

    Deal with it.

    If you don't believe me, ask Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, who is the doctor who was "rumored" to have delivered Trig.

    What, Cathy Baldwin-Johnson strictly denies any interview request, and showed up to her only interview ever in autumn 2008 with the Anchorage Daily News together with her lawyer??? Why did she do that, I wonder?

    By the way, this was in preparation of a story which the ADN then never published - because, as ADN-editor Pat Dougherty later complained in his blog, they received no support from Sarah Palin whatsoever, although the intent of this story was to exonerate Palin in regard to the fake pregnancy claims.

    But hey - who cares for facts, when right-wing punditry is so much more fun!

    And hey, Robert, this isn't gonna win you another award for "Awesomeness in Blogging".

  24. Trig WAS NOT born on April 18, 2008, but much earlier.

    Which you can prove how?

    This goes back to what sane people have been trying to explain about you crackpots all along: You merely assert things, and then demand that your antagonists prove the negative. But if your antagonists assert something -- e.g., the April 18 date of Trig's birth -- you deny it, and demand that this be proven as positive fact.

    You accept no standard for yourselves, while demanding that your antagonists o'erleap whatever standard you establish for them. But as soon as one demand is met, you move the goalposts: "A-ha! But what about . . . THIS?"

    You wonder why people think you're nuts?

    And you keep ignoring something that I first cited on Sept. 1, 2008:

    1 / 1250 = frequency of Down Syndrome babies, maternal age 15-19

    1 / 25 = frequency of Down Syndrome babies, maternal age 44

    Scientific fact, sir: Sarah Palin is 50 times more likely to have given birth to a Down Syndrome baby than her 17-year-old daughter. And yet, with the odds so heavily against your theory, you continue to insist that the entire burden of proof rests with your antagonists.


  25. Stacy, Stacy, Stacy, there you go again.

    April 18, 2008 and December 29, 2008 are birth dates that have NEVER been confirmed. Never. Ever.

    The source of those dates is a documented, proven and demonstrable liar: Sarah Palin.

    Without proof there is no proof.

    Facts are stubborn things and it is IMPOSSIBLE for Sarah Palin to prove something that never happened.

    That's why she never has.

    Even though it would be the easist thing in the world for a truly proud mother to defend her family with absolute proof; Sarah Palin does not because she cannot prove what did not happen.

    It really is as simple as that.

  26. I don't get it...

    So did "SARAHITLER PALINAZI" pay off the hospital staff who delivered Trig to keep the "truth" from coming out? Was Trig born in a hospital, or do you think he was born in the woods somewhere? If Bristol is the mother than who is the father? It's not 'Ricky Hollywood' as he would have spilled the beans already.

    If you are trying to imply an incestuous relationship between Todd and his daughter than you're sicker than just a pervert jerkin' off to shemales on the internet, freak.

    But than again, I guess that would explain why Trig is a "retard" as you put it.

    There must be at least 101 people involved in this neafarious deception.

    Here's a thought, why dont you sue SARAHITLER PALINAZI for Trig's birth certificate! (Of course when a birth certificate is produced it will no doubt be a forgery)

    Trig Truthers: The original Birthers.

    ;) *wink*

  27. I love it. You're spending your days arguing with a Trig truther -- on *his* terms. And with your "Griffin was paid with stimulus money" theory still waiting for the proof to show up [crickets], you're lecturing moonbats about standards of evidence.

    You're in your element, Stacy!

  28. Really, how tough is it for Sarah Palin to whip out the natal medical records, med invoices, birth day baby pics, birth docs and whatever else to prove to the world once and for all that she really is Trig's birth mother?

    I have boxes of that kind of stuff. Boxes. After all, my kids are the most precious thing in the world. I would happily stand on rooftops and give everyone the big middle finger and let the world know with absolute and undeniable proof how proud I am to be their mother. Any good mother would.

    What's Sarah's excuse?

    Oh yeah, she's not the birth mother.

  29. Dr. Doctor:

    Who called Trig a "retard"?

    I certainly did not. And I cannot see that somebody else did.

    And I never ever implied an incestuous relationship anywhere, nor would I ever do so.

    But hey, facts are boring! Making stuff up is so much more fun.

  30. Dr. Doctor Give Me The NewsTue Aug 25, 07:37:00 AM

    Mary Madelins said...
    Facts are stubborn things and it is IMPOSSIBLE For SaraHitler PaliNazi to prove something that never happened.

    So why don't you and your merry bunch of Truthers/Birthers sue for Trig's "long form birth certificate?" Start petitioning Sen.Mark Begich, I'm sure he'd be open to your ideas.

  31. Fact:

    Sarah Palin has never had her attorney, Van Flein, go after anyone who questions Trig's parentage. Never.

    Yet, Palin will threaten bloggers who question her marriage and defamation of a publically elected official!

    Palin is TERRIFIED of pre-trial depostions and discovery. The truth would then come out and expose all of her many lies.

    That is why she is a coward and only makes idle threats through her paid mouthpieces but never, ever takes actual legal action.

    The truth is NOT on Palin's side. That is why she coniunues to hide. Just like the coward and fraud that she truly is.

  32. Scientific fact:

    "80% of Down syndrome cases occur in mothers under 35 in the US (Association for Children with Down Syndrome)"


  33. So much entertainment value here, it's hard to chose. But I would say that the richest aspect of all this is that the formerly anonymous freeper formerly known as BurkeCalhounDabney is now obsessed with outing anonymous Internet posters. And failing to close the deal on his current case.

  34. Scientific fact:

    "80% of Down syndrome cases occur in mothers under 35 in the US (Association for Children with Down Syndrome")


  35. Dr. Doctor Give Me The NewsTue Aug 25, 08:32:00 AM

    Mary Madeline said...
    how tough is it for Sarah Palin to whip out the natal medical records, med invoices, birth day baby pics, birth docs and whatever else to prove to the world once and for all that she really is Trig's birth mother?

    This has to be the stupidest one yet. Because you haven't seen any of these documents or birthday pics that means SaraHitler isn't Trig's mom? Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds? But of cource, if you saw any of these docs/pics you would just claim them to be fake/staged/false. Nothing will shake you from your delusion.

    How about this-

    That must be a fake baby, right?

    And what about this Pregnant Palin pic-

    It's a photoshop and the people in the picture have been paid off by the Palins, right?

    Maybe she hasn't released any of these docs for the same reason Obama hasn't released his birth certificate. The people demanding they be released are FUCKING INSANE.

    But you could always sue for their release...

    Trig Truthers: The original Birthers
    ;) *wink*

  36. One of my favorite authors once said "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity." Here is an excellent example of such.

    Personally I don't give a fig if Sara Palin gave birth to Trig, or anybody else. I've never voted for her for anything, I've never wanted to vote for her for anything, and I find it unlikely to the point of near certainty that I ever would vote for her for anything. But a few points.

    First, if you accuse someone of something it is your responsibility to prove the accusation true, it is not the responsibility of the accused to prove it false. Speaking of proof. Your pictures of Bristol Palin looking chubby (assuming they haven't been tampered with and I'm no judge of such things) is only proof of her weight gain, not the reason for said gain.

    "Truthers" claim the gain is because of pregnancy, The Other McCain claims it's because of junk food. But without evidence to support, that's all both of them are, claims. Teenagers metabolisms are notoriously mercurial so Bristol could have gained weight and then lost it without any external reason. (For the slow kids that means it might not have been pregnancy or junk food that's the culprit.)

    Also a video of some guy saying that some other guy told him something is in no way proof that what he was told was the truth. Whether that other guy is a smart lawyer, a dumb lawyer or the Br'er rabbit is irrelevant. Just the opposite, it is a textbook example of hearsay.

  37. Random-

    Mr. McCain never said any such thing. He was "just asking questions."

  38. Stacy, why are you bothering to interact with this moron? It's beneath you to give him a minute of your time.

  39. After seeing that flicker page, I would just like to thank Patrick for opening up my eyes.

    You see I too used to be a Palin fan, I even recieved a handwritten thank you note after donating a measely $5 bucks to her defense fund- just like everyone else who donated to her fund. But now I understand who Palin really is...

    A better person with more moral fiber than Patrick, Audrey, Dennis and Gryphen. GET A LIFE!!!

  40. Annoying the right people, Stacy.. Hell of a job.. :)

    Keep it up.

  41. Dave C

    I for my part are having lots of fun here.

    But I worry about Robert Stacey McCain. He doesn't seem to get a lot of sleep these days. This cannot be healthy.

  42. Dr. Doctor Give Me The NewsTue Aug 25, 09:27:00 AM

    So why don't you sue Sarah for the documents, Mary? What's to lose? If you can prove with 100% accuracy that Sarah is not Trig's real mom, you will be the most famous person in the world. Hell, Jane Fonda will probably star in a movie about your life. What's holding you back from exposing Sarah as the "coward and fraud that she truly is?"

    If you're sooo confident in yourself, SUE HER!

  43. Stacy, thanks for this morning's comedy show. It was hysterical. It was also further proof that a course in logic is no longer required outside of Catholic affiliated colleges.

    I know your antagonists can't see how absolutely bat-shit crazy they are, but the rest of us can.

    Oh, and keep it coming. It is comedy GOLD. Thanks.

  44. I for my part are having lots of fun here.

    I think you confused your tabs, Pat. This isn't the luxemberger shemale site. Congratulations on being the first man to orgasim while looking at The Other McCain.

    Jack one for me, buddy!

  45. after reading the first comment, it kinda makes me wish to see Young 4eyes again..

    True, he was a pain at times.. but he could be civil and downright cordial when the time called for it.

  46. I meant:

    "...am having lots of fun here..."



    I have never really looked into this before......THAT is your former newspaper?

    "The Washington Times is a daily broadsheet newspaper published in Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States. It was founded in 1982 by Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon. The Times is known for its conservative stance on political and social issues. As of March 31, 2007, it had an average daily circulation of 102,351, about one-seventh that of its chief competitor in Washington, The Washington Post.


    The Washington Times was founded by the direction of Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon in 1982. Bo Hi Pak, called Moon's "right-hand man", was the founding president and the founding chairman of the board. In 2002, during the 20th anniversary party for the Times, Moon said, "The Washington Times will become the instrument in spreading the truth about God to the world."


    Robert, why am I not impressed?

  47. Dave C

    Are you serious?

    I will try to meet "Young4eyes" standards in the future.

    Yes, he/she was/is entertaining.

    An example:


    "Young 4-Eyes, February 22, 2009 3:25 AM
    whoa ho-ho!
    You Palin supporters are feisty! Must be all that inbreeding.
    But let's get serious for a second. Wait!
    What am I saying. You guys love Sarah Palin. You are to mocked and ridiculed.
    Look, obviously I'm not going to convince you drones that Palin is a fraud. Luckily most of America sees it. That leaves you suckers to lick the boots the RNC bought her.
    Hey! How about them parenting skills! She's a model of motherhood, you betcha!
    OK OK...You retards are so far gone.
    I mean Toki has to resort to kindergarten name calling. Let me guess: Everyone is jealous of Palin's looks. Save it for the High School musical you moron.
    Palin's hee-haw family portrait simply reminds us sane Americans that Palin is nothing but a glorified
    hick housewife who happens to have a tramp for a daughter.
    Deal with that!"

  48. DarkGravity

    Thanks for looking at my flickr.

    You do realise that Kristan Cole, who runs Sarah Palin's Legal Defense Fund ("Alaska Trust Fund"), claimed on July 22, 2009:

    "The first and only time I have spoken with the Governor about the Trust was yesterday to alert her that I was responding to this violation of the law and leak of preliminary and confidential materials from the complainant."


    And you do realise that Kristan Cole could not explain how Sarah Palin got hold of the list of donors who received the handwritten thank-you-notes, because Kristan Cole definitely NEVER EVER EVER EVER had spoken to Sarah about the Fund before?

    Facts...why bother with them? Life is so much better without them, and yes, Sarah Palin has to be the reincarnation of the Virgin Mary. It's probably written in the bible somewhere.

  49. Patrick..

    You are in dire need of an outdoor hobby.

    You're obsessed with Sarah Palin's vagina, NTTIAWWT per say.. But take it with some moderation.

    Next thing you know, you'll be saying that fire doesn't melt steel and you have photographic proof that Bush knocked down the towers.

  50. Dave C

    Yes, you are absolutely right. Time to go outside and enjoy the sun!

    Dave, somehow I start to like you. You don't seem to be so engulfed by blind obedience like most of the Cee4Pee crowd. You even seem to appreciate dissenting voices and humor. I feel that there is hope for you.

  51. still ROTFL over "Breaking new legal ground, in the comments below, Patrick accuses me of defaming his Internet pseudonym"

  52. Hey Pat, if you'd look at the Trust governing documents, you'd see that the trustee is obligated to make a monthly report to Palin on all who donated to the Trust. I work with trusts, and all my reports are written and mailed. It's really not hard to envision Cole, as Trustee, typing up a list of names who contributed, as per the Trust's orders, and mailing it to Palin with no discussion whatsoever. But feel free to see a conspiracy here if you like, it makes you so much more entertaining.

  53. Dr. Doctor Give Me The NewsTue Aug 25, 11:09:00 AM

    Note how Patrick and Mary have failed to answer my questions.

  54. Good grief, you birthers are sick, twisted weirdo perverts.

    RSM is eviscerating you. You got nothing.

    I agree, if you are so sure that you are right, TAKE PALIN TO COURT YOURSELVES, PUSSIES.


    Should be good for a few more laughs.

  55. SheMale Lover Patrick said...

    LOL! You're obsessed, Patty. I think your subconscious mind is screaming out "I'm tired of Rebbecca Man-Sewer pissing in my mouth!"

    Good luck with the lawsuit, King Cuckold.

  56. Patrick said...
    Kristan Cole BLAH BLAH BLAH
    Tue Aug 25, 10:04:00 AM

    You truly are a fool. You have no idea how trusts work, do you? Stick with the shemales and conspiracy theories, wanker. Leave the important stuff to the grown-ups.

  57. Dr. Doctor Give Me The News said...

    Wow. You really are more ignorant than could be hoped for!

    That pic of Sarah and Trig is not a birth day pic. Duh. You know BIRTH DAY. The very first day when someone is BORN. That birth day.

    I have hospital pics of my kids on their birth day with their mother and father. Nearly everyone does - except Sarah Palin with Trig Palin. Why? Because she is not the bio mother of Trig Palin. Anyway, that's just a small thing of many that Palin just won't/cannot produce.

    The other well known Gutsy photo is the ONLY one like that where you can clearly see Palin's uncovered midsection. The only one. Period. It was a low-res pic posted anonymously to a Flicker account.

    The interesting thing about that photo is that it was just about a week before Trig's alleged "birth" day. Palin is on record saying that she did not look very pregnant at that time. That statement directly contradicts her appearance in the photo.

    Have you ever seen a movie with an actress that looks pregnant?
    I've got news: they aren't really pregnant. Amazing. They look pregnant but are not pregnant. Who knew it could be done?

    Also, there are several other photos during March 2008 which CLEARLY show her as NOT being pregnant. Spend some time looking at Patrick's Flicker page and you will learn a whole lot. But then again I'm not sure you are smart enough to know what you are looking at.

    I encourage you to spend some time with late-term pregnant women. You will then realize that pregnant women are obviously pregnant. It's not something that a normal sized woman can hide.

    A pregnant woman doesn't go from flat to full from week 32 to week 34. It doesn't work that way. But then again you probably have a penis and don't really know how it is to be pregnant.

    The reality is this: Palin was NOT pregnant in 2008. You are just going to have to deal with it at some point because it is fact.

  58. So, this gal who says,"I too have sources in Alaska" doesn't live anywhere near Alaska and has likely never been to Alaska?
    Gee, how many other "World's Greatest Investigators" have never been to Alaska and live no where near there?

    Holy crap! But, I'll take her word for it though.

    Hey, did I tell you all about what my sources in the White House said?
    This is top-level--way above top-secret--stuff: Obama has secured a treaty with Galoobian envoys who have promised to give us a machine that turns staw into gold. That's why Obama is on vacation: He's resting up so that when he comes back he'll be able to pay off all the national debt and pass all his bills.
    Bank on it!

    Direct from my White House sources.

  59. Well! Great way to get my monitor cleaned.

    Mention Palin, Trig (yada yada yada) and the moonbats grab their brooms and start circling.

    As long as Sarah Palin does NOT release the birth certificate, the moonbats will have an excuse for breathing.

    I hope she doesn't just to keep the comedy going.

    Congratulations, RSM on the fine collection of moonbats and other crazies.

    You did good!

  60. Dr. Doctor Give Me The NewsTue Aug 25, 01:02:00 PM

    Mary, you ignorant slut.

    "Nearly everyone does - except Sarah Palin with Trig Palin."

    How do you know that? Just because you have never seen it does not mean it doesn't exist, stoopid.

    I also have pics on the internet, bitch

    Sarah seems be packing a lot of baby fat-

    OMG, a baby!-

    Suck on that proof.

    A pregnant woman doesn't go from flat to full from week 32 to week 34. It doesn't work that way. But then again you probably have a penis and don't really know how it is to be pregnant.

    I'm a Doctor, pigslut. 1st, everything you just said is bullshit. 2nd, everyone's body is different. It's impossible to accurately chart someones body growth, or how it's supposed to "work." You are just going to have to deal with it at some point because it is fact.

    Have you ever seen a movie with an actress that looks pregnant? I've got news: they aren't really pregnant. Amazing. They look pregnant but are not pregnant. Who knew it could be done?

    LOL! So it was all a hollywood production!?! You're fucking insane, lady. You don't think the cameraman and the journalist would notice a fat suit/pillow shoved up her shirt?

    You do realize that hundreds of people would be involved, and millions of dollars would have to be spent in order for this to true, right?

    What's keeping everyone from spilling the beans? If there was any real evidence they would have sold it long ago. Who would pass up all of that fame and fortune? What could Palin possible be bribing them with to keep them silent? Sarah Palin faking a pregnacy would be the story of the century. Too bad it isn't true.

    Just sue her for the records and all your questions will be answered.

    What's the matter? Too much of a coward to drop your anonymity, "Mary?"


    But then again you probably have a penis

    Stop talking about my penis, perv.


    You still never answered any of my questions!

  61. Amazing how crazy Truthers are and yet they keep spouting thei insane drivel. I have never understood why they even care.

    I have 2 children and don't have a single picture of them on their "Birth" day so I don't find the "supposed" lack of that picture as meaningful. And even if Palin had such a picture - why would she show it to crazy people? She has no obligation to "prove" that she is the child's mother to Andie or any of his fellow perverts.

    IMO Truthers are even worse that Birthers. At least the Birthers are asking questions about the man actually sitting in the WH. The Truthers are still whining about a baby born to someone who currently holds no public office. I wonder if Mary is prepared to make public the DNA tests of her children for our enlightenment? Will she prove that her husband is really the father or maybe her next door neighbor contributed the sperm? Just asking.

  62. Dr. Doctor Give Me The NewsTue Aug 25, 01:31:00 PM

    RE the Preg. Palin pic-

    Andrea Gusty (the woman with her) on your insanity-

    This picture is at the middle of an Internet controversy. It's a photo of and Governor Sarah Palin and I, on April 13th, 2008, at the end of the regular legislative session.
    I interviewed her live and local photographer Dan Carpenter took this picture as a favor to me.
    Months later, it is the center of allegations of a pregnancy cover up.
    There are at least two web sites devoted to proving this picture is fake.
    Bloggers have consulted so called experts who claim it is a composite; just different pictures photo shopped together.

    They have used techniques like "ghosting" and point to parts of the photo that they say could not have been there like the darkened window, boxes in the hallway, and photographer Scott Favorite's untucked shirt.
    It is definitive proof, they say that this picture was altered to make Palin look pregnant.
    They also claim I am part of the conspiracy: that I am helping Sarah Palin cover up her fake pregnancy.
    That simply is not true.

    I interviewed the governor live on Sunday April 13th, 2008 at 5pm in the 2nd floor hallway of the capitol in Juneau between the Speaker of the House's office and the House Floor.
    The topic was the 25th Alaska State Legislative session that wrapped up about four hours before.
    The infamous picture was taken during this interview.
    You can see the dark window and the boxes in the video.

    We did not focus on Palin's pregnant belly because it was not relevant to the story. Her pregnancy had nothing to do with the state budget.

    Four days later she gave birth to Trig Paxson Van Palin four weeks early.
    Three days after that, I interviewed Palin and her husband Todd about the newest addition to their family.

    Another picture was taken at the same time as the one under so much scrutiny, also taken by photographer Dan Carpenter.

    So why is this even an issue?

    Because conspiracy theorists say Sarah Palin did not actually give birth. They say she faked a pregnancy, and that it was actually her daughter Bristol that had Trig.
    They also say I am part of the cover up.

    I am setting the record straight once and for all: the picture was not altered.
    I report the facts, and the fact is these pictures are real.


    So is she on the Palin payroll, Mary? And what about that camera guy? Is he part of the deception?

    You should spend your time looking at shemales like your friend Patty. Anything would be more productive than this, MaryLamb.

  63. A myspace search for curvers_23@hotmail.com turns up this page: www.myspace.com/191847767 (have screenshot if it goes down) The name on the profile is patrick male 27 limburg netherlands last login 5/18/2007 zodiac sign: taurus. There not much else there.

  64. Patrick, you and Mary are nuts. That's ok, though. I love diversity. But to claim that Sarah Palin is an ultra right wing politician leaves me to believe that you're aggressively stupid, too. Bad combo, guys. And, Robert. Why the slumming?

  65. Dr. Doctor Give Me The News,

    The way you address Mary is truly disturbing. I would have thought a real doctor could have an argument without resorting to such vulgar and aggressive language...

    If your arguments were strong enough you wouldn't need to lace your comment with name calling.

    I always thought doctors were much classier than the image you project.

    Oh well, living and learning. A crass "doctor" being vulgar in an ultra right wing blog. I'm amazed!

  66. FYI, I'm recoverining from a 10 year heroin habit. And yes,I did preform oral sex on the dealers on many occasions to score the smack.

    I'm not crazy.

  67. Dave C. R., don't ya want to bring the other David's from C4P over, you know who I mean, the English teacher (oh, he uses his real name now, splendid!) and your IT/SAP guy, the one who likes "2001" so much, they might enjoy this party here, too!

  68. Dr. Doctor Give Me The NewsTue Aug 25, 02:24:00 PM


    Note how you didn't refute any of my claims. All you can do is criticize my style. To that I say-

    Go choke on an elephant cock, you guttertripe.

    Good day.

  69. These are the best trolls ever!

  70. Amazed - Mary's drivel does not warrent civility. You whine about his language but seem to have little issue with her continuing to push the swill that she does.

  71. LMFAO!!!

    dude I bet you'll be hearing from palin soon. she doesn't want attention brought to this issue. I thought you were on her side? Hahahaaaa

    check this out. facts:

    when trig palin was born, he had

    1) congenital heart defect
    2) jaundice
    3) down syndrome

    all of these things have been confirmed by palin and her "doctor."

    SUPPOSEDLY the kid was born 5 weeks premature.

    now ask yourself - is there any hospital in the first world that is going to let a kid in this condition go home 2 days after it is born? PLEASE! Hahahaa, it ain't her kid, you fool, and it wasn't born on april 18, either! but by all means keep bringing attention to the issue!

  72. Dr. Doctor Give Me The NewsTue Aug 25, 03:43:00 PM

    Where is the birth certificate!

    now ask yourself - is there any hospital in the first world that is going to let a kid in this condition go home 2 days after it is born? PLEASE! Hahahaa, it ain't her kid

    Wah? That's all you have? So because he was sick... he couldn't be Sarah's son? What's your proof that he wasn't born on April 18? Have you seen his "long form birth certificate?" Not that it matters because you would claim it to be fake even if she did release it.

    1) congenital heart defect
    2) jaundice
    3) down syndrome

    1) Not uncommon in DS babies
    2) Not uncommon for babies
    3) No shit

    This "issue" is a freaking joke. You have no proof. You're all just like the 9/11 truthers, you make shit up and than you start believing into your own delusions. Sarah could release every document under the sun + a DNA test and you would say its all fake. Nothing can convince you perverts into believing otherwise.

    And I notice that you call Trig "it" and not he. Do you think he's an alien?


    Would you like to tell us about building #7? How about the grassy knoll? Area 51? Kenya?

    Trig Truthers- The original birthers
    ;) *wink*

  73. Anonymous - you display your ignorance about hospitals & babies by your 1200pm comment.

    As long as the baby is not significantly underweight being early doesn't matter.

    DS does not mandate any longer stay in a hospital than any other baby unless there are other medical issues.

    The standard heart defect associated with DS isn't normally addressed until the child is months older.

    You must live in the 1950s when women stayed in the hospital for a week after giving birth. Now many women are sent home, with their babies, the next day.

  74. What does it mean when "Patrick" thanks "Dark Gravity" for "looking at my flickr?" JAQ (just askin questions)

  75. Hey Stacy,

    Did you also know that "Morgan" writes a porn blog. Its invite only though, so I don't think she will let you read her dirty thoughts.

  76. All I wanted to say was...
    Linked to at:

    No one will ever see me way down here.

    PS: Great work Sam Gatlin.

  77. Why don't you just SUE her? What a bunch of morons you are... On what basis would such a suit be filed? No one outside the family has a legal right to Trig's birth certificate. If a lawsuit could dislodge Trig's BC, this would have been resolved month's ago. Who gave birth to Trig is just speculation. No one has ever produced any evidence that supports any claim. If that is not true, cite the source. All you have is Sarah's word - and we know how good that is... "I said thanks but no thanks" - then took the money. "I was for that bridge before I was against it"... There is every bit as much likelihood that SP was not pregnant in 2008 as that she was. You believe without proof and cast aspersions on others who come to a different conclusion - because they have no proof. Morons.

  78. "Mary said...

    Sarah Palin has never had her attorney, Van Flein, go after anyone who questions Trig's parentage. Never."

    At a guess, that' be because you and your ilk are insane, Mary, and Trig's birth is none of your fucking business.

    An aside: there's a 9/11 troother debunking site I visit, and those nutbags look almost kinda sane compared to these Trig OCD victims.

    -N. O'Brain

  79. From Patric above:

    "Scientific fact:

    80% of down syndrome babies are born to women under such-and-such age..."

    As my grandpa would say, you've made my innards happy.

    For all I know, that scientific fact you cover is, well, a fact. It is also completely irrelevant to the discussion. The number of births to women under 44 is so much greater than the number of children born to women over 44, that, of course, IN ABSOLUTE NUMBERS, the former would be greater than the latter. But that's irrelevant in this discussion. What matters is the ration of one group to the other, as RSM pointed out. You may as well point out that vastly more down syndrome children are born to females than are born to males....

    Speaking of which, I have this other set of facts about the human body. It may be shocking to you, but, well....

    (Sorry, but truly, you are one fun troll.)

  80. Dr. Doctor Give Me The NewsWed Aug 26, 05:14:00 AM

    Jan Kinchains-

    Put down the crack pipe, dummy. The truthers base everything on a colection on pics where OMFG Bristol is looking a little chubby.

    That's it.

    The numerous pics that that show a clearly pregnant Sarah are called fake while they get back to looking for more fat Bristol pics. That's the problem with conspiracy theriosts, they ignore all evidence that dosn't fit in with their delusions, or claim it to be fake.

    And as clearly showed in this thread they can't answer any questions when pushed. When you start to question they throw more BS in your face then run away.

    Why don't you just sue her? On what basis would such a suit be filed?

    If you belive the truthers, she is claiming to be the mother of a child that isn't hers. Pretty sure that's breaking a law somewhere, asshat. If you share your Truther bretheran's confidence why don't you sue her? What have you got to lose?

    Having no evidence? Yeah, just ignore the pictures that show a clearly very preg "SP," all the eyewitness testimonies, and the fact that Trig was born on April 18 in a hospital(Where he exited "SP's" birth canal)and I have no evidence.

    Keep hunting for the troof, fruitcake.

    9/11? Kennedy? The Moon? Vince Foster? Area 51? Obama in Kenya? Roswell? New World Order?

    What's next?

  81. So much for a civil discussion board.This Alaskan googled this issue last winter and started to review the available evidence in the form of photos, datelines, factual information and discussion among Americans.
    I then submitted a photo of Sarah Palin taken during the late stages of her alleged pregnancy which I had access to. I do not believe my then sitting governor gave birth to the child, Trig Palin.
    Spend an hour reviewing the overwhelming information at Palindeception.blogspot.com.
    This is a case of good old fashioned cover-up of a family situation that became embarassing, politically inconvenient and public. It snowballed once Mrs.Palin was put on the Veep short list. Sen. McCain did a rush job in vetting her and found himself caught up in her fraud.
    The former Governor could end this controversy by producing birth certificates for Trig and Tripp, the medical records regarding this alleged pregnancy she never submitted as a Veep candidate.
    As women break new ground in various jobs in our society, there may be unique situations which men could not find themselves in. However, ethical expectations for both are the same.
    Sen. McCain should have had the courage to drop her like the Eagleton situation. The Palin family would have benefitted as would have Trig.

  82. ^You're a cock sucking scoundrel, Anonymous.

    Not only do you suck cock, but you're also a coward. If you believe that she isn't Trig's mom, than sue to have his "long form birth certificate" released. If she's not his mom than she's definitely endangering his wel-fare don't you think?

    The Palin family would have benefitted as would have Trig.

    Fuck you. You really trying to blame them for your insanity? Fuck you.

    The "overwhelming information" is a load of horse shit strung together by a perverted old woman named Anne Brigg. I suppose you were also swayed by "loose change," you little cockmonger.

    You have no "evidence". All you have is a bunch of jumbled delusions.

    This Alaskan googled this issue last winter and started to review the available evidence in the form of photos, datelines, factual information and discussion among Americans.

    You're a bad joke. I hope a bear rapes you, maggot.

  83. Nobody on tbe side of ANY issue needs to answer questions from people who spout such vile names. Do you really think you are fostering an atmosphere where questions can be addressed? Of course not, you are just waiting for an opportunity to spew abuse and it is ugly to watch. Go ahead, "Doctor" now call me a bunch of obscene names.

    All you do is turn off any member of the general public that happens to wander into your tar and feather routine. Based on civility alone, I'd rather know a crazy birther truther or whatever than most of you.

  84. Dr. Doctor Give Me The NewsWed Aug 26, 06:04:00 PM

    Rev. Billy Graham-

    I never did like dickhead evangelists. Go choke on that horse dick, you nutter.

  85. This Alaskan touched her tummy.. and it MOVED!

    Wow, what you can do with pillows now days.

  86. Upinak:


    I am impressed.

    Who? What? When? Where? How? Please enlighten us.

  87. out of all of the rather amusing troll messages here, I have to say that Dr. Doctor gets the nod for being the most accurate.

    I am a mother of 3, I did not take pictures of my children immediately after birth, although I have pictures of them within the first few days after birth (taken at the hospital by a photographer).

    There are some women who do not look very pregnant before giving birth - my comment her is: I wish I had been like them....

    The picture of Sarah Palin just prior to her giving birth to her son in April 2008 is genuine. That is not a picture of a woman with a pillow up her shirt..... that statement by "Mary" was probably one of the more absurd comments. I think I know enough pregnant women in the latter stages of their pregnancy to know what is real and what is fake.....

    Now the clincher here is that one of the biggest risks for women giving birth in their 40s is Down Syndrome. It is also a risk for women over 30. I do not know the medical reason but it is something to do with chromosomes. I have known more than a few mothers of Downs Syndrome children, and most were over 40 when they gave birth, perhaps one or 2 were much younger.

    Also, the jaundice is evidence that the baby was born early. Most premature babies have a bit of jaundice because of their kidneys at the time of birth.... How do I know... well my children were either on time or late... but my brother was premature and he was jaundiced..... it is very common.

    What I have to contribute here lines up more with Dr. Doctor than the cranky trolls who are so obsessed with Sarah Palin that they have a severe case of PDS and should be locked up until they are cured.