Monday, August 24, 2009

Who Is Trig Truther 'Audrey'?
'The Facts Are Well Known . . .'

Because Dan Riehl and I are currently in Trig-Truther "just asking questions" mode here, of course we cannot claim to know that "AnnieB393" is the same person as "Audrey" of the Palin's Deceptions blog.

We can, however, point out the evidence that they share the same obsession, such as this comment by "AnnieB393" on a YouTube video showing Sarah Palin at the 2008 IronDog race:
When you watch this video remember this woman is supposed to be nearly seven months pregnant with her fifth child.
Or this comment by "AnnieB393" at HuffPo:
Let's be accurate here. The blog picture you refer to identifies Sarah Palin as "mommy in law," not grandmother. It seems fairly obvious from the photographs that Mercede Johnston (Levi Johnston's younger sister) views herself as having some relationship with baby Trig that seems to go well beyond "good friend's little brother" or "future brother in law of my brother," but what exactly it is is not clear. These photos are discussed here:
It is also interesting to note, however, that allegations that Sarah was Trig's grandmother were published in comments on Anchorage Daily News in response to Trig's birth announcement with four hours of the announcement being posted, on April 18th . While Gov. Palin would like people to believe that this whole story is something concocted to hurt her after her V.P. pick, this is categorically false.
Well, that certainly is interesting! "AnnieB393" cites "Audrey" as her source for information on photos of the Palin/Johnston families!

OK, so now -- "Just asking questions," remember -- let us ask, who does "Audrey" say she is?
The facts are well-known: I am Audrey, a mother of six, childbirth educator and author, lactation consultant married to a physician.
So, if "Audrey" is a "childbirth educator and author," what about "AnnieB393"?
Personal Info
Audrey (Not tellin')
Lives in charlottesville, USA 22901
Who am I
I am a childbirth educator and midwife's assistant
Of course, we're just asking questions, right? So while I already know the identity of "AnnieB393" -- and I know what book she has authored -- my question now is: Are all these apparently connections between "Audrey" and "AnnieB393" just random and coincidental? Is it possible that someone is engaged in deception to make us think there is a connection that is more than random and coincidental?

Because this could all be merely another one of those "Palin's Deceptions," I suppose.

It looks like Dan Riehl has some more questions.

UPDATE 8/25: While I hesitated about whether to go further, the 2+2 formula was added up by Aaron Gardener, which sort of rendered moot my own post on the "foreskin friend" and Palin-hater.



  1. The ousters hate being outed.

  2. Come on McCain, I am looking for a end result!!!

  3. I just wanted to comment that "trig-trutherism" has got to be one of the stupidest conspiracies I've ever run across. Does it reall frakking matter whether she had it or the daughter did? I'm frankly more concerned about our civil liberties being trampled on and the increasing amount of debt we are in to China. But stupid idiots can't let go of personal political destruction and do this kind of crap. It would be nice if they'd pick a narrative and stick with it though; is she savvy and smart or a dumb redneck chillbilly? She can't be both losers. Same thing for Bush, he was either an either an evil mastermind or a dumb chimp. You can't have it both ways guys.

    Anyways, carry on RSM and Dan. Rant over.

  4. Hello upinak,

    I can give you an end result:

    THIS WOMAN HERE likes outing people - that's a fact.

  5. But then Jim you aren't too good at investigating are you... :)

    Nice pic, BTW!

  6. If you put "AnnieB393" in Google and search and go through the results you will eventually come to her real name and the book she wrote.

    It isn't that difficult

  7. Upinak,

    you are just too shy to admit it. That's fine.

  8. The sock puppet: it never goes out of style.

  9. I've never heard of someone being a midwife assistant and I'm an OB/GYN. This woman sounds like a "live in your parents' basement troll." She needs a life.

  10. You are an OB/GYN and have never heard of someone being a midwife assistant...?


    Maybe googling "midwife assistant" would help...?


  11. Linked to at:

  12. A midwife's assistant? What they hell is that? Virginia license Nurse Midwives, who are intermediate level practitioners with a modicum of knowledge and training appropriate to the task.

    But an assistant? There are no standards and no licensure, you do whatever the Midwife tells you to do, like make coffee, empty the wastebaskets and fill up the fax machine.. It sounds like an unskilled job for someone not bright enough or dilligent enough to make a real career out of it.

  13. And we're supposed to care...why? Who cares if they're one & the same? Does proving that make it a fact that Sarah gave birth to Trig? Nope. But I bet Audrey/whoever sure is glad you're increasing traffic over on her blog! She seems to have some pretty interesting photos and facts to back up her claims, and we've not heard anything but crickets from her attorney....why is that? If they're slapping lawsuits on bloggers that say "divorce," why the hell aren't they all over this Trig conspiracy? Makes even the most rabid fan of Palin say, "Hmmm."

  14. Wow, this is great work! You proved that the person who blogs this stuff is...a person!

  15. This whole thing is about to blow sky high and when it does you will have a lot of stuff to wipe off your face.

  16. I have been reading Audrey's blog since last fall. Many people have suggested she take money for her efforts and she has always refused. Her research and comments are always measured, thoughtful and well presented. If you do nothing except look at the pictures you cannot deny that Audrey is right. Frankly I do not care if she is or is not Annie Briggs. A serious read can only lead to one conclusion.
    I do not know who you stand on the issue of Sarah Palin. The very fact that there has been no lawsuit against Audrey and no denial or proof from Sarah speaks volumes. There can be no doubt that Sarah would have been dangerous for our country. I have no problem with McCain, but the fact that he picked Palin is very troubling.

    I do not know Audrey personally, but I do know she has done a tremendous service in exposing Palins Deceptions. Please cut her some slack.

  17. By the way,if you will email me I will happily disclose my full identity, address etc. Will also disclose my husband's identity. He's a rather well-known lawyer. I say this to let you know we are not "kooks".