Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well, she certainly is an author

"Audrey" at PalinDeception.com:
"I am a childbirth labor coach, a published author in the childbirth field, and a lactation consultant; my husband is a physician who has, until this election, always voted Republican . . ."
OK, "Audrey," I just figured out that you remarried, and your last name has changed since you published that circumcision book in 1985.

Indeed, your husband is a physician who voted for Bush twice, and who expressed support for Ron Paul in December 2007. I know that your husband is from a neighboring state, and that you moved to your rural home (with a pond) in September 2006.

Of course, you can imagine my surprise to learn that, since the early 1990s, you've become quite a popular author -- indeed, quite an entrepreneur -- under yet another pseudonym.

Given my own libertarian tendencies, I'm quite sympathetic toward your husband, the physician. But you, ma'am, have been a very, very naughty woman.

And I think we both know what the doctor would prescribe for that, don't we?

Stick to your other business, ma'am. Discipline is the secret to success.

By the way, about six hours ago, I was prepared to stomp you like a cockroach, but when I saw that the Good Doctor was a Ron Paul man, my wrath cooled somewhat.

Really, though, you need to be more careful, both in your choice of enemies and in your use of online aliases. It really wasn't that difficult.

UPDATE 2 a.m.: In the comments, Angie in AK asks:
"Are you going to cut this loon some slack because her husband is a Ron Paul man?"
Yeah. Yeah, I am. Look, earlier Tuesday afternoon, I was reading something Dr. Zero wrote at the Green Room, where he said something favorable about the Bush administration, and it got under my skin:
[O]ne can easily argue that George W. Bush was a very bad president and that one of the worst aspects of his presidency was that Bush confused people about the meaning of "conservatism" in a way that damaged the Republican Party and made possible Obama's election. . . .
It must be recognized the extent to which the Bush administration was a failure, or we risk further damage from future repetitions.
A lot of people got away from their "A-game," politically, during the Bush era. This misguided "Audrey" seems to have been among those who focused on Palin as a sort of scapegoat for their frustrations. There is no reason, however, that "Audrey's" husband and children should be made to suffer -- and trust me, if I published everything I've got, it would be tres embarrassment -- for her irrationality.

I'm guessing that the past 36 hours haven't been pleasant for her. However, unlike Jesse Griffin, "Audrey" has made no threats or boasts and, indeed, she hasn't posted anything else at all on her blog.

If she's willing to cease her absurd attacks on the Palin family -- and I wrote an e-mail to her husband to this effect -- I'm willing to stop here. My research is filed away, if further provocation should require me to reconsider whether mercy has been misinterpreted as weakness.

There is no need to be sadistic. Having taken her to the woodshed, I hope this will suffice.


  1. Really?!? Are you going to cut this loon some slack because her husband is a Ron Paul man?

    More stomping of La Cucaracha, por favor.


  2. scorch the earth, RSM. Please point us to her other "published work"...it's late in the heartland and my kids went to bed hours ago, so it's okay, they won't see the content over my shoulder...heh heh heh

  3. Sorry to disappoint you, DanO. I just hope she takes the hint, so I don't have to scorch the earth. It would not be pretty.

  4. So if she keeps up the Trig Troof, you'll scorch her earth?

    DO IT!

  5. I..er..She won't ever stop!

    DO IT!

  6. While I knew RSM was many things, I never expected pussy to be one of them.

    Make you suck Thulsa Doom snake cock for all of eternity.

  7. I'm going to guess she's a pervert who wrote some Fabio fuck fantasy, eh?

  8. Stacy wrote: "I just figured out....It really wasn't that difficult."

    Lack of self-awareness fail.

    If easy things take you this long to understand, I'd hate to be waiting on you for something complicated.

  9. If I got a piece of mail, and if it was colored in the darkest of colors, what would that be?

  10. WWABD? What would Anne Brigg do? With inside info on Trig, or Bristol, or Sarah, or ...?

  11. I might be more inclined to agree with you if any of these folks had given the least indication over the last year that they gave a damn about the reputation of the Palin family. Squash her.

    And speaking for myself...not only do I miss Dubya, I'm starting to miss Bubba. And you KNOW I don't want Bubba back.

  12. Stacy, you have taken her to the "woodshed" but at the same time isn't a 'spanking' what she actually enjoys?


  13. Your reasons for not exposing her - namely, her huasband and children - could be used as to give every crook or loon a pass for their egregious behavior. That woman caused and continues to cause a LOT of pain. She contributed to the confusion and doubt about Palin that clouded the election.

    She is a grown up and should put on her big girl panties. SHE should have thought of her husband and children before she defamed someone, viciously and in a calculated manner. And what's to stop "Audrey" from starting another blog, and this time covering her tracks a lot better, but continuing to destroy the lives of people who can't fight back?

  14. You emailed her husband!!!! Snort. Hopefully she doesn't wear the pants 100% of the time in her marriage and hubby is disappointed with the blog contents and will voice his displeasure to his better(?) half. Wait! What if he's behind the woman known as 'Audrey'?

    Ok, ok. Job done, you can leave my curiousity deprived. I'm just a nosy beeyotch with no particular investigation skills of my own, darn it. :-)


  15. Well, this ties several things together.

    First, "Patrick" the research assistant with the webcams... is that how Anne met him? (And, is there more than a salacious book by her out there, speaking of that? Give us some more lines to read between, R.S.!)

    Second, what sort of guarantee level do you want from either her or hubby? Take down the blog and website? Post an apology on one or the other? Do that, then take it down?

    That said, as a non-Democratic liberal, I would cut someone with third-party leanings from the left more slack than I would a Democrat on a similar issue.

  16. Seriously, to the extent that GWB=FAIL, the remedy to that, either for our side or the other side, would be to figure out what specifically was FAIL, what wasn't, do less of the former and more of the latter. On both counts, as far as I can tell, if GWB=FAIL, BHO=EPIC FAIL.

  17. "audrey" at palindeceptions favorite reads today are from "immoral minority", "mudflats", "celtic diva's blue oasis", "shannyn moore", "daily dish by Andrew Sullivan" and one more I'm not familiar with. Hmmmm.

    I saw her post "A Welcome and an Explanation" from Saturday, April 11th, 2009. Also the "purloined letter" post from February 16th, 2009. Not cool!

    Look at the number of posts by "Audrey" at Palindeceptions per month starting in September 2008. (22, 50, 27, 22) Then in 2009 (12, 3, 4, 6, 4, 9, 12, 7 so far in August). Hmmmmm.

    Always enjoy reading your blog. It's like a connect-the-blog experience.

  18. Gadfly - the thought plickens: "Morgan", also a moderator on "Audrey's" blog, has an additional blog called something like The Naughty Bits you have to register on to view. Perhaps they all met "Patrick" via webcam?

    Sigh, RSM ain't going there at this time.


  19. Have you seen this yet, Stacy?

    From the 'Patrick loves shemales' thread-

    Anonymous said...
    So much for a civil discussion board.This Alaskan googled this issue last winter and started to review the available evidence in the form of photos, datelines, factual information and discussion among Americans.
    I then submitted a photo of Sarah Palin taken during the late stages of her alleged pregnancy which I had access to. I do not believe my then sitting governor gave birth to the child, Trig Palin.
    Spend an hour reviewing the overwhelming information at Palindeception.blogspot.com.
    This is a case of good old fashioned cover-up of a family situation that became embarassing, politically inconvenient and public. It snowballed once Mrs.Palin was put on the Veep short list. Sen. McCain did a rush job in vetting her and found himself caught up in her fraud.
    The former Governor could end this controversy by producing birth certificates for Trig and Tripp, the medical records regarding this alleged pregnancy she never submitted as a Veep candidate.
    As women break new ground in various jobs in our society, there may be unique situations which men could not find themselves in. However, ethical expectations for both are the same.
    Sen. McCain should have had the courage to drop her like the Eagleton situation. The Palin family would have benefitted as would have Trig.

    How can this, especially the "The Palin family would have benefitted as would have Trig" line not piss you off?

    You think this bitch would show the same kind of decency to the Palin family? HELL NO!

    Wreck her world! Save the "moral high ground" BS for church. Scorch the earth!

  20. Oh look, who we have here: Socratic Gadfly aka Steve Snyder (Lancaster, Texas), who was just fired from his little online paper "Cedar Hill Today" for being a dick - and it looks like that he is still a dick!


    Instead of writing about "Cedar Hill Fire Station No. 4 opens in Lake Ridge Parkway area" or "DeSoto population nears 50,000" he now seeks fame by outing bloggers. Looks like a real career step.

  21. Socratic Gadfly, you have interesting theories there an your blog:

    "But, given the weird circumstances of Trig's birth, still unexplained by his child-endangering mom, it is understandable why many people would rush to fill in the blank.

    I again repeat the idea I saw on another blog, from Alaska: Whether consciously or not, it was a "passive abortion" effort by Palin to fly to Dallas as she did."


    What do you think RSM would say to that?

    Do you think he would agree?

  22. I really don't think Palin is the right person to lead conservatives in 2012...unless we want this party and our ideals run into the ground further than they already reside.

    Furthermore- IF a woman is pregnant with her 5th child and her water has already broken there is NO WAY she can take two 4 HOUR FLIGHTS and be driven home to have the baby. It would be dangerous to her, the child and incredibly stupid. The risk of infection ALONE would make any SANE woman rush to the nearest hospital.
    Also, most Pilots and Airlines would NOT want a woman in labor on their flight. They would not want that LIABILITY.

    I say the sooner we forget about Palin the sooner we can recover from the election in 08.

    Who cares who Audrey is? She really is not that significant. And your threatened use of blackmail made me ill. I thought YOU had more class that that RSM! I love this blog but, come on! Let her say whatever, it doesn't really matter.

    The less people that support this nut Palin, the better.

    Palin is not good for conservatives- who cares if some moonbat lady has a blog about it?
    We need to focus on an action plan to bring our values back into the mainstream!

    We need a conservative that is worth a damn!

  23. Poor Socratic Gadfly. Claims he's an liberal blogger and comes here begging and scraping for a shred of credit for something he didn't do. It'd be like the squire who polishes sword demanding credit after knight using the sword wins in battle.
    You're like all other second-rate bloggers. You want to run with the big dogs when you should be sitting on the porch waiting for them to come back so you can sniff their butts.
    Go back to looking for a new job, chump.

  24. Kelly wrote: And what's to stop "Audrey" from starting another blog, and this time covering her tracks a lot better, but continuing to destroy the lives of people who can't fight back?

    I trust that my anonymous friends who send me e-mail tips would spot this, if it became a problem. The thing is, nobody is starting new anti-Palin blogs at this point. All of them with any level of traffic sprang into existence in August/September 2008. Now that interest in Palin has faded, there is no motive for a new anti-Palin blog, since it would never be able to compete traffic-wise with those "grandfathered" in.

    Ergo, if "Audrey" abandons her "Palin's Deceptions" project -- as I certainly hope she will -- she could never hope to have any significant impact with a new anti-Palin blog.

    And given that any writer's style tends to be distinctive, the sudden appearance of a new anti-Palin blog, hard on the heels of "Audrey's" abandonment of her current blog, would certainly attract scrutiny.

    BTW, someone tried to post a comment accusing me of "blackmail." REJECT. I prepared research and decided against publication. I felt it best to explain to my readers why I made that decision and also, as a sincere gesture of friendship and courtesy, informed "Audrey's" husband of the reaasons for my decision.

    Could I be persuaded to change my mind? Well, let's hope no one tries to change my mind.

    Tres embarrassment!

  25. I can see how someone may have thought of your post as "blackmail". You essentially said, "This is what I know. If you don't stop what you are doing, I will publish what I do know."

    The definition of blackmail is:

    1.extortion of money by threats to divulge discrediting information


    2.Blackmail is the crime of threatening to reveal substantially true information about a person to the public, a family member, or associates unless a demand made upon the victim is met. This information is usually of an embarrassing and/or socially damaging nature.


    Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting anything of the such, just thought that person may want to know what the definition of blackmail truly is.

    Tres Embarrassment for them indeed!

  26. You really are a turd, Stacy. You and Griffin. Cut from the same cloth.

  27. Anon @4:05/26th, first, I DID write those stories. I separate my job at a newspaper from blogging. Obviously, you're clueless about that. And, clueless about the petard-hoisting self-irony of being "anonymous" on this thread.

    Anon @5:02/26th, I DID ask RSM that. Duh. And Anon @7:39 agrees with the issues involved.

    Anon @7:58/26th, I never came "begging" for anything. RSM e-mailed ME a heads-up when his first post on this issue went up. If we're talking "second rate," your critical thinking skills certainly qualify.

  28. I am ASHAMED of you. I have followed Audrey since the beginning. Is she obsessive? Yes. Is she thorough" yes. Is she right? Yes until you give us proof to the contrary.

    What do you gain by dishing dirt?

    Please show us proof that Audrey is wrong. Otherwise keep the threats to yourself. What did you gain by outing her? This is about one issue alone and Audrey has done a fine and admirable job. Whatever else she does is not our business. Given a bit of time i bet i could dig up some dirt on you. Maybe I'll spend the time.