Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blogger Rosemary Port has saggy breasts

And I dare her to sue me for that!
Speaking out for the first time since a court order forced Google to reveal her identity, blogger Rosemary Port tells the Daily News that model Liskula Cohen should blame herself for the uproar.
"This has become a public spectacle and a circus that is not my doing," said Port, whose "Skanks in NYC" site branded the 37-year-old Cohen an "old hag."
"By going to the press, she defamed herself," Port said.
"Before her suit, there were probably two hits on my Web site: One from me looking at it, and one from her looking at it," Port said. "That was before it became a spectacle. I feel my right to privacy has been violated."
The pretty 29-year-old Fashion Institute of Technology student added that she's furious at Google for revealing her identity, so much so that she plans to file a $15 million federal lawsuit against the Web giant.
"When I was being defended by attorneys for Google, I thought my right to privacy was being protected," Port said.
Aw, shut your ignorant yap, you saggy-breasted blog skank. You're just a slightly less creepy Jesse Griffin, supposing that you can hide forever behind an online pseudonym while hurling invective at others whom you deny the very "right to privacy" that you so ludicrously assert.

And why? Because you're bitter, Rosemary. Bitter because your breasts are so saggy, they're pointing due south. You want to sue me for that? Fine. But then the laughably pathetic condition of your saggy, shriveled breasts will become a matter of public record.

So unless you're willing to show us otherwise, you'll forever be known as Saggy-Breasted Rosemary Port.


  1. Here's what I don't quite get: aren't terms like "skank" and "ho" generalized slang without much definite meaning? Isn't whether someone is a skank or not a matter of opinion? Since my understanding is that defamation rests on the allegation being false, it seems like "skankiness" isn't something whose truth or falsity can be proved, but rather is just an opinion, in which case the lawsuit is frivolous.

    You, Mr. McCain, call people names all the time (e.g., Ross Douthat "douchebag" etc.). Do you think Mr. Douthat should be able to sue you for defamation since he is not, quite obviously, a douchebag in a literal sense?

    Or is the anonymity of Ms. Port what bothers you? Should all the various and sundry liberals Ace of Spades calls assholes be able to sue him and determine his identity, since they are not, literally, assholes and thus he is defaming them?

  2. What is the point of this mean-spirited post? To my thinking, it probably tells us more about you than about the lovely Ms. Port. (I hope she wins her lawsuit against Google.)

  3. Brigitte wrote: You, Mr. McCain, call people names all the time (e.g., Ross Douthat "douchebag" etc.). Do you think Mr. Douthat should be able to sue you for defamation since he is not, quite obviously, a douchebag in a literal sense?

    Indeed, I call people names all the time. And I do so under my own name, at whatever risk to my own reputation might derive from describing Ross Douthat as a Harvard-educated douchebag. In fact, my penchant for ad hominem invective has become so notorious that some people are beginning to claim it is something of a schtick.


    As to the anonymity of Ace of Spades, et al., Ace's blogging is almost entirely about politics and his derisive descriptions of the people involved in politics are mild, compared to anything Rahm Effin' Emanuel might say. Those who enter the arena of politics generally get used to that kind of stuff by the time they achieve the level of national prominence that invites slagging by Ace of Spades.

    By comparison, Jesse Griffin did not merely call Sarah Palin names, but claimed to report as news -- as fact -- various aspects of Palin's personal life, based on second- or third-hand gossip in Anchorage. You see the difference.

    Which brings us to the case of saggy-breasted Rosemary Port. Evidently in quite random fashion, Ms. Port decided it would be cute to start describing as "skanks" various women in New York City, supposing that she might do so from behind an eternal ambuscade of anonymity.

    As opposed to whatever Ross Douthat might have done to deserve the epithet "douchebag" -- and if going to Harvard, skinnydipping with Buckley, then writing a book claiming to speak for the interests of the working class doesn't qualify, I don't know what ever would -- please explain how Liskula Cohen merited description as an "old hag"?

    Cohen did nothing at all to deserve that. And yet Rosemary Port -- whose breasts flop downward like the ears of a basset hound -- airily decides one day to label Cohen an "old hag." And when Ms. Port finds that she has no guarantee of anonymity while launching such attacks, she sues Google for $15 million!

    Ms. Port is quite nearly a bigger douchebag than Ross Douthat. The main difference is that Ms. Port didn't go to Harvard and Douthat's moobs are quite perky.

    At least that's what Conor Friedersdorf says . . .

  4. "Skank" and "Ho" by themselves are matters of opinion, but these were just a couple of the derogatory terms made in the context of more specific factual statements, all of which together, the court said, amounted to the defamatory (if false) allegation that the plaintiff was sexually promiscuous.

  5. McCain! Her breasteses are not saggy.
    We passed her around last weekend and the boys will tell you she was all good.
    A few said something to the effect of "hot dog in a hallway" but whatever...

    Seriuosly though, Google should not do this, what if the cut face model was crazy and looking to take this girl out?

    When bloggers out bloggers, it's the business we have chosen, but big brother and uncle Google should back the hell off.

    And in closing, that girl is pretty hot.

  6. What's this? I can't linkwhore?

    Look, TRN has the pic of Port's puppies, and the evidence is in...

  7. I've seen photos of both Cohen and Port and I'll take Port any day. It is sheer idiocy for Cohen to sue over the subjective opinion of an unknown blogger. Everyone is sue-happy these days.

  8. Since the verbatim content of the inflammatory blog has not been released or printed in the press, many of us are unable to delineate, even in layman's terms, whether the content would be considered defamatory or not. At this point, it is mere conjecture. After the headline case of a young teen committing suicide based on others being able to post anonomously and cause great emotional distress, it is ludicrous to think that anyone has an alleged right to privacy once she CONSCIOUSLY begins posting inflammatory comments about another person in a public forum. There is a fine line between free speech and language that is considered inflammatory and harrassing. The fact that Ms. Port INTENTIONALLY posted insulting content proves vindictiveness and is, rather, childish. What would be more disappointing is if her ridiculous lawsuit managed to even make it to a hearing. It is, in my opinion, an attempt to manipulate the justice system in order to receive money. Google was given a court order to release her name - it is not remotely similar to a renowned news publication releasing the name of a confidential source. The case, itself, has no merit as Google was abiding by laws established to protect private citizens. Ms. Port needs to go back to middle school where her pathetic tactics are a normal occurrence.

  9. Right on Stogie! That'll be my port in the storm...

    How often are the bloggers better looking than the bloggies?

    Well, outside of our conservo-blogger chix anyway...

  10. I know Rosemary Port quite well. Rosemary Port abandoned her family years ago. She left her poor mother and family who she has not spoken to in years, only to live a life of paryting and fantasy.

    Rosemary lives off of young guys that have money. That's her game. She tried to get me once, but then when she realized I would not give her anything and that I was not offering her anything -- she backed away.

    Rosemary Port is a user. She uses men to live and have her fantasy life of not having to work and party all the time. I feel very bad for her mother and the rest of her family because Rosemary really hurt them when she left them years ago. She thinks she is better than her own family and its sad becaues her family is great people.

    Rosemary you are NOT better than everyone - dont' forget where you came from and stop milking men for money and living off them. Get a real job and quit bashing people. Go back to your famliy and apologise to you mother for all the pain you have caused her. You should always honor and respect your mom because you only have one of them in this life, remember that.

    I feel like posting her mothers phone number so the media can call her mother and see what pain she has caused her entire family -- only for what?? a life of partying with cheezy New York promoters? Come on - let's get serious.

  11. I wouldn't mind sucking on those saggy titties.

  12. Ms. Port is quite nearly a bigger douchebag than Ross Douthat. The main difference is that Ms. Port didn't go to Harvard and Douthat's moobs are quite perky.

    At least that's what Conor Friedersdorf says . . .

    Ha ha! Now that's why I love this place.

  13. • • Never met the gal Rosemary Port, age 29, but this photo seems to suggest an allowance generous enough for visits to a plastic surgeon.
    • • I can even tell which doctor did her cookie-cutter nose. Not that there is anything wrong with tweaking your facial features . . . but unless you've been slashed by a box-cutter or in a car accident, do you really need so much "pruning" and "revising" in the O.R. before the age of 55??
    • • Okay, enough posting on BLOGS and back to trying to find backers for my latest stage play. Come up and see Mae . . .

  14. Two things. Firstly she'll never win. Google made sure their privacy policy allowed for issues like this. She signed up to. There's no case. What I am curious to know though, is where she gets a figure like $15 million dollars from? I doubt she would ever earn that kind of money in her lifetime, so how can she justify that she's worth that kind of money from this?

    Secondly, "skank" and "ho" aren't opinions. Douchebag, yes. Because it's more an attack on their personality. But calling someone a "skank" or a "ho" is indicating they're sexually promiscuous. In any walks of life, that is a slander. In fact, if you go to the urban dictionary, and look up 'skank ho', number one on the list of meanings is: a nasty ass female that sleeps with anything male for drugs, money or popularity. Every definition talks about a girl who sleeps around.

  15. i'm in love...if i only had the money

  16. Allow me to suggest, Dr. McCain, that whatever ugliness Miss Port possesses resides elsewhere than a saggy chest. Physical trainers or cosmetic surgeons can perk up tired tatas. But not even the most capable OB/GYN can cure BNS of the soul.

  17. I agree,
    Saying someone is a skank or Hoe is simply an opinion.
    Granted, its not a flatering opinion.

    Slander is basicaly a lie, an untruth. Having to clarify to the lowest common denominator (retards that dont understand the difference between opinion and statements stated as fact), is getting to be obnoxious and I dont see how its legally binding.

    We have to put warnings on bottles of anti-freeze - " do not swallow" or "this could be hazardess to your health".

    Rosemarry Port has every right to call someone a skank or hoe (though I wish they would stop using that misspelling/pronunciation and just say whore).

    And as for being vendictive, nice try but you fail.

    I think Rosemary is hotter than the WHORE she's mentioning.
    (my opinion for the sue-happy retards).

  18. why blog was created...

  19. She is pretty hot...

  20. Ho is not spelled hoe.

    A hoe, is a tool.

    A ho, is a purchase.

  21. Does anyone on here actually know the whole story between these two women?

    In my opinion, people don't just target a person without that person provoking or doing something to them.

    I wonder what it was exactly that Cohen said to Port's boyfriend to inspire the blog, if that is even what inspired it.

    In one article a friend of Port's says that she reacted out of emotion. It's also fact that Port only made posts on the "blog" on one day. There were no other posts.

    In my opionion I hypothesize that Cohen, being a press hungry person (aka fame hungry) likes to search for herself online. She probably came across the blog and was wondering who would have done that.

    Maybe she thought: "Who did I screw over that would want to do this to me?"
    She may not be an angel to have to wonder who would do this to her?? Do people really have that many "frenemeies" to have to sue to find out?

    Now for some real questions:

    If Cohen said that Port was just someone she saw at restaurants and parties then how did Port get the pics for her blog?

    I suspect that it was from a social networking site (facebook, friendster, myspace) where people like to post pictures of themselves for the web users to see.....

    Why did Cohen drop the defamation suit?

    I suspect it's because, in my opinion, she is not the person she wants to portray herself to the media as and doesn't want all of her skeletons to come out of the closet to prove Port's blog held truth or that she had started the "skank fight".

    Just thinking, LOGICALLY

  22. I Dare the skank blogger take Google to court, I hope she is laughed out of the court.

  23. Just to answer the question "Logically" asked.. why did I drop the law suit...
    I dropped it because suing her for money she doesn't have is pointless, and would cost me money in legal fee's...
    Ever try to get blood from a stone?
    And don't worry I have no skeletons in my closet, and if I had to prove my character in court, it would have been a breeze. That was the least of my worries...
    And yes she got those pictures from other people's facebook and myspace pages.
    and just so you all know, I have posted anonymously because I dont have an account with any of the services listed on the drop down menu...

    Hope that answers your questions Logically...

  24. Colleen (New Zealand)Mon Jan 18, 07:28:00 PM

    Port is a despicable coward, who, when outted, thinks she can sue google. If that's not the PORT calling the kettle black, ha ha, I don't know what is! Someone stated, that in their opinion there is usually a reason....of course there is and more than not, it is JEALOUSY or simply a vindictive nature! Either way, Port is NOT the victim here, she is the instigator, who thought she would remain a faceless, spineless, defamer, but was exposed for the wimp she is.