Monday, August 24, 2009

Bill Whittle fans: probably his best yet

by Smitty

First, to make you prim and proper, a primer: The History of Politcal Correctness.

This link also embeds the HoPC documentary, but acts as a sort of transcript.

Now, watch Bill Whittle expand on this documentary with a passion and contemporary tie-in that will likely leave you stunned.

I subscribed to PJTV when it was still experimental. I hope you consider supporting this wellspring of excellence.

My only question, and a quick Google and Wikipedia scan bore no fruit, is the tie between Saul Alinsky and this Frankfurt School.


  1. @Smitty, you will not want to talk about the tie between Alinsky and the boys of the Frankfort School, but I am sure you will see it. It is one of those things that is hidden in plain view, the best place to hide something.

  2. @DRG,
    Why not? The dots seem an easy connection. I'm curious if there is any chronological evidence. My research has been slight, and I'm fishing for an easy URL. I somehow doubt I'm the first to be curious on the point.