Monday, August 24, 2009

'I Did Not Have Blogospheric Relations With That Corndog . . .'

On Sunday, Smitty did some Rule 5 linkage to frequent commenter Red's cleverly-named "Caught Him With a Corndog" blog. Red was so thrilled by this that she put up a post with this unfortunately suggestive headline:
Rockstar Blogger
Throws Me a Bone!
Given Red's blog name -- combined with the fact that a few of our commenters have of late indulged in risque slang -- I just want to make one thing clear: In the immortal words of Mr. Potato Head from that cinematic classic Toy Story 2, "I'm a married spud! I'm a married spud!"

Despite Red's insinuation of bone-throwing, Smitty is also a married spud. And considering that Red is herself wed in holy potatomony, I'd hate for Mr. Red to get any wrong ideas. Now, let's all enjoy some wholesome family entertainment:


  1. Red is a great blogger with an outstanding sense of humor. I wonder where her 'corndog' theme came from? Maybe she should fill us in......

  2. A hilarious post under a very funny post title. Bravo!

  3. OKAY, okay! Let's clear something up here: Red = happily married to most awesome Husband. Smitty = happily married to most awesome Mrs. Smitty. I seem to have misplaced my slang dictionary so forgive me for inappropo usage but you know I had to brag ( just a little). After all, all my "dorky band nerd friends saw you wave at me " which means I'm one of the cool kids now.

    To further illustrate; once I stopped by my mother's place of former employment (years ago) to run an errand for her. When I saw one of her co-workers, she asked me what I was doing in that neck of the woods. I told her I was just stopping by to "rattle her cage" (meaning I was just stopping by to say hello and run errands) however she looked at me kinda cross-eyed. Maybe it was my delivery??

    The origins of "Caught Him with a Corndog" are quite entertaining indeed. It has to do with 'dorkfish'. "Enquiring minds" will have to stop by ye ole Corndog blahg to solve that one. I'll address that little nugget after my trip to the dentist this morning (woot).

    Thanks again for shining a little blogospheric glamour my way. Of course this means I have to bring my blogging "A" game from now on. Because like they say, "People in glass houses sink ships" or is it "Don't cross the road if you can't get out of the kitchen"? (shrugs)

    Now where did I put that slang dictionary...