Saturday, August 29, 2009

Finally, Mary Jo's Recompense Arrives

by Smitty

Title assist goes to fellow backronym fetishist Fishersville Mike.

Today's FMJRA salute goes out to a true Rule 5 lady and her Rule -50 date. Irrespective of whether you want to argue that some sort of penance was affected, subsequent to the tragedy, the twin evils of
  • a blatantly two-tier justice system and
  • Camel Snot, that American variation on the theme of aristocracy,
render it hard to say much of anything positive regarding the Cheetah of the Senate (or am I herding my cats improperly, in my pussyfooting fashion?)

The one time I encountered him, as I walked by First Class on a US Air flight from Logan to DC in early 2007, I said "Good afternoon, Senator", and earned a "Howaya?" for my effort. So, there you have it. Give the man credit where he accomplished positive things, and blow Camel Snot and the two-tier justice system to hell. If you can take out the 16th Amendment and Charlie Rangle's non-command of compliance to the tax code with it, you win four TCP/IP protocols.

This post goes in reverse chronological order. Normally not a problem, as few stories eat the whole g'dang week, you'll need to scroll down to the bloated bottom of the Ted Kennedy story and read upward for a chronological take.

Department of Naval Science
They say every ship is a minesweeper...once. So, too, is every car a submarine.
  • Paco summarizes beautifully:
    I don’t know about you, but I went through the five stages of grief over Kennedy’s death in record time. Watching the MSM cast him as John the Baptist to Obama’s Jesus helped a lot...
    The subtle connection between Chappaquiddick and 'Baptist' really takes the bre-no. Putting the joke down now.
  • Bob Belvedere, in contrast, works out the heaviness of his heart by shameless devotion to Rule #2. He links us here, and again for MJK Day, and a third time, and then one last. Let this be an inspiration to all.
  • Southern Appeal "Giving the bayonet to the 'dictatorship of relativism' since 2002" linked us at length and in detail. "Who knows — maybe she’d feel it was worth it."--Melissa Lasfky. Will we say the same as we crawl out from under the wreckage of this administration?
  • The blog storm known as Pundette picked up SA's title, but also found We don't know how much Kennedy was affected by her death... which seems to bring out the fury in the Pundette.
  • Cranky Con was right there as well.
  • Gloves off, announces The Rude News. "Kennedycare: Uncle Ted will do for you, what he did for Mary Jo."
  • Andrew Ian Dodge rounds up the anti-memorials and has some BBC confirmation about Ted's sub-marine humor.
  • Obi's sister laments that Mary Jo had no more time to see the sunny South. She also tried to find some sympathy for Ted Kennedy. Strange thing. Even the dictionary page containing 'sympathy' was gone. Poor lady has to get a new dictionary.
  • Nova Town Hall has a roundup, and salutes Donkey Cons co-author Stacy.
  • The Classic Liberal notches it up a bit by calling Ted the personification of tyranny. I'll throw that out there, but I'm well short of agreement. It's really hard to quantify things at that level of abstraction. The left are masters of disproportionate comparison. Ted has a lot of competition for the title, and I'm unsure his monstrosity achieved quite that height. Though he is an intriguing variation on the theme.
  • No Runny Eggs linked us in a roundup that includes Headless Blogger, making a connection I'm mildly embarrassed to have overlooked. All me to tease:
    Oh life's a dream with you, Miss Lily White
    Jane Fonda on the screen today
    Convinced the liberals it's okay
    So let's get dressed and dance away the night...
    (Whereas Bob Belvedere suggests the (NSFW) DK: TDTF. It's fairly clear from the lyrics that they were not targeting Ted personally with the song. Drunken swine in general, sure.)
  • And the Mean ol' Meanie stays in character and broadens the discussion to the whole clan. He may have pulled a punch in there, somewhere, but I'll admit that the probability is low.
  • Pulling us back into focus is HotMES:
    I’m sorry for his family and their loss, but I’m not sorry for him. Forty years ago last month he killed a woman. He then went on to have a very successful career as a politician and lived a free and rich (and long) life. One can only hope he is paying for his sins now. And, the death of this murderer should not be the death of any campaign against this health care bill.
  • HyScience linked the O'Reilly ricochet, where Stacy took papa bear to task for being a Kennedy apologist.
  • Rightofcourse was correct, as expected.
  • Insty picked up the Mary Jo tribute.
  • The Daley Gator aimed for a moderate tone, and was mostly successful.
  • Daily Pundit rogers up for Mary Jo Day on 26 August. And the location is the Rock It Grill in Alexandria, VA.
  • Deuce warned of the politicizing of Ted's death.
  • Carol at No Sheeples Here: Chappaquiddicare, and also Leaving The Scene Of An Accident Was Teddy’s 'True Compass'. There is a reason we endeavor not to irritate Carol.
  • Carol's Closet had a link list.
Carol O'Connor was a hoot:

  • Government Mess orbits the moral black hole.
  • WyBlog: "Today Ted Kennedy meets his Maker. And Ted's got some 'splaining to do."
  • Twitze, which looks like an aggregator has some clips.
  • Public Secrets was bluntly disdainful.
  • Jules Crittenden raises a specter: "There’s the other issue, being much discussed, of who gets to be the next iconic liberal lion." Well, if we change the first 'c' to an 'r', Arlen Specter himself is already an ironic liberal lion.
  • The Reaganite Republican Resistance was early in the game.
  • The Hill Street Blahg quotes the POTUS on the topic. Ahem.
  • Bitsblog phrased it nicelybluntly.
  • Western Experience went snark-free.
  • A Conservative Shemale:
    The Times doesn't bother to mention the fact that he was responsible for cutting off aid to the South Vietnamese when North Vietnam invaded, which directly lead to the fall of South Vietnam and the boat people crisis of the late 70's and 80's.
Department of Literary Allusion
When you start to have goofy literary allusions about public figures, you know you're probably not alone in the concepts, execution, or appreciation.
  • Rightofcourse features an entire series of Eldricht Farce, the tales of Y'Obama Mythos. Read, enjoy, add your own to the chorus. While we'll be celebrating our own Rule 5 tomorrow, Alinsky Rule 5 says:
    "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." There is no defense. It's irrational. It's infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions.
    Fresh off OediPOTUS Wrecks, I'll add that the literary flavor allows you to (a) have fun and (b) serve up some thoughts which, in a straightforward piece, would be quite a challenge to undertake.
  • The Camp of the Saints gave me a nice review of OediPOTUS, and a custom piece of real estate at the top of the page. Responding to this is going to call for extreme shamelessness on my part, but I'm just the sort of dignity-free fellow for the task.
Department of Criminally Silly Science
Department of Airbrushing, under which can be found History
  • Instapundit links a post recalling when Matt Cooper used to be a journalist.
Department of Public Health
  • Caroline joined my derision of health care as 'a right'.
Department of Uncontrolled Wedding Tackle
[Had been 'Tanya', but that didn't pass editorial review]
First, an idiot stole art to pay for an abortion for his rape victim.

Then, there is Copperfield:
This talk recalls this old Sublime video, which is probably NSWF due to minor potty mouth and mature content. Ultimately, if she's not your wife, what are you on about?

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Political Science, AKA The Toolbox
  • Below the Beltway quoted me in my adrenaline flush post right after the town hall. I stand by the words, but have to laugh at my efforts after a certain hour of the night, when beauty sleep might be a better option.
  • Pundette put a name to the Moran protester for me: Randall Terry.
  • Paco linked my polite letter to Representative Moran.
Department of (You Don't Need to Know)
Department of Xenobiology
  • The Most Important News thought Janeane Garofalo's Uganda knowledge was important. Close. It's really her in-depth grasp of Bulungi.
  • Linked by 'The Blogprof', whose academic stamina for viewing clips of the twit is amazing. I think I've embedded "Idiot Wind" by Dylan recently, so I can't offer that up as an editorial. I try to cling to the hope that people really aren't that stupid; they're just paid to sound that way. Hopefully, I never meet JG so that my fantasy remains intact. And your dirty mind in tact.
  • WyBlog uses the phrase "functionally retarded" in a post on banned phrases in the EU.
Miscellaneous Shouts:
The boss called, and there will be an update to catch other links from last weekend, plus those cats and dogs not in the Technorati pool who've emailed separately.
Questions, comments, concerns: Smitty. Check this post in an hour or so for the balance.

Deadlines and PHBs meant that we had to go with the above, and finish the task getting through the links.
Miscellaneous Shouts, Now Echoing:
Department of Irregular Warfare
  • After Jon Voight's provocative statement The Sundries Shack downplayed the threat of Civil War. While there is plenty of angst on any number of topics, I don't think its really all that close, either. I do foresee continued provocations from an Imperial Fed, but think that the Article V approach, while a steep grade indeed, is the correct long-term goal.
  • Reganite Republican Resistance has a Mach 1.0 nosedive assessment for the Administration.
Department of Fascist Archaeology

All right. This post started with a pool of something like 80 URLs. Keep me loaded, people. Pray for peace.

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