Sunday, August 23, 2009

Obama Discovers Formula:
Dishonesty = Disapproval

Thanks to Moe Lane* for pointing me to this nifty little chart from Rasmussen Reports:

What went wrong? How did Obama screw the pooch? Politico's Mike Allen and Jim Vandehei try (and fail) to get a straight answer out of David Axelrod, but leave it to some dude with a blog to explain everything in a single sentence:
Largely missing from the analysis, which is punctuated with a lot of 20/20 hindsight observation, is any appreciation of how Obama and his administration’s lack of candor might have affected perceptions of his trustworthiness.
-- Dan Collins
Bravo, Dan! If dishonesty were genius, the Obama administration would sweep next year's Nobel Prizes.

Oh, and even though that one sentence explains it all, Dan Collins wrote more than one sentence, so please read the whole thing.

* UPDATE: I am informed by Aaron Gardner that it was his Red State post, and not Moe's, which contained this information. Aaron Gardner is da total bomb.


  1. The video at Claire McCaskill " You don't trust me?" The audience roared "NO!"

    That is it in a nutshell. They lost the trust of the American voters. Obama has been obvious in his lies.


  2. What happened? The Unicorn had to get out of the clouds of campaigning and actually govern. That proved to be a bit much for the inexperienced pilot, leading to Unicorn Down.

    - Mikey NTH

  3. Moe Lane didn't write that, but I will take it as a compliment that you couldn't tell.

    Aaron B. Gardner

  4. I am thrilled that the American public is awake and fighting for their Country. I wish we had done this years ago so that public servants understood where they could tweak the economy and where they couldn't. It is without a doubt complacency by the public that allowed these tools to over-reach!