Monday, August 24, 2009

She's insignificant and she has a family

Such is the "don't do it" argument against outing the blogger "Audrey" at the Palin's Deception blog.

On the other hand, she's Patient Zero of the Trig Truther pandemic, she's been repeatedly linked by Andrew Sullivan, and her most recent post had 94 comments.

I'm weighing these considerations. I'm also weighing the utter stupidity of the aforesaid "Audrey," who has practically outed herself, leaving an online bread-crumb trail like Hansel and Gretel. And the relentless cruelty of the Truthers . . .

If I don't do it, somebody else is likely to add 2+2 and get the traffic. And I'm all about the traffic.

Understand, people, that I've got the entire post already written, and must now merely decide whether to hit the "publish" button. And this is the thing that gets me about "Audrey."

She has children of her own, and yet apparently never hesitated to hit "publish" on some of the most vile insinuations about Sarah Palin's family anyone could ever imagine. I think of my own wife and children, and hesitate to publish the simple facts. Audrey published lie after lie after lie -- and evidently never thought twice about it.

UPDATE 12:13 a.m., 8/25: Y'know, Sully's on vacation. Think about that. Sully relentlessly beat the Trig Truther drum, repeatedly linking "Audrey" at Palin's Deceptions, and now Sully's on vacation, with guestbloggers to run his prestigious blog at The Atlantic Monthly while he's gone.

The Atlantic Monthly bears tremendous responsibility here. So as I ponder this decision, I'm kind of wondering, "What Would James Fallows Do?"

And also, "What Would Ace of Spades Do?"

UPDATE 12:20 a.m. 8/25: Doggone it! Didn't I tell you? Some clever fellow named Aaron Gardner beat me to it!

UPDATE 1 a.m.: He who hesitates is lost! (If only I hadn't been cruelly deprived of those Special Genius Cells contained in the foreskin . . .)


  1. With responsible blogging comes great responsibility. She has displayed neither. I am not a huge fan of outing the blogger, but when they make such little effort to hide their true identity, and they are beyond the pale of civil discourse, nail 'em!

  2. I wouldn't. Magnanimity has its uses, too. However, I know Stacy's agenda hasn't weighed on the magnanimous side considering the criminal treatment of the Palins. There is the possibility that tough returns on thoughtless leftists will help slow the pace of outgoing tripe on their part, and possibly reduce the overall volume of crap traffic.

  3. Do it. Nice guys don't get hits.

    How many of us are not safe if we come to the attention of the left? Why should they be safe just because they tell us we should be gentlemen?

  4. DO IT. She never once stopped at children. She posted myspace pages of who she said were Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston (at the time underage) and maybe Mercede Johnston. She used the weak ass excuse "well, if Sarah Palin hadn't brought her children into the limelight as a Vice Presidential candidate, I wouldn't be forced into posting these myspace pages and what I think is truth about said kiddos (mostly Bristol), however, including Willow (14 years old).... sooooo it's not MY fault, it's Palin's..."

    Blah, blah bullshit!

    Children are OFF LIMITS. Right? Didn't The One say so himself?

    Post who she is. WE will leave her children out of the fracas, gladly.


  5. Do it.

    Those who give no mercy to others deserve it not for themselves.

  6. Anonymity is something a person must work to maintain by and for themself. No one else is responsible for aiding in this task. Thats some do is merely a courtesy.

    People who do not behave in a manner befitting their desire to remain anonymous are not deserving of such courtesy.


    (anonymous because typepad hates me)

  7. I say out her. Even though I think you already did.

    Check your email.

  8. Do it. She deserves no mercy. This woman did not give a damn about the Palin family. One must teach these leftists a hard lesson.

  9. I, David Corley Riddle, say 'Do it.'

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