Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quick math: the sine of 0 is...

by Smitty

SondraK rocks the house, issuing the sign to the big O:

Follow the link. She has a roundup of actual world leaders greeting the Japanese emperor.

Meanwhile, damage control efforts over at The MewlingModerate Voice: "The Yokels are at it Again".

No, really, Kathy, the country just screwed the pooch a year ago. All that's left is middling interest in the mental gymnastics of the sycophants.


  1. @Joe,
    Also, someone circumcised his drum. What a wiener.

  2. I love the sign that has been placed on that ass-licking clown.

  3. It would seem to me that Kathy was talking about herself because, reading what she stated, she has absolutely no clue when it comes to that little thing called Protocol.

    The fact is, and we should know this all around the world (I am in Australia) that a head of state e.g. our Governor General, does not bow before another head of state e.g. the emperor of Japan. They are on equal terms.

    In terms of body language, just like bowing to the Saudi Arabian dude, the body language conveys certain things, in this case it conveys a certain amount of inferiority. It was totally inappropriate.

    I am just wanting to know what is the State Department doing? There should be people on hand teaching POTUS and FLOTUS about protocol and what is expected.

    That Kathy is a total idiot.

  4. I have no problem with the fact of the "bow," just the how.

    Japan bows first to America. America then returns the bow, but slightly less deeply than Japan's bow, recognizing Japan's culture while, in that culture, retaining our superior position.

    Then a handshake, but America extends the hand of friendship first.

    The timing and the depth of Obama's bow is that of a peasant to a monarch, rather than first among equals as is the place of the American President.

    Watching the video, I couldn't tell if the timing and depth were purposeful. It seems clear that Obama understands that the depth of the bow has meaning. (Compare the depth of his bow to the Emperor and the depth of his bow to the Emperor's wife.) But, then, Obama continues bobbing up and down without reason over the next few seconds as if he's lost control over his body -- like a teen-ager on his first date overcome by the beauty of his companion.

    But, problem with the fact of the "bow" to JAPAN as a "bow" in that culture does not have the same significance as one in almost all others. But, that said, the HOW of the "bow" must, in Japan's culture, retain the meaning that America retains the higher ground relative to Japan.

    THIS ain't how an American President should "bow" when meeting the Japanese Emperor. The link under the posted picture shows how the leader of a country bows in this situation.

  5. You think the bowing was bad?

    This is worse.

  6. Obama isn't our "first Pacific President" either.

    Nixon claimed that title 40 years ago.

    (Born and raised in California, served in the Navy in the Pacific, dealt with Vietnam and China as POTUS, buried in California. His place in San Clemente (aka "The Western White House") overlooks the Pacific Ocean.)

  7. And as a Canadian, Maggie, I know and I know that you know that even when you are a subject of a monarch (and not an equal like another head of state) that you give only a slight nod or "head bow" when you're first introduced to the Royal, and don't perform a full waist bow, and then don't bow again. What a clown.

    BTW the clown and his clownish staff didn't expect a "was Truman right re. atomic bombing?" question at a presser and so literally refused to answer the question, twice. (See Power Line or Kate at SDA.)

  8. Please note that while BHO bows effusively to world leaders he forgets to put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem.
    How many times does he have to stick his finger in your eye before you notice?
    He's just not that into you

  9. You only bow that low and break eye contact if you Eta.
    It was an ignorant and culturally insensitive thing to do.
    Kathy is just as ignorant and truly hegemonic.
    Her opinion of what is culturally correct trumps actual protocol.

  10. Obama acts like everyone's bitch. There is a fine line between respect and downright submission and cowardice.

  11. Any lower and he would have givem hime a BJ