Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Today the Most Hated Woman in (Liberal) America begins her book tour in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and I describe the reaction in my latest contribution to The American Spectator:
Monday afternoon, Rush Limbaugh pointed out the most evil, mean-spirited act Sarah Palin has ever committed: She didn't include an index in her new book, Going Rogue.
Elite journalists don't read political books, but instead skim the index to see if their names are mentioned, Limbaugh explained to his national radio audience. Therefore, Palin omitted the index to exact revenge on her tormenters by forcing them to read her book. To her liberal enemies, this was a deed as inhumane as her moose-hunting.
Rush played an audio clip of MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell complaining about "Sarah's index-and-footnote free, score settling campaign memoir." The same network's Andrea Mitchell -- apparently having assigned some flunky to read the whole book -- recited on her show the only page of Going Rogue (p. 397) where Palin mentioned Mitchell. . . .
Read the whole thing. I was late on the deadline because (a) I had an interview with Andrea Shea King, and (b) the whole guilt-by-association thing went viral Monday afternoon.

Little Miss Attila fears Stacy-ism is contagious, like swine flu. The vaccine is available online for $10. But if you think you've already caught the virus, the cure is available for $20. If you're a liberal, however, you'll probably just wait until ObamaCare passes and try to get it for "free."


  1. Sadly the dirty libtard pirate whore* is taking pot shots at Sarah Palin again. I agree Sarah has to let criticism roll right off her because there is going to be lots of it from the left. Let Ace, Stacy and others take care of keeping them from flanking you.

    * said with all due respect and affection!

  2. Dan Riehl lets us know how he feels:

    The Un-American Elitist Moron In The White House
    Before I head out, it's gotten so bad that even blind NY Governor Patterson has to admit he can see it, even as other Democrats continue to carry water for the waterboy in the WH destined to run their party into the ground.

  3. I just read your article in American S. Excellent!

  4. "the Most Hated Woman in (Liberal) America"

    Stacy, you can't hate something so easy to ridicule. But I see that this wishful thinking trope about how libs hate Sarah is foolong enough Conservatives into thinking she can be taken seriously. Palin fans like to believe that all the media attention she gets is a sign that she is for real, forgetting of course that Michael Jackson, Carrie Prejean and the Lindsay Lohans of the world receive the same kind of media attention.
    Hate her? That is to laugh at. She's entertaining the same way an American Idol contestant is entertaining.But we won't be buying that album.....

  5. From NHS reports, a certain beach blogger recently purchased a new bicycle with Michelin tires manufactured in their German plant by the gross-grosskinder of an associate of Eva Braun's milchmadchen.
    While swooshing down Mulholland Drive on this fateful autumn day, the tailed-one inadvertently skinned his left shin on the tread.
    Ever since, his eyesight has diminished, joints stiffened and muscles atrophied to the point where all right curves seem foreign and dangerous to him.
    Viruses sometimes spread like that.

  6. I was disappointed to hear Michael Medved today going rouge himself, as in criticizing the decision by Palin and others to back Hoffman over DeeDee Scozzafava. Medved even played the clip of Rush and Sarah talking about this. Given that Rush gave Michael Medved his first boost into conservative talk radio (by having Medved guest host his show as a fill in) this is very sad.

    Where to begin? I like them all (Medved, Rush and Palin). I am not so hard core in my opinions to miss the wisdom of some of the positions Michael Medved takes, but Mike is missing the boat on this issue. Mike is back to saying, well we lost the NY-23 seat. That is true, but the decision that lost the NY-23 seat was when Scozzafava was picked by the local GOP to run for it. Medved's point was had Scozzafava won, Nancy Pelosi's health care bill would have failed. I am not sure that is the case, but that does not justify supporting a "Republican" who supports union card check, may have gone sideways on health care too, and was essentially not a Republican let alone a conservative.

    Hoffman, however, was the only chance to win the seat back. And the fact that Scuzzy-Wuzz-She backed Owens (the Democrat) only shows that she was a liar and crypto-democrat from the get.

    As you can guess, Michael Medved does not want Sarah Palin to be the GOP nominee. Just like I said Stacy's position that anyone who criticizes Sarah is helping elect Obama was nonsense (friends of a potential candidate can be their worse enemy), so is this opposite position by Medved equally wrong. We should not discourage any potential candidate to avoid primaries, this is a battle of ideas and we want more not less in this process.

    Medved also thinks Oprah, Newsweek, and the left are trying to promote Sarah (and also unfairly attack her) in an attempt to have her run and (hopefully) win the 2012 GOP nomination so Obama can then summarily defeat her. Medved would rather Sarah just support GOP candidates and raise money for them and run for something other than president.

    Well, I think Sarah did support the conservative candidate in NY-23. That was a good thing. Unfortunately the GOP candidate was not a GOP candidate.

    As far as the left's motives, Medved is probably correct. Newsweek and Oprah are trying to do that. 2012 is still a long way off and whether or not Sarah Palin will even run, let alone win the nominiation, is at this point not really known. But as the Chinese say, the Dems should be careful for what they wish for.