Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Rule 5 Sunday beckons. Stacy is Northbound. Carrie Prejean is officially excused from this week's festivities. It has to do with a picture of her over at American Power. Dog facial licks are out of bounds in the Rule 5 context.

First, for the ladies, reader Cindy requests, I think, Eduardo Verastegui. Only I don't know. See, the way this works is that you start a blog, gather your Eduardos, and just send me the URL for inclusion here.

While I'm comfortable enough with my masculinity to do your google-work for you, Cindy, I'm also completely lazy about googling other men. I don't google myself, even in private. Where's the motive?

That said, this post is only biased in favor of ladies because that's the links that are posted in the blogs. More precipitation from the gynosphere would be appreciated.
  • Honesty in Motion brings the Raiderettes.
  • Makes My Brain Itch notes that this cerebral condition can be caused by Natalie Portman. The therapy, according to Dr. Steven Wright, is to think about sandpaper.
  • Troglopundit veers into a post on mean girls, culminating in Combat Barbie.
  • Blackfive, not to be outdone, posts Combat Barbie with rifle.
  • Serr8d chimed in with a more full shoulder arms pic on CB.
  • Nation of Cowards has the best Combat Barbie roundup of them all.
  • Three Beers Later had Combat Barbie at shoulder arms, and a Chris Muir Day-by-Day roundup of saucy 'toons. He's also got a Juliana Moreira clip, as well as Denise Milani.
  • The Daley Gator, who just can't get enough foreign telly, posts a Japanese clip about an inflateable bra. I just can't come up with any japes that don't involve currency for that.
  • Yankee Phil says Eva Mendes, to which we reply "Si, bueno."
  • The Blogprof posts with some fine academic distinction about the difference between bodybuilders and figure competitors. And then he's got this quiz at the end of the post. Academics.
  • Dustbury merges retro and leg interests with Barbara Carrera. The dip into Cthulhu worship is a tad much. Isn't this administration sufficiently horrific, old boy?
  • Iowahawk has a Marisa Miller with much, much Harley-Davidson goodness.
  • Anorak had a Samantha Fox collage that should take a few readers back to high school.
  • House of Eratosthenes hits N and O, triggering a NO from me, as he puts Nadine Velasquez over Olivia Munn. I blame the vastly over-rated Princess Leia garb and demand a re-examination. We just can't have these women working the ref.
  • Fischersville Mike celebrates Taylor Swift.
  • Killing Time offers a comparison between Carrie Bradshaw and Daisy Duke. The Vodka Pundit should not follow this URL. It might make him thirsty.
  • Viral Footage has a failblog clip of one mean soccer chick. Troglopundit, you shouldn't view this material. I know you're sensitive.
  • Instpundit offers bikini input from Miss Earth 2009, and also Aimee Mullins.
  • American Power, already considering those Christmas shopping needs, points to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. "It was about gift ideas, love..."
  • WyBlog has acquired a Joan Jett Barbie. For the daughter, one hopes.
  • Jaded Haven admits appreciation for Joy off of "My Name is Earl".
  • Rightofcourse brings the 'Bama cheerleaders.
  • Jeffords features Jewel in a duet with Jessica Simpson.
  • Paco's delightfully retro suggestion for this week is Dorothy Dandridge.
  • Bob "What's a little overkill between friends?" Belvedere brings the following:
  • The Classic Liberal features Kelly Brook, and a meditation on socialism.
  • Skepticrat and fellow ring-knocker Decuce contributes some Midshipmen cheerleaders in celebration of Navy's triumph over Notre Dame, which glory I'm certain neither of us saw.
  • HotMES posts Alessandra Ambrozio. I'm trying to figure out what that first picture is about.
  • The Indentured Servant Girl honors Barbara Bach. Now there is a fond teenage memory.
Rule 5 thanks you all and wishes a relaxing rest of your weekend. Mail additions to Smitty for inclusion.


  1. An excellent comment on proper bow technique and Barack Obama's attempt at it:

    Foreigners are not expected to bow, as they lack the requisite knowledge of the elaborate etiquette governing this for at least 1000 years.

    This BHO bow, because of its degree of declination and the shamefully rounded back, is in Japanese eyes the bow of a crippled toilet attendant to his supreme master.
    Posted by: Takuan Seiyo at November 14, 2009 12:19 PM

  2. Actually, Carrie Prejean's probably blown her chance to premiere as a Victoria's Secret model. In general, I've never really written about Prejean in the Rule 5 context. It's always been more about the cultural/gay marriage debate. I think she's a beautiful woman, but this last week's events have made it hard for folks to continue defending her. Even Ace strained in the excerpt at my post.

    Now Marisa Miller's another story! If she'll just stay mum on the gay marriage debate, we'll have years of fabulous Victoria's Secret AND Sports Illustrated photos and vids!

  3. Ron Kuby is right about this:

    "[Mohammed's] goal in the legal system is not to beat the rap. His goal is to use the legal system as a forum for his own ideas and to embrace martyrdom through that system."

    I hope I am wrong on how this plays out, but I suspect that "Judgment at Nuremburg" this will not be. Holder and Obama gave KSM a hell of a last request, a chance to play (granted KSM's own sick twisted version) of "A Man of All Seasons" or "Braveheart." Take your choice.

  4. We have all seen this before, but it could make a cool game.

    Plug in the name of the blogger who best fits the awkward science fair projects. Charles Johnson just emailed me and said #10 fits Stacy. But I think Stacy is more of a #26.

  5. Umm. You mean Catherine Bach.

  6. Barbara Bach would have been fine, too. And both would have been even better. Wouldn't you love to see the two of them Bach to Bach?