Saturday, November 21, 2009

Harry Reid on Cthulhu's side

by Smitty

Interesting News Items reports that the Senate Majority Leader and his 4-ream reaming of Americans are on the side of diabolical evil. What's worth noting is that the evil has condescended to notice the pitiful Senator from Nevada, and is nearly moved to offer consideration in return:
Leaning back against the wall of a strange, titanic temple constructed using non-Euclidean geometry, Cthulhu tugged thoughtfully at his facial tentacles. "But without getting all high and mighty, the healthcare argument doesn't really interest me. Once the stars align and we [Great Old Ones] return to rule earth, we're gonna crush everything and eat everybody, so get the government involved...or not. I roll either way."
LOLthulhu provides an appropriate visualization:

The remaining question is whether this is Harry Reid singing on the following cut:

Update: Pat in Shreveport is liveblogging the eldritch parliamentary rituals and self-immolation as our elected officials bring hell closer.

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  1. It's not that bad - it's just the death of the Republic.