Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Charlie Crist going negative on Rubio

This is what the National Republican Senatorial Committee is endorsing:
Buffeted by weeks of negative press and a newly threatening rival from the right, FL Gov. Charlie Crist's (R) campaign will step up direct engagements with his opponent, insiders tell OnCall.
Crist will attack former FL House Speaker Marco Rubio (R), citing his rival's failure to advance some conservative causes while leading the state House, for spending excessively while in the Speaker's office and for dragging his feet on immigration legislation that many Republicans favored.
"We're now running a campaign, and it's one where this campaign will aggressively talk about the governor and his record and his vision heading to Washington as a candidate for the Senate, and we will aggressively talk to voters about our opponent's record, a record that was eight years in the state legislature, a record that has not been discussed to date," said Eric Eikenberg, Crist's new campaign manager.
So this is what your NRSC donations are paying for: Republican attacks on Marco Rubio, one of the most promising young Republican leaders in Florida.


UPDATE: Pat Austin notes that Crist's new campaign manager has a predictable habit:
According to The Buzz, Rubio isn't worried about the addition of Eikenberg to the Crist team. Rubio supporters point to his work on the campaigns for both Clay Shaw and George LeMieux. They both lost.
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  1. Not listening to the base proved a highly effective tactic in NY23, no?

  2. If they call and ask why you've suspended your donations tell them, go "Scozzafava Yourselves"

  3. But if Rubio was the NRSC-endorsed candidate, would you be okay with them funding ads against Crist? Or do you think there should be free, open primaries where only the more conservative candidate gets national support, and only the more conservative candidate can run ads about his primary opponent?

    (I support Rubio, incidentally. I'm just not sure what you all want the NRSC to do)

  4. Why is the NRSC choosing at all between Republicans in primaries? Let Crist and Rubio battle it out. It should be supporting the Republican chosen in the primary against the Democrat. Or am I missing something?

    Meanwhile, Andrew Sullivan is going beserker on Sarah Palin over at the Dish. It is frankly so over the top to seem virtually meth fueled. He might just spontaneously combust.

  5. It still seems inconsistent to say that a coordinating committee called "The National Republican Senatorial Committee" can't support a candidate in the primary, but a coordinating committee called "The Club For Growth" can. Why?

    Because the NRSC has the words "Republican" and "Senatorial" in their title? It's accurate labeling.

    Because the NRSC not raising money for primary candidates will lead to more effective candidates in the general? Sorry, I don't believe such a thing can be proven, so I err on the side of supporting freer speech on both sides.

  6. Okay, conservatives and Republicans have been harangued at length, and have discussed among themselves at length, about how they need to make more effort to reach out to constituents other than old white guys. So if the NRSC is going to pick favorites at an open senatorial primary in Florida, between an old white guy and a young Cuban-American guy, assuming the Cuban-American guy's not a meathead (and he's apparently not), why wouldn't you go with him over the old white guy?

  7. Folks do the homework and find out about Charilie Crist and the Iguana club. The scandal, if it is used by the DNC will sink Crisk and the RNC at the same time. This man should not be a candidate... if he becomes the candidate the DNC will win.