Friday, November 20, 2009

Good luck with that, Dr. Jones

“That was an email from ten years ago. Can you remember the exact context of what you wrote ten years ago?"
-- Dr. Phil Jones, trying to explain the "hide the decline" e-mail in the massive scandal now known as ClimateGate

Thanks to Ace of Spades for catching that. Y'know, it's the darned irony that makes me smile about this.

It would seem that Dr. Jones is claiming that he's been smeared on the basis of somebody else's writing taken out of context. Terrible when things like that happen . . . right, Stogie?


  1. I'm confident that folk other than scientists can make similar points but I am a scientist. I have several pear-reviewed papers and abstracts with my name on them, including a couple of lead-author. If you put ANY of those papers in front of me, or an email of a discussion between the team of investigators (ESPECIALLY if the email came from ME!!!), and ask me a specific question about my part of the work, the fog would very quickly lift and I could provide a cognizant answer. And I am NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer. I work hard and stumble across a bit of useful creativity now and then, but brillian? No. But I assure you that unless Dr. Jones is only as smart as a cucumber, he knows exactly what that email meant.


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  2. Actually, K~Bob said...

    We've got two new catchphrases from the most reposted email from this purloined pile of pithiness:

    1) Hide the decline
    2) Mike's Nature Trick

    For an excellent discussion of what--exactly--Mike's nature trick was, go check out Anthony Watts.