Friday, November 20, 2009

Rick Moran dismayed concerning progress on Reagan re-birth effort

by Smitty

First, you rip Sarah Palin for quoting Ronald Reagan on the Rush Limbaugh show.

Now, you hammer her for not being Ronald Regan.

So, if we can arrange for the woman to give birth to Ronald Reagan, might that satisfy both you and Andrew Sullivan?

Look at you go, Rick, emphasis mine:
It is an insult to the man to even hint at a comparison. Where Reagan used his gifts of communication to inspire his audience, Palin uses her considerable ability to connect emotionally with people to breed anger and resentment. Where Reagan was a veritable font of ideas, Palin is a pale echo of dozens of conservative pundits who rely on talking points and tired, cliched, 1980s-era solutions to our problems.
No, those people were already bitter and clinging to their guns from the lefty ahead of you who smeared them.

Back at RWN, you close with:
The road to internet fame and riches is to agree with Palin, with the base, with big shot bloggers who get 10 times the traffic I do. So before questioning my integrity, you better have a damn sight more evidence than your idiotic, horse's ass opinion.
Since you bring up the topic of idiotic, horse's ass opinions backed with no evidence, perhaps you could elaborate on the who/ what/ where/ when/ why/ how that Sarah has "bred anger and resentment". Was it
  • Sarah on the Internet with the FaceBook page?
  • Sarah in the Bookstore with Going Rogue?
  • Rick Moran in the blog spouting the watered-down Pelosi-isms?
Back on PJM you conclude:
It has been a year since she burst onto the national scene and she has done little to rectify the huge gaps in knowledge and nuance that exposed her as an intellectually unserious person during the campaign. And by that I mean simply that she has failed to apply herself in any meaningful way to the process of learning what she needs to know in order to become a successful politician. Not an academic. Not a pointy-headed elite at some think tank, but rather a thoughtful citizen of the republic who knows enough about the issues facing America to serve effectively.

Until she proves me wrong, I will continue to celebrate her as a cotton candy conservative with no more heft than the confection’s wispy strands of caramelized sugar that look so delightful but have little taste beyond a vague, sickly sweetness.
Oh, it all comes together now. We'll just have Sarah schedule a little trip to the circus with you, Rick. Dr. Helen Smith can chaperone, and all of the Oedipal challenges, cotton candy requirements, and what-have-you can be treated. Getting at your coulrophobia make take a little while--heaven knows this congress/ administration fuels mine.

Rick, you're an astute fellow. It should be obvious that Sarah Palin is keeping the powder dry. There just isn't any need for her to break out serious policy at this phase. If she gives the left anything that can be remotely turned into ammunition, then such will be used on her just as quickly as you can invent some failure of nuance therein.

Sarah can't stop a Congress stuck on stupid, and there really isn't any way to tell just how much legislative, economic, diplomatic, and military wreckage there will be by 2012. Little Miss Attila opines "I think she’s going to be an elder stateswoman." I don't foresee that. Real Americans are not going to sit passive while the loony left leads us into a Huxley/Orwell/Rand blend of hell.

We're also not going to be quick to chide with the kind of centrist, watered-down-Progressive, split-hairs-until-bald, vaguely academic, crypto-elitist fluff of the type spouted by some, whom the left like to label conservative, to a chorus of puking on the right. Or are you a Brooks fan?

I leave you with this, Rick:
"A good plan violently executed today is far and away better than a perfect plan tomorrow."
— General George S. Patton
The point is by no means to advocate violence. No, I want you to focus on the "far and away better than a perfect plan tomorrow" half. This is something that a an actual leader like Sarah grasps intuitively. Someone who is not a leader would sit back, ponder, weep, gnash the teeth, wring the hands, and so forth. And no, people will oscillate between these categories over time and subject. But ponder Patton. Your inability to grasp Sarah's plan and execution method is a good sign. It might mean that those who hate America and the liberty for which she stands fail to grasp Sarah's plan as well. But this does not constitute evidence that she has/ lacks a plan.

We all await history's unfolding, and wish it was less "interesting".


  1. Sorry to go off topic but:

    Iraqi detainees are taunting Wisconsin National Guard members with Brett Farve jokes.

    Maybe these Iraqis Detainees are just being like ignorant monkeys* just mimicing taunts they over heard about Farve, but if they actually get this issue, and are following American Football--is hell freezing over?

    Somehow this seems like a good thing.

    *I mean that in a cultural not genetic way, because I know some LGF snot will accuse me of racism.

  2. "So, if we can arrange for the woman to give birth to Ronald Reagan, might that satisfy both you and Andrew Sullivan?"

    Priceless, Smitty!

  3. Don't get me wrong: I wouldn't mind having her run. But she'll work out a role for herself, either way. I'm kind of hoping that Liz Cheney will get back into the fray once she's done helping her dad with his book. Cheney thinks a bit faster on her feet--in fact, she'd be a great complement to Sarah's talents.

  4. What is coulrophobia? Fear of David Frum and David Brooks?

    Oh, clowns! My mistake!

  5. These people just don't have a clue. Palin was inspired by Reagan; Palin isn't, nor does she pretend to be, Reagan.

    Moran compares someone who had fought the conservative fight for well over two decades -- honing his skills, obtaining allies, working his way up the political ladder -- until such time as he had enough of a base to win the primary, with someone who had barely gotten her feet wet in state politics when she was offered (and accepted) a spot in prime-time.

    But, her lack of preparedness for the job of President (is anyone actually "prepared" for that job...) has absolutely nothing to do with her ability to perform that job or her status as a "serious" person.

    Palin learned what she needed to learn to do what no one else had suceeded to do in Alaska -- take on the oil interests and win. She did this by being utterly "serious." You don't need the same arrows in your quiver to run the state of Alaska as you do to be Vice-President, but those quivers she needed -- she HAD. If she had become Vice-President, she would have obtained all the knowledge she needed to perform that job as well.

    Because, frankly, the Job of the President ain't brain surgery. You don't have to be an economist or military genius -- you have to have the ability to LEAD such men/women and follow the expert advice of the experts so long as it's bearing fruit consistent with YOUR vision (and the ability to change "experts" when the advice of yours peters out....)

    She can do this. In great part, HAS done this -- and with great success.

    Compare. Does anyone "seriously" believe that the "unserious" Palin would be dithering lives away in Afghanistan? Or pleading with Iran? Or bowing to foreign kings? Or back-stabbing our allies in Europe and Israel? Or this health care debacle? Or TARP? Or cash for clunkers? Or going after our own CIA? Or trying terrorists in federal court? Or allow her AG to ignore ACORN and the Black Panthers?

    No. She'd take action.

    She doesn't need to be a genius. She just needs to lead from a core set of principles which she articulates to the American people.

    Moran and his ilk mistake intimate knowledge of subjects with "seriousness."

    I'll take Palin's brand of leadership over the "seriousness" of Obama and Carter, over Frank and Dodd, over McCain and Leiberman -- every day.

  6. "So, if we can arrange for the woman to give birth to Ronald Reagan, might that satisfy both you and Andrew Sullivan?"

    Sullivan would just insist that Reagan was really Bristol's baby.

  7. I love to read a good b!&#h slapping.

    I'll bet CJ is glad your radar has been deflected.

    You are right, Palin has a plan. I love the "Keeping the powder dry" line. Pretty much sums it up.

  8. Rick Who?

    Seriously - what has Moran ever done that conservatives should care about his opinion?

  9. About the best we should expect from Moran is that he invite his brother over for Thanksgiving, then perhaps both of them could feast on some undercooked bird.

  10. David Frum, David Brooks, clowns - what's the difference?

  11. This guy has misnamed his blog, as far as I'm concerned. All he's interested in doing is winning blog awards crapola, even though he's not a shoe leather journalist. 'Nuff said.

  12. Smi-it-ty! Yeah baby! Watch your back RSM. The Smitt-sters in the house! (Truth be told, this piece sounded like RSM. Whaz up?)

  13. " Your inability to grasp Sarah's plan and execution method is a good sign. It might mean that those who hate America and the liberty for which she stands fail to grasp Sarah's plan as well."

    Do yo mean her plan to get rich off of her public service notoriety?
    Do you mean her plan to capitalize on the blind faith that Conservatism breeds? Or do you mean her plan to run for POTUS to satisfy her voracious vanity?
    Oh I get it, and so do the rest of us not huffing on the residue of the Conservative sham that is PALIN-MANIA.Hey, even the folks who are beginning to turn on her at the book signings were slow to realize she is a phony. Plenty of time for her to hang herself on the rope of the cheap fame she is creating.
    But worse yet is that you're a Palin fan now, Smitty. Not too long ago when you were a skeptical admirer...another chump bites the dust.

  14. @Y4E,
    But worse yet is that you're a Palin fan now, Smitty. Not too long ago when you were a skeptical admirer...another chump bites the dust.

    Your attempts at pigeonholing me remain a source of amusement, Y4E.

    I will not return the favor. In my estimation, you're likely a smart fellow merely playing the roll of an ignorant, liberal fascist troll.

    Stay lovely, your badness. ;)

  15. BD is right. What has Moran ever done for the conservative cause?

  16. @craig,
    Moran offers a target-rich posting environment. Sure, it's fish in a barrel, but even trivial shots are a useful test of a weapon's action.

  17. Moran leaves me curious about what sort of book he thinks Sarah Palin should have written. Does he really think an eye-glazing policy tome would have this impact. My opinion, is that should be her next book. Or at least a series of videos from her on the internet.

    She is not Ronald Reagan, or at least not the mature, "finished" Reagan that won the presidency. You'll remember he was some 20 years older than she is now. Those were 20 years of studying and learning the issues and developing his thoughts on them. Sarah Palin has time.

    To say that she is not Reagan is to praise with faint damnation.