Friday, November 20, 2009

Lies, damned lies, and 'climate change'

One of the biggest scientific scandals of our age, described in two sentences:
That supposed scientific "consensus" about global warming may actually be a conspiracy. E-mails from a British climate-research organization -- obtained by an Australian magazine, Investigate -- disclose scientists discussing a statistical "trick" to "hide the decline" of global temperatures in their data.
More reaction at Memeorandum.

UPDATE I: Before we go any further, let's understand why this is so important. There have always been scientists who have disputed the "consensus" about global warming. Many of the alleged "experts" whose authority has been cited on behalf of this consensus are not, in fact. especially qualified in the field of meteorology, and some of the most prominent spokesmen on the topic of climate change -- e.g., Al Gore -- are no more qualified than you or I to speak as experts.

With the assistance of a pliant media establishment, the global-warming crowd has created the impression that all qualified experts agree with their theory, and that all skeptics are either biased or unqualified. The consensus-mongers have arrogated to themselves the authority to decide who is or is not an expert, and what does and does not qualify as evidence. Once this was Jedi mind-trick was accomplished, it was predictable that any data contradicting the "consensus" would be ignored or suppressed.

Remember this, the next time you hear some media elitist carping about "anti-intellectualism."

UPDATE II: Ed Morrissey quotes extensively from the Climate Research Unite e-mails, and comments:
Do scientists use data to test theories, or do they use theories to test data? . . . [H]ere we have scientists who cling to the theory so tightly that they reject the data. That’s not science; it’s religious belief.
Kind of like economists who think the Obama/Pelosi agenda will lead to recovery.

Expect further updates . . .


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  2. RSM: This is easily one of your best posts since I've been following you.

    I remain ever amused by the liberal minds that claim to value education and further claim to value above all else rigorous scientific methodology in research, yet then prop up as their movement spokesman the likes of Albert Gore who could only be called (and rather charitably at that) a very mediocre intellect having dropped out of both Divinity School and Law School, neither of which are terribly difficult fields of study by comparison to the sciences and medicine. Such is the liberal mind I guess.

    I would loved to have read what Anonymous wrote...

  3. The level of science they were presenting as "proof" was so ridiculous it was criminal anyway.
    To try and reduce the physics involved in our planet's production of gasses down to what comes out of exhaust pipes and smokestacks is like reducing Mandelbrot to +c.
    This planet is a gigantic gas pump amongst its other qualities. Man is piss ant in scale.
    Gore came down to San Antonio and pitched his investment schemes to a closed forum. It was all a giant ruse of graft and kickbacks with the power of government playing the part of Luca Brasi.
    If there were any real justice, he and his conspirators would be in jail.

  4. Good Work RSM. I stayed up all night to keep on top of the story. What fun. (Disclaimer - I usually stay up all night. Programmers hours).

    I call it the Zimmerman Telegram of AGW.

    And in case you hadn't heard: Jones of Hadley confirmed some of the e-mails

    BTW I came over courtesy of American Power. Nice to be in such august company.

    And I got picked up by Tim Blair. Heh.

    All my love to you and yours from me and mine. Keep up the good work.

    Whip Obama

  5. This explains most of what I know for CERTAIN about climatology;

  6. The global warming crowd are the embodiment of Finagle's Creed - "Science is Truth; don't be misled by facts."

  7. Every Darwinists better be purging their emails about now. As bad as AGW was about hoaxes, Darwinists have been at this for a lot longer time.

    And thats a warning to AGW skeptics aka People Who Use Their Brain. Just cause you caught your enemy lying flat out doesn't mean he won't be around for a hundred more years.

    Haeckel's embryology was known to be a fraud in the eighteen hundreds and was still being taught in textbooks in the nineteen hundreds.

    Let us support the Separation of Science and the State.

    Let's take these AGW people, and beat them into the dirt so they can't rise again.