Saturday, November 21, 2009

Is ObamaCare a done deal?

That's what the Politico implies, citing Arkansas Democrat Blanche Lincoln as the magic 60th vote necessary to bring the measure to a floor vote. Meanwhile, a lefty at Firedoglake suggests that Harry Reid is "planning to sell out the public option," whatever that means. (Both via Memeorandum.)

There are good reasons why I don't maniacally follow every blip of news about the legislative progress of ObamaCare. The main reason is that it's policy, and policy is the province of specialists -- the wonks -- who are forever arguing the arcane details of proposed legislation with their fellow specialists.

Having never craved a reputation for wonkery, I seldom even bother to discuss such things, which are by their nature beyond my expertise. But I am a conservative, and conservatism is the belief that liberalism is wrong. Liberals support ObamaCare, and therefore I oppose it with every fiber of my being. The rest is just details.

The politics of ObamaCare are another matter. Politics is about, "Do we have enough votes?" The supporters of ObamaCare say they have enough votes to prevent a filibuster, but whether they've got enough votes to guarantee passage is another matter.

The wily political types whose judgment I trust will tell you that the Democrats are now facing a basic question: "Do we want a bill or do we want an issue?"

That is to say, if Democrats can round up enough votes to pass the bill, they thereby forfeit the issue: Nevermore can they go to voters promising some nebulously wonderful "reform." On the day ObamaCare passes into law -- should it pass -- all the glittering generalities about more coverage and reduced costs become void, and the old Democratic "promise 'em anything" tactic will be permanently obsolete in regard to healthcare.

Whether ObamaCare could ever be repealed, once it were signed into law, is an interesting question. But I remain skeptical that Democrats will be able to muster enough votes for passage, if Senate Republicans can maintain party unity in opposition. (A mighty big "if.")

ObamaCare is a political liability for Democrats. Buried in that ungodly mishmash of legislative detail are enough stinkbombs to fuel a thousand different attack ads next fall, and if the Democrats don't see the danger, they're marching blind to their own destruction.


  1. Wonkery...
    This is why I love this blog and its intrepid journalist. You learn so much here.
    I always thought wonkery was spelled with an "A".

  2. Dear Stacy, I do pray you are correct! ObamaCare and Cap & Trade climate legislation are social justice conduits into the pocketbooks of the producers of this great nation that will drain their wealth, and the soul.

  3. If it is passed, be sure the American public will be taking names and making notes for both 2010 and 2012.

    Tread carefully you folks living in the ivory towers of the Hill. This bill, of all of them, will come back to bite you in the butt-cheeks.

  4. Of course it is a done deal. It will never be repealed either. Can you pleae name me one government entitlement program that has ever been repealed?

    Here is the question: Why do the Democrats think that they can get away with this.

    The answer is that they believe that they can corrupt the elction process to keep them in power forever. This, and turning the USA into a form of the USSR, is their goal.

    And they are likely to suceed. Coming is Amnesty and Cap and Trade. Gun control is soon to follow, as is suppression of alternative media. If they get away with Obamacarre there will be no stoping them.

    We will become like Mexixo, where the rule of the PRI down there for almost 100 years has rendered it a fith rate bana Repblic.

    The Aermica we grew up in is almost gone. It will be replaced by a living hell on earth were only the poltical connected elites wil have any power over their lives.

    The Democrtat out out to destroy us, and elevate our enemies. They hate us, our nation and our civiliation. They are extrememly close to destroying all that is good in America, and destorying us as the leading naton of the world, and a force for liberty and good in the world.

    You say you believe in the political process? Well the political process in any positive sense is all but dead. This vore over Obamacare proves it.

  5. enough stinkbombs to fuel a thousand different attack ads next fall

    The very DEFINITION of "an issue."

    Blowback on this thing will be extremely gratifying to Conservatives if it passes.

    If it fails, then Conservatives ALSO have 'an issue,' which is common-sense reform.

    That's called "a fork" in chess.

  6. It seems bizarre to vote for something where the penalties come long before the promisedbenefits,
    but that's just me

  7. RSM, I pray you are right.

    But, I fear that anonymous @ 05:38 AM is right.

  8. Its always nice to see a flicker of hope when the candle of liberty is being snuffed out--thanks Stacy.

    However, I am also less disheartened because I agree with the great Marine and general Chesty Puller's words: We're surrounded. That simplifies the problem.

    Our path is clear.

    To all of you who are disheartened out there I say: we've got right on our side so let's march into this battle with stout hearts and invigored minds and give it the best we've got, but also we must prepare, if we fail, to take the next step. We owe that to our children and the Founding Fathers.

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    It's Time To ROC 'N' ROLL:
    Restore Our Constitution & Restore Our Lost Liberties