Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm probably not supposed to notice this, but...

by Smitty (h/t Insty)

Are we moving into a new stage in the struggle for liberty?

We already knew that vast swaths the media were utterly useless propaganda organs. The Charles Johnson or whoever would break the story of rank deceit by somebody in possession of public trust.

Consider, though:
  • Giles and O'Keefe had to pose as people engaging in criminal activity and use a spy camera to expose a worse problem. Now, Andrew Breitbart is trying to use the possibility of further video releases to pressure the US Attorney General into...doing an AG's job?
  • We have a break-in at a British school that exposing that a world-wide cabal of scientists may not have been...doing their job?
People in positions of trust seem increasingly criminal in their approach to their tasks. Worse still, and this is the question I'm throwing out here, is the only remedy for honest people to engage in increasingly lawless behavior, with break-ins here and feigned criminal activity there, in order to support reform?

These were non-violent acts. One hopes that the reasonable, honest and sane can generate sufficient revolution at the ballot box to preclude worse.


  1. These people “in positions of trust” are fighting to defend against Fearless Reader’s “fundamental transformation of this Nation.” In order to stand guard over liberty they are merely resorting to Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You as much as said so in your lead-in: “Are we moving into a new stage in the struggle for liberty?”

    Today’s Senate debate on health care reform changes the question of “In or out in 2010” will be answered with a resounding OUT.

  2. What I think we ought to keep in mind is that while "The ends justify the means" is generally a poor justification, & rightfully decried, "The ends NEVER justify the means" is equally invalid.

    & I think that "stealing" the correspondence of individuals conspiring to illegally hide those letters, while they are at the same time plotting the destruction of free societies, is not only justified, but righteous. Just like Rahab was justified in lying to protect the spies sent by Joshua.

  3. I'd say the fight we're in, is indeed, the fight for liberty! The "people in positions of trust" are criminals.

    To turn this around peacefully, conservatives need to embrace their anti-State heritage and stop trusting the government. Libertarians need to stop dancing with the Left and "positive" rights. And Old School Democrats need to realize what their party has become.

    In other words ... We all need to view politics and government from a fresh (classical liberal) perspective.

    The greatest evils in history have all come by the hands of the State. George Washington warned us of this, and it's a fact that will never change.

    Belief in the State is the destruction of us all.

  4. This has been on my mind, as of late, as well, Smitty. As I wrote yesterday in the final paragraph of my posting on Obamacare:

    If we lose this battle, then we must work even harder to throw out each and every member of the Congress who voted for this power grab next year and neutralize the Executive. If we fail at those two things, then it would appear our only recourse will be, shall we say, a more 'active' resistance.

    We may be facing many of the same choices that the Founding Fathers did. I think that each and everyone of us who loves America must be prepared for this scenario. One has to ask oneself: how far are you willing to go to preserve, protect, and defend the United States against all enemies domestic?

    The Leftists in power seek nothing less than an overthrow of EVERYTHING America is and stands for. They want nothing less than to make everyone subservient and enslaved to their version of the state. And they are willing to do so by any means necessary. We have no choice now but to take the time and contemplate what we are willing to do, how far we are willing to go, as the situation gets worse. And signs indicate that it WILL get worse.

    I had hoped that it would not come to this, that we would be forced to ponder such questions. But our hand has been forced because we let the cancer that is Leftism gain a solid foothold in America.

    In the first sentence of your posting, Smitty, you ask: 'Are we moving into a new stage in the struggle for liberty?'

    The answer appears to be a resounding 'YES!'.

    The Founding Fathers warned us that everyone must pull guard duty in the fight to retain our freedoms and liberties. A final question: will you shirk your duty?

    A final thought: How friggin' sad that it's come to this.

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  5. Reagan, Thatcher, JP (and others) killed communism abroad. Bush 1 and 2 had the opportunity to kill it here and did not see it.

    Now it is up to us.


  6. I have said elsewhere, the proper method for dealing with leftypig bureaucrats is BBSS: blackmail, bribe, scare, and seduce; let them go to bed each night not knowing if they'll wake up to find a live girl or a dead one, a stack of benjamins or a horse's head, in with them.

    I had in mind using that method on GS-5s, not the AGOTUS. But if it's needed and it works, why not?

  7. People in positions of trust seem increasingly criminal in their approach to their tasks

    I seriously doubt that this is 'new.'

    Another way to look at it is this: they are being busted faster--which tells me that there ARE people with consciences, who ARE getting the word out, one way or the other.

    All is not lost.

  8. The story that no one read is about the collider in switzerland. It seems they arrested a physicist there that had ties to Al Qaeda. Can you say sabotage?

  9. The phrase "Hide the Decline" should be the de facto response to anything spewing from our government's piehole.

  10. I think that ordinary people are going to have to bend the law in order to uphold the greater law. Fortuately, we already have a model in pop culture of how to go about this and how far and no farther we should go: Batman.

    There's no doubt that Batman breaks the law (for that matter, so does Santa Claus). But we also know that there's only so far that Batman would go in breaking the law to uphold the greater law. There's a line there, even if it isn't obvious, and that line is what separates Batman from, say, Rorschach from The Watchmen.

    So if you're wondering whether doing something would be too far to uphold the greater law, just ask yourself: What Would Batman Do? Personally, I can easily see Batman involved in both the ACORN expose and the hacking of the climate scientist email.

  11. Relevant to this discussion, I recommend the Harold Lloyd film "The Cat's-Paw", which suggests a distinctive yet effective solution to our present problem.