Thursday, November 19, 2009

NY23: 'Mischief' by ACORN?

That's what Doug Hoffman says and, while Jude Seymour and Politico are skeptical, I've got a Linkfew insights at he American Spectator:
My own source suggested last week that it is unlikely that Hoffman's margin in those absentee ballots would be enough to erase the 3,026-vote gap. However, the need to ensure an accurate count, and to expose any potential illegalities, is still very important. If anyone has committed criminal wrongdoing in this upstate New York district, they need to be identified and prosecuted.
Furthermore, the narrowing of the gap by more than 2,300 votes between the reported results on Election Night and the actual vote tally shows how misreporting can affect political outcomes. If the reported margin had been narrower -- and especially if the tallies in Oswego and Jefferson had been accurately reported -- Hoffman never would have conceded that night.
Most of all, the discovery of the errors (or "mischief") in the vote-count makes it a near-certainty that Hoffman will challenge Owens in NY23 in 2010.
Read the whole thing. (Hat-tip: Memeorandum.)


  1. I wouldn't be surprised to find that there were "irregularities." That's how nearby Scott Murphy was elected.

  2. Maybe Hoffman can elaborate how an organization which had no people in the 23rd District of New York managed to pull this off.

  3. The WH and Congressional Democrats are in no fear of being unseated or compromised because they calculate they have sufficient power to ensure by fraud if necessary that election results country-wide go in their favor. They are utterly confident of their ability to determine election results in their favor virtually everywhere they believe matters. In their view, elections worthy of the description are an inconsiderable vestige they can allow or not. They intend not to allow them, of course.

  4. ACORN had no staff or members at all in NY-23 and had no involvement in the campaign.
    Hoffman is sad. I hope he doesn't manage to fool anyone into sending him money with that king of misleading info.