Wednesday, November 18, 2009

URGENT! BREAKING! Andrew Sullivan announces plan for 'rigorous and careful' analysis of Sarah Palin's uterus book

Just posted this scoop at the American Spectator:
She's still driving 'em crazy -- or, in the case of Andrew Sullivan, crazier. Today the Palin-obsessed Sullivan tells readers he's "gone silent" because he and his team of "rigorous and careful" analysts are busy poring over Going Rogue. In a single 440-word post, Sullivan manages to call Palin a "delusional fantasist," a "deeply disturbed person" with an "unhinged grip on reality" who is peddling "lies," "fabrications and delusions" in a book that is a "work of fiction." Oh, and also, "We want to be fair to her, and to her family."
Thank goodness for that! We look forward to Andrew Sullivan's next book, Inside Sarah Palin's Uterus: The Most Shocking Scandal Ever. Bet they'll be standing in line for that one . . .
Read the rest, where I predict how the MSM will cover Palin's blockbuster book tour.


  1. "Team of analysts" = Me and my three cats.

  2. How wonderful. Andrew Sullivan will devote his attention to Sarah Palin, a topic that he has completely neglected over the past year.

    This may seem off comment, but isn't discussions of the perfect Thanksgiving turkey a very gay topic? I think I recall seeing Patrick Stewart describe Martha Stewart as a gay "god" for bringing culture to the masses. I could not find the exact clip.

    And Ann Althouse, the dlpw*, had a post on spatchcocking a turkey. Yes it is legal in most states.

    And of course Sarah Palin is famous for her turkey interview. Couric or the large white foul that gets slaughtered in the back ground on the TV spot, take your pick.

    But go down to the picture of the turkey reading for roasting.

    The roasting picture (pre oven) almost makes the turkey look, well, I am ashamed to Olive oiled to boot! As Ace would say: "I'd hit it."

    *as she was described by an Ace commentator.

  3. Will it be an objective fair review? Well it depends where you are coming from. I am pretty sure Sullivan goal is to spatchcock Sarah Palin with his review. See post above.

  4. Andrew Sullivan is one angry gay with uterine-envy.

  5. "Then Palin's repellent pudenda split wide, revealing a vast maw of yellowed, misshapen fangs..."
    -- Excerpt from Andrew Sullivan's dream journal

  6. Andrew Sullivan is an angry woman inside a man's body. That may be one thing that can explain his anger toward Palin. The man obviously couldn't be fair to anyone with different beliefs or of different sexual preference since he is such a close-minded person.

  7. I can't believe he's doing this. Even Eli Lake was shocked into silence. Jesus God. Who will tell Michelle?

    Palin opens up all sort of Oedipal urges inside of Andrew as she threatens his mancrush. It's the very opposite of Ziegler, who apparently used to DATE someone who was brunette and wore glasses.

    Sarah just needs to walk up to Andrew and give him a huge, motherly hug.

  8. Andy has gone beyond being a deranged pervert. He is starting to put me in mind of Nidal Hasan leading up to Ft Hood. I'm telling you right now the boy is about to snap and I shudder to think about who is going to get hurt when he does......

  9. That Andrew Sullivan - who spent the better part of the past year/year-and-a-half basically demanding Sarah Palin have a pelvic exam on Oprah - can call anyone a "delusional fantasist," a "deeply disturbed person" with an "unhinged grip on reality" who is peddling "lies," "fabrications and delusions" without the slightest hint of irony speaks volumes about his intelligence.

    Or complete lack thereof.