Thursday, November 19, 2009

Andrew Klavan introduces the 'Self-Rick Roll'

by Smitty

The Rick Roll
Every attempt of the mainstream media to shoot the conservative messenger proves to be a Rick Roll:

Klavan is rather gentle with his mockery. While the Loony Left has had a good run, the American Margaret Thatcher looms large today. Super Colossal, in fact.

So the question boils down to a watered down Star Wars scenario. Will the autocratic, socialist Chicago Empire, with its Debt Star

succeed with its propaganda machine against the Alaskan 'Rebellion' with the feisty leader?

Andrew Klavan's clip offers no prediction. The question will boil down to whether the American people have been sufficiently reduced to morons by the relentless propaganda mentioned by Klavan.

Not the Rick Roll
I happen to think that 1/3 of a million book sales on the first day answers the mail on that one. Also, keeping it mellow is desirable. Without going full-on Rick Moran (a Rick Roll of another sort), let me help The Blog Prof walk back on the Fort Bragg excitement. It's a good thing if the Army throws a wet blanket on a private citizen on a base tour.

Even if the POTUS is something of a wreck (which this blog has explored in ways others haven't dared), three years remain until the next election. Suck it up, America. But know two things:
  • BHO is as much a reflection of an asleep-at-the-switch electorate in the Roaring 20th Century as he is anything else. Those of us who voted Ross Perot and then took the wrong lesson from Bill Clinton, continuing to vote GOP instead of realizing what a Progressive enabler the GOP has been since Reagan own our own tiny piece of the blame. (I-told-you-so from Kn@ppster in 3...2..1...)
  • Personality politics plays to Alinsky. Admire Sarah for her political platform more than her platform soles. It's disgusting and horrible that Eric Holder has politicized the DoJ. Let us not support politicizing the military by having a media frenzy at Fort Bragg. The military has sufficient angst about the current administration and congress, and their non-command of the Constitution as it is. The mission is to hold everything together until the next election. Having Sarah stir the pot isn't helping anyone.
Rolling Rick
Speaking of Rick Moran, "PALIN AND HER SUPPORTERS IN A TIME WARP" recalls a Stacy-ism:
Just because you don't know what Sarah Palin is doing doesn't mean that she doesn't know what she's doing.
Let's enumerate:
  1. Sarah goes on Rush Limbaugh.
  2. Sarah describes the current economic situation in guarded terms, coloring very well within the lines in a straight Ronald Reagan play for her presecriptions.
  3. You declare she's "living in a dream world - or time warp - if you believe that a little Reagan-like tax cutting will lift all boats."
Rick Moran ends with:
In total, I would have to say that the Sarah Palin phenomenon is poison for conservatism and deadly to the Republican party. But blinded by an inexplicable attraction to this polarizing, ill-informed, political Svengali, it is quite possible that the movement and the party will go down to defeat to the sound of thunderous applause.
OK, so let's wonder what would have happened if she's have said that BHO's economic policy has the appeal of a George Armstrong Custer battle plan? Had she offered more than modest and historically-founded proposals, she's have been open to attack for being inflammatory and gunning for BHO. The fake quotes would have had her seeing economic recovery from her house, just past Russia. And, when the un-baked numbers reveal the economy is in worse shape than she outlined, they'd give her a drubbing for not having analyzed things properly.

Sarah's position is that of Fabius Maximus. She puts out a book to introduce herself, goes on a tour, pockets some cash for the legal expenses, and lets BHO metaphorically consult the ropemaker's daughter for flying lessons. She has everything to gain and nothing to lose by her current course of action. And you know that. It's perfectly valid note with alarm the conservatives who're engaging more with hormones than intellect on topic of Sarah Palin. It's quite another to fail to give credit where due. Devil's advocate is a fine role, when played on substantial grounds, Mr. Moran. But when you say:
I fully realize my opinion of Sarah Palin is not that of a majority of true conservatives. But then, it appears that the majority would rather go down in flames with Palin than take down Obama in 2012.
I must reply that moderation has been caught swapping spit with Progressivism, which has put us $12 trillion in the hole. You can argue that correlation is not causation, and I'll sell you that argument for $12 trillion and a balanced budget. The most that moderation is going to buy us is a slight amount of time, tacitly asserting that it's not Already Too Late.

So, I don't care what name you slap on things. Doug Hoffman, fine. I don't care if the person just rolled out of the Star Wars convention sporting port and starboard hair-danishes. I just want some leaders who understand that a Federalist approach is likely the only thing that will preserve this country in any traditional fashion.


  1. "...moderation has been caught swapping spit with Progressivism..."

    Love that line, funny and profound.

  2. "The question will boil down to whether the American people have been sufficiently reduced to morons by the relentless propaganda mentioned by Klavan."

    An alternative estimate: The question will boil down to which direction the Armed Forces of the USA point their weapons.

  3. she's "living in a dream world - or time warp - if you believe that a little Reagan-like tax cutting will lift all boats."

    It won't, without a REALLY overwhelming application of the 10th Amendment. Forcible, fast, and brutal.

  4. You hit the nail on the head.

    Moran's screed is little more than drivel.

    The fact that people voted for Obama in 2008 will be utterly irrelavant in 2012 when those same people are struggling to not lose their homes to the economic collapse that Obama, Dems, RINOs, and "nice" Republicans have put our country on.