Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sullivan promises to be 'normal' today

Of course, he's made a career of being abnormal, but . . .
This Dish will resume as normal tomorrow morning. We apologize for the lacuna. . . .
(Also we apologize for the "hiatus," but too many non-Harvard types know that word and "wankathon" is a bit too specific, so "lacuna" it is!)
And I suppose some will say we've gotten this book and the issues it raises out of perspective. But since the last campaign, we have raised many questions about Palin to which we have been given no incontestable answers (and still haven't) and the only real evidence we have are news stories, interviews and now, critically this book.
(Her uterus! She has a uterus! And she doesn't include a single sonogram of her uterus in the book! What is she trying to hide? Shriek! Shriek!)
In his hagiography of Palin, Matt Continetti accuses yours truly of earnestness about all this. I am grateful for his not accusing me of cynicism.
"Earnestness"? You complain about being accused of earnestness, you demented poofter? After you've spent more than 15 months pushing that lunatic Trig Truther nonsense?

You are a dope-smoking, contagion-spreading menace to society, Andrew Sullivan, and you ought to be immediately deported. I think even Tom Tancredo, Pat Buchanan and Peter Brimelow would agree that your deportation is a matter of national security far more important than sending ICE to hassle a few hundred illegal Mexican poultry-plant workers in North Carolina.

Let me tell you, Sully, I've got in-laws in Columbus, Ohio, who are hoping to go to Sarah's book event there Friday (6 p.m. at Borders), and if I have anything to do with it, they'll be waving a big sign for the cameras:
You sick freak.

UPDATE: Welcome, Conservatives For Palin, where our British friend David Riddick warns you should "be prepared to blush." Ah, but Mr. Riddick of South Godstone doesn't realize that British idioms like "wank" and "poofter" don't quite have the same shock-value over here in the colonies. And there is no need to explain why the Fleet Street tabloid fellows enjoy writing headlines about Bristol for the benefit of their poetic Cockney readers, eh?

One of the grand pleasures of my career is the occasional opportunity to indulge my schoolboy love of the double-entendre, or to allude to some cultural obscurity like the scene in which the instructor chastises young Watson: "What's wrong with a kiss, boy? Hmm? Why not start her off with a nice kiss?"

No ignorant reader could be offended, while the informed reader is wiping coffee-spew off his laptop. But the same cannot be said for the ribald work of that notorious Irish scoundrel, Patrick O'Leary Gallagher McCain, a distant kinsman who guest-blogged here on St. Patrick's Day. You have been warned . . .

UPDATE II: Unlike the Other McCain, the Atlantic Monthly is a journal devoted to serious issues. And, as Professor Douglas points out, Andrew Sullivan certainly has serious issues.

With breathless anticipation, the blogosphere now awaits the reaction of Ace of Spades. Brace yourself for a classic, my friends. BTW, we've now got a Memeorandum thread, so our blogging buddies should feel free to indulge some Rule 3/Rule 2 action.

UPDATE III: Dan Riehl sympathetically opposes Sully's deportation. As an aside, while awaiting the coffee-spew classic from Ace, I'll say that despite my complete disdain of Freudianism, one of the commenters references the Lovecraftian horror that Sully exhibits toward the Cthulu-like aspect of womanhood. Just sayin' . . .


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  2. And what would a 'normal' day be like for Andrew Sullivan? Nope, not going there.

  3. He's a cagey one, that R.S. McCain. Never can tell where he really stands...

    Sullivan really does have a Lovecraftian dread of the female anatomy, doesn't he? It's brave of him to devote so much of his very limited intellect to probing its mysteries. (Not literally, of course. Yuck!)

  4. I'm a new reader. You, sir, are a hoot! Love your "rock-'em-sock-'em" commentary! I'm also in Columbus, Ohio and will head to Borders after work. When I heard about Michigan, my heart sank - simply because I won't be able to camp out for 11 hours since I have a day job. My husband wondered aloud it it was worth going. My answer:

    "Yes. Of course I'm going, even if I don't have the opportunity to have my book signed. And do you know why? Because I need to be there to show the media that, if nothing else, we exist. We're sick of the media attacks, the mockery, the condescension - we're showing up and one way or the other, our voice will be heard. For the moment, Sarah Palin has a big microphone but if everyone shows up who agrees with her or who are concerned about the direction of our country - by God, the media is going to be forced to look."

    That's why I'll be standing in line, dressed as the professional woman that I am and hoping some insipid MSM lapdog will ask me a question. Even if they don't, I'll be there.

    By the way - love that Sarah's book doesn't have an index! I am loving her story, so far. The fact that her entire family were runners and that Sarah learned some good life lessons by running, has put the Newsweek cover in another light, for me. Then, of course, the left may just hate the fact that aside from Maria Shriver, few on their side would look that good in running shorts.

  5. I don't know 'bout most folks, but the moment St. Andi of the Heartaching Gobsmack made his first true impression on my mind was when he introduced his "Begging for Bandwidth Bucks" whore-a-thon.

    Fer chrissakes, back then I was running my crap off a beat to hell Mac G3 MiniTower shoved in the back of a closet, and this friggin' queen wanted me to give him money? Milk this!

  6. I don't understand people who, first, read a post, then comment on the post saying that noboby will read that post...when it is what they have just done....

  7. Andi's defending brigade, the manly rugby players with manly thick legs and buttocks, and manly beards and studly manly shoulders, comes out to protect him.


  8. DId not this fellow go by a name on some sex site called milky loads? Yikes@!

  9. Sullivan is disgusting.

    (and it's too funny that he came and left a comment on your blog, above.) haha

  10. Sullivans hatred for Sarah is simple. She is a Christian woman and he is an AIDS infected Homosexual. I am sure he blames her for his failings in life. He despises her for being a mom. He despises her for being Heterosexual. He despises her for not aborting Trig. He despises her for being normal.

  11. Crazy Andy and his thesaurus, which he doesn't know how to use. Lacuna refers to blanks in text or an inquiry, not a hiatus. He's such a blowhard.


  12. I dunno but reading Excitable Andy's scribblings about Sarah leaves me with the impression that he is dealing with unrequited love/lust and for someone who has invested his entire sense of self into his desire to have a man in his, ahem, 'life' this has become soul shattering.

  13. Andi Sullivan is a prime example of what happens when the DNA pool is shallow. He was busted last fall sockpuppeting on other blogs trying to drum up site traffic to his pitiful excuse for a blog.

  14. Andy is a clean guy. He belongs on Fleet Street.

  15. Hmm, Andi might just be pissed at Palin for marrying such a manly man, who uses duct tape when traveling at 80mph on his snowmachine, manly man.


  16. One word: "wankathon"

  17. You missed Ace's post?

  18. To quote P.J. O'Rourke's New Enemies List, "Who's checking the green cards around here?" Here's to a conservative victory in 2012 and a swift deportation for Mr. Sullivan!

  19. We haven't seen it all quite yet.

    Sullivan has yet to reveal that he's Trig Palin's real father. By Bristol, of course.