Saturday, November 14, 2009

I guess Darleen isn't a feminist superstarlet

by Smitty

Amanda Marcotte at Double X:
But you don’t see many 16-year-olds hosting their own talk shows on major news networks. Having a baby is a lot of work, absolutely, but if it required the genius-level capabilities, the human race would have died out a long time ago.
Darleen Click:
And one doesn’t see many 16-year-olds successfully raising children on their own either. Mandy is not stupid enough to pretend giving birth is the same as parenting.

Is it possible that these levels of contempt for family and children exists beyond the Vagina Warrior class and contributes to the dismal portrayal of same in Western entertainment media, if not a birthrate that is way below replacement?
Marcotte continues:
And let's not forget how these arguments sound to people who can't have kids, because they're infertile or for some other reason. Telling women that having kids is the most important thing they can do makes the deliberately childless laugh at you, but for women who can't have kids, it's much like telling them they aren't even real women.
One wonders if the real discussion here is more about materialism than parenting. All I can tell women is that the older business norm of driving the house is every bit as valuable in the long run as the secular career. With the additional value that motherhood, by childbirth or adoption, as the case may be, can love you in your old age. Ask that of your pen or watch you get from your company. Or your pension plan that got cleaned out by white-collar thieves.

The denigration of the traditional family arrangement by feminists is as false and hollow as the denigration of capitalism by socialists. Yet feminists and socialists will preach their hellish anti-gospel while they've breath.


  1. I just feel good Amanda Maracotte is not a breeder. Because I would just assume her genes die with her and I would feel terrible for any kid she did have. Perhaps she would surprise me (sometimes having a kid postively changes the most self centered idiot), but I am 99% sure she would absolutely suck as being a mother.

  2. It's still there - that attitude of looking down on women who decide to have babies and stay at home to raise them and run the household. I should know, I did it for 7 years before having to go back to work. :-( It was the best - staying home with my girls and I miss it. But - life happens, just ALL the time, doesn't it?!

    I dealt with many a mother on the block in the old neighborhood, they couldn't wrap their minds around the fact that I liked being around my kids. I homeschooled them, too - and that REALLY blew them out. Some of them really didn't seem to like their kids very much which is sad because they were perfectly nice little kids and deserved at the very least a parent who liked them.

    The left is wrong about motherhood. Totally wrong.