Thursday, November 19, 2009

You'll pay for this, Jules Crittenden!

In writing about Andrew Sullivan, the city editor of a Boston newspaper manages to use two painfully suggestive terms, "bottomless" and "cavernous." I'm billing him for two cases of industrial-strength brain bleach.

Meanwhile, I previously overlooked the latest not-to-be-missed Ace beatdown on Sully's latest excursion to insanity. And Michelle Malkin is moved to mercy:
Perhaps the publisher and editors of the august Atlantic magazine should consider giving the man an extended sick leave.
Or at least some Zyprexa.
About three bottles of Zyprexa ought to do the trick, if washed down with enough whiskey. Mercy.


  1. Ah, Andrew...The Man Who Stares At Goatse.

  2. Help!...the Brain Bleach ain't working!!!...Must Rule 5 some more, Rule 5 some more!

  3. Crittenden asks the RSM question: "Do I have a weird Sullivan-like Sullivan obsession?"