Tuesday, November 17, 2009

VA-8 Matthew Berry interview

by Smitty

Jumping in Pools interviews Matthew Berry, who is exploring candidacy for the GOP nomination in VA-8.

He'll be running against this piece of work:

"We have been guided by a Republican administration who believes in this simplistic notion that people who have wealth are entitled to keep it, and they have an antipathy towards means of redistributing wealth."

You darn right we do, clown-boy Jim:
  • Private property == good
  • Theft == bad
Here is Beck playing your tune, Moran:

Jim Moran can have a follow-on career as a "wino throwing frisbees at the sun", where his non-command of anything recognizably American will be less economically harmful.

Update: Paco asks if there is anyone in Congress dumber than Jim Moran. I'd throw out Nancy Pelosi as a going-in position. Ejections would continue alphabetically through the list of godforsaken commies that voted for the 2K pp. Healthcare Prevention Act until reaching the M section. They're all close to the mean for dumb, yet deviants abound (deviance abounds?).


  1. Paco asks if there is anyone in Congress dumber than Jim Moran.

    Well, my Senator, Patty Murray, is 3 time recipient of the congressional staffers'rocket scientist award...

  2. Thanks for the linking good fella!

  3. Well give him credit for honesty. Well sort of. Jim Moran or Patty Murray? That is a tough one.

  4. Beercan is a great song, and Jim Moran is in a threeway tie with Murtha and Pete Stark for the most revolting, disgusting, sickening pile of dung in Congress.

  5. @Mr. K, honesty? or stupidity.

    As Rush has always said, it is best when these dolts keep talking. Sooner or later, they tell you what they are really thinking.

  6. I'm sorry: the dumbest member of the Congress is the one who touts himself as the smartest and that would be Barney Frank. His ignorance of everything outshines anything Moran, Murray, Stark, et. al. have said or done. He is completely unaware of the depths of his ignorance and, therefore, has never made any effort to improve his knowledge on any subjects. I've watched the cretin since he was an aide to Boston Mayor Kevin White during the days of busing: he was a clown then, and he's an even bigger clown now [physically and mentally].