Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ADL smears Tea Party movement

In their latest report, "Rage Grows in America: Anti‑Government Conspiracies," the Anti-Defamation League includes a whole chapter on the Tea Parties:
While most people attending Tea Party events claim they harbor no extreme views, many of the ideas they promote fall outside the mainstream, especially the more conspiratorial ones. Angry protesters have frequently made claims ranging from proclaiming Obama’s “socialist” intentions to making explicit Nazi comparisons to suggesting that the President is defying or even subverting the Constitution.
Got that? If you think Obama's policies are "socialist" or if you think the Cult of Personality aspect of his leadership has totalitarian overtones, this makes you a potential menace to society, according to the ADL. Ditto, if you took part in the "Town Hall Meeting Disruptions":
These meetings became a fertile ground for anti-Obama protests and stunts. Various conservative and far-right organizations encouraged people to attend the town hall meetings. Protesters expressed rage at elected officials and many of the meetings erupted into chaos. In some cases, police were called to eject people who were disrupting the events.
If you were expecting the ADL to take notice of the brownshirt tactics of Obama's supporters -- like the SEIU goons who beat Kenneth Gladney -- you would be sadly mistaken.

The ADL's "No Enemies On The Left" posture means that it blindly supports Obama and recklessly smears Obama's opponents in the name of "anti-defamation." I believe the appropriate word for this is shanda.


  1. Most Jewish organizations are in the tank for the Democratic Party regardless of who is president & regardless if policies are not favourable to Israel. Far too many Jewish ''leaders'' (I call them ''mis-leaders'') have financial interests connected to either the Democratic Party, Democratic politicians at a more local level, or are involved in various liberal causes.
    A shanda? Absolutely.

  2. But ADL made no mention of lefties doing the same to GWB during the last eight years.

    I seem to recall many comparisons of govt officials to Nazis, Code Pinkos disrupting public events, etc.

    Nope, no similarities, nothing to see here.

  3. Where did a nice Irish fella' like you learn a Jewish phase like "shanda?"

  4. This is the latest stint of "GO BIG OR GO HOME" politicks. Equivalent to the Joe Wilson "You lie!" (rather effective) and the Alan Grayson "Republicans want you to die!" (not effective), policy and interest groups are flocking to the big hitter commentary.

    Basically say something outlandish, attract attention to your presumably unknown self, and profit. Don't need facts, who cares about those anyways? Don't need to be credible, hell they are burning it running these hack job stories! Just follow the left model of:

    Say things that are not true.

    But the left and the media left haven't received the memo that people are *gasp* getting involved. And these aren't the party hacks on the right. They seem to want to lump them in with the new people who may be more independent than their right counterparts. These are the people they need to win elections. These are the people they need to support their outlandish positions.

    But sadly, as the conservatives are gifted the incompetent president, the equally incompetent and hateful house leader, and some senate chump, I don't think Republicans will capitalize on the GOP's best figure right now: Barack Farce Obama. I believe they will mess it up somehow even though there is a lot that is ripe for the pickin'.

  5. I hate to disagree with you my friend but it is not a Shanda...its Meshuggah

  6. RS,

    As a member of the Tribe, here is what I wrote to ADL:

    "I am a Jew who was Bar Mitzvahed at the Wall. I work with Conservatives and Republicans, in fact I hope to work in Palin''s White House someday.

    "However, during the last 8 years when President Bush was under fire for ridding the world of a dictator who gave funds to the families of Pali suicide bombers, the Left in America (stretching from Pacifica radio to Inaugural protests) all yelled 'BusHitler,'

    "And not one word from ADL.

    As a active memeber of the Right, I have been called a Nazi. Where was ADL?

    "Either it is bad when one side in Amercan politics does it or it is hypocritical for you to speak up NOW when Obama (who has shown no love of Jews or Israel) is attacked.

    "How about a press release decrying any FUTURE Nazi images (and past attacks on Bush) used by the Democrats by ADL.

    "I won't hold my breath. Unless you truly are not hypocrites and stand for justice for ALL. I would like a reply. Thank you."

    In ADL's automatic reply, it was mentioned the human reply will take 10 days.

    And I am still waiting for the Left to apologize for using nazi imagry.

    RS, when are coming out to the Southland?

  7. Addenda:

    I've gone after Andreww Sullivan's anti-Israel, anti-Jew stances. Ask yourself, where is Conor? I think he supports Andrew Sullivan's hatred of Jews, that's why he's going to work for Obama after 2010.

    If you want to attack Sullivan for his anti-semitism, my Blog has lots of sources you can use. (And Conor will remain silent to Sullivan's anti-semitism).

  8. Yeah things like saying Obama is anti-capitalist are 'controversial'.

    Good grief.

    And why do you care what ADL thinks?

  9. Oh and by the way, these images you talk about WERE INDEED being held by LEFTIES at the tea parties.. NOT the tea partiers.

    They were from Lyndon LaRouche supporters... so there.