Sunday, November 15, 2009

What if he really wants to be impeached?

by Smitty

Jimmie Bise at the Sundries Shack wonders if the KSM trial is an act of political suicide, and then considers that it might be about airing more Bush laundry, effectively putting W on trial by proxy:
the trial does give the President a chance to make the pouty lip about the sins of America, which the world could love if only she’d throw off the bleak cloak of Bushism, while promising that he’ll put everything. But that’s his go-to and I’m pretty sure that’s he’s practiced that routine enough to do it whether KSM is standing tall before a judge in Manhattan or a military tribunal in Gitmo.
Shanon Love thinks that blurring the civil/military distinction is all about bringing martial law to America:
For over two hundred years we were careful to keep a firewall between civil and martial law. We did so because civil and martial law are polar opposites. Civil law is focused on protecting the rights of the accused against the overwhelming power of the state. When there is doubt, the accused walks free. Martial law is focused on imposing a minimal order on bloody chaos. It was focused on allowing the military to complete its mission and win wars. When there is doubt, the accused is presumed guilty.

Now, Obama wants to bring martial law into a civil court room in Manhattan. In order to let a civil conviction of KSM stand, the higher courts will have to overturn almost all the current constitutional protections of the accused.
Neo-Neocon has a fascinating read, which prompts my main point: "Obama the Heartthrob: The End of the Affair?"
...Obama has some of the qualities of the best con artists. That's not to say that Obama is literally a con man; he's not pulling the old Spanish Prisoner scam. But he shares more than a few of their attributes.

Obama held himself out to be one thing during the election (a bipartisan moderate), and on taking office became quite the opposite. Cons, like Obama, are ordinarily out to deceive people as to their true purposes. But it's an error to think they come across as sleazy. The most effective ones are unusually likeable and charming, even as they pull off their scams. This likeability is not a tangential characteristic of con artists, either; it is a central one.

"Con", after all, is short for "confidence". The con artist works by gaining the victim's confidence and trust. The successful con artist is so very likeable, in fact, that he seems especially credible, and people who might otherwise be wary and cynical drop their guard around him. They don't examine him too closely, so great is their desire to believe.

Contradictions are waved away. Acts that would arouse suspicion if they were committed by someone else are excused. Important omissions go unnoticed. Inconsistencies are rationalized. Shady company is defended or ignored. Sound familiar?

The con artist is able to gain trust by using the right vocal inflections to fit the mark (or, in Obama's case, the audience), changing accents and speech patterns to match. In addition, a con doesn't usually stay in one place very long (it has been remarked how often Obama changed jobs) because, although people may not catch on to his game all that quickly, he is afraid that if he sticks around they eventually will.
We've had the endless repetition of the raaaaacism trope for all who disagree. Given the rest of the seeming America-hatred evidenced by the administration, does a possible exit strategy emerge?

One wonders if the whole political career was just a High Society play. We have this landmark election. He goes around and makes speeches. He gives vast financial gifts to his old friends. He plays the apologist.

What will BHO do when the struggle becomes boring?

I submit that the continued provocations such as the KSM trial, the obsession with the previous administration, the wrenching changes from spendthrift to fiscal hawk could, if he's a committed con man, be deliberate provocations towards impeachment.

I'm throwing out the idea that the ultimate Blame America piece will be when, pushed beyond all tolerance, there is a serious demand for impeachment. The con has reaped all of the desired financial rewards, and needs to exit the stage before the bankruptcy of the domestic policy meets the bankruptcy of the foreign policy somewhere around his head. The shiny factor of being POTUS is all drained away, leaving more disgruntled voters than W ever faced.

This is a bizarre possibility. I'd laugh at it, if not for the series of bizarre incidents that form 2009.

Update: Pat in Shreveport explores the possibility that the KSM trial is a national security vs. civil liberties call, linking some John Yoo analysis. I think it's all farce, crap, and a giant "screw you" to the American people.


  1. let me be the first to say, if BHO is using the trial to attack President Bush and VP Cheney; we give back as good as they do ---

    The moment the trial goes after Bush, we get our second Amendment friends and friends in the military and venture into the Capitol.

    We give the Left two choices: Protect your fellow Americans, even the ones who don't subscribe to INGSOC or.....

    As I said, our military and second Amendment friends should be available to remind them that we are ALL Americans.

  2. I see nothing good coming from this trial of KSM, nothing at all.

  3. I have a better description for them then Con Men- Carnys. Take a look at ACORN and who runs it, Obama was a community organizer. No not Con Men something less sophisticated.

    Have a look at the carny vocabulary, and tell me it doesn't look familiar.

  4. If only we could imagine Obama had such an amazing, complex, strategy planned.

    But much like many Democrat Partisans we see, they have a rather baseless ego that dominates their existence. Insecurity pushes many to go a long way.

    Just look at Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, etc. All these Politicians from the Democratic Partisan side, who really have no experience or accomplishment, but crave attention and power.

    Obama is a the perfect irony of all. A fellow born of two very extreme Leftist Parents, one communist - muslim from outside the USA. Born into a natural anti-USA environment, given special advantage do to his ethnic background, educated in fashionable liberal conceptions in the Ivory Tower of the Ivy League.

    You simply cannot give him this much credit. When Carter provided his massive tax schemes, his failed appeasement efforts, it was simply do to a really naive ignorance. When Bill and Hillary decided it would be good policy to lie about the genocide in Rwanda, gave Federal Loan Gaurantees to Enron, peddled Pardons to Marc Rich, tried to Nationalize Health Care behind closed doors, ignored the alarming threats of Radical Muslim Terrorism after the bombing of the WTC in 1993, they were not doing all this folly out of brilliance. It was pure negligent ignorance.

    Many give these very misguided Politicians from the Democratic Party, more credit than they deserve. Mr. Obama's only grand scheme is a naive ignorant embrace of fashionable radical Leftist confusion.

    The Obama Team thought this would be easy, after offering endless condescending garbage for those who were previously facing serious challenges. They are so in over their heads, they simply are clueless.

    Giving all away to Russia for nothing in return? Refusing to meet with the Dalai Lama? Juvenile lies about earmarks, lobbyists, signing statements, transparency, tax cuts, rendition? Making Joe Biden your Vice President? Making Hillary Clinton your Secretary of State? Making jokes about those who participate in the Special Olympics?

  5. All certainly possible, God knows what he's thinking-

    But the KSM trail might not even start -let alone finish- under Obama's reign... he'll be kicked to the curb in 2012. To me, he's passing it off because a swift tribunal/firing squad makes it his move- and one Bush would've approved of, as well... both unpalatable to BHO.

    Like Afghanistan... he's just kicked the can down the road. He only cares about his radical domestic plans, KSM is just a distraction for him- and of course he feels none of the hunger for justice in this case that normal Americans do... because he's not one of them.

  6. I think Obama and crew have made a calculation that in 2012 there will be more people that vote for him than disgruntled voters. In order to come to that conclusion, I believe that something is in the works. How could a candidate alienate military, law enforcement, the medical profession, the elderly, a majority of taxpaying citizens that will feel the sting, and other groups without realizing they can't win. Perhaps making citizens of illegals, the usual voter fraud in urban districts, and the race card that rallies the base might be enough. Whatever they have in mind... it can't be good.

  7. It certainly is Uber-Hypocrisy for the democrats and liberal pundits to go around saying that if you believe in the Constitution, then you should agree with the decision to hold the trials in New York.

    These are the same democrats that are gutting the Constituion while giving Constitutional rights to these WAR we know they are lying to us on this one.

    Since there is NO WAY I believe the Obama administration is doing this in the name of the Constitution...there has to be an underlying motive for such a controversial move: my theory is that this contemptuous move is base on the desire of the Obama administration to appease the far left base of the democratic party, which they are so beholden to. So yes, the far left want's Bush and Cheney and Rove put on trial, but I also believe it is because of the left's hatred of Guantanamo. The left sees Guantanamo as UNFAIR to the FREEDOM FIGHTER (as the left calls them). This is also part of the left's hatred of the need for WAR. I belive this is just a small part of their grand strategy to NOT WIN THE WAR ON TERROR, AND NOT GO TO WAR WITH MUSLIMS, AND TO SHUT DOWN GUANTANAMO.

  8. I think the KSM trial announcement serves two purposes:

    1. The group think of the Obama admin made them think this would be something that would make them look strong on terrorism, plus, give some good Obama photo ops.

    2. It is a distraction from all the other idiocy that Obama is pushing. Of course, his bowing to the Emperor took that distraction away.

  9. Let us not forget that it is one of the core beliefs of the Bolshes in The White House and in the Congress that 'WE ARE NOT AT WAR!!!' Therefore, all the acts committed by Muslim terrorists are criminal acts and it follows that they should be tried in the criminal courts. These Leftists in power are committed Leftists, after all; committed to strict adherence to the party line, no deviations allowed comrades.