Friday, November 20, 2009

Mrs. Other McCain rocks D.C.!

Over at the American Spectator, I've posted photos of various bigwigs -- John Fund, Jeri Thompson, Roger Scruton, etc. -- having fun at the annual gala, but the No. 1 celebrity at last night's soiree was Mrs. Other McCain:

Mrs. Other McCain and I with Hannah Giles and Matthew Vadum. I'll post more photos after a while, but first I've got to upload them to Facebook.


  1. In reference to the most rude comment made by your anonymous commenter (as referenced in "Advice for Lizard Trolls"), that idiot should know my family was in farming for years and if any of our barnyard residents had looked that good, we would have stopped farming and started holding beauty pagents and modeling shoots.

    Their obnoxious comment brings to mind the Biblical admonition to "not cast pearls before swine." Of course, it's more than obvious who is the pearl (as pictured above) and who is the swine.

  2. That's hot dude! (Your wife, of course.) You're a lucky man