Saturday, November 21, 2009

'Free Medicine, Juanita,' Reid Announced

by Smitty

This week's FMJRA is a shout of anger, a bellow of dismay, a scream of horror at the Congress That Shall Live in Infamy. If the legislation now oozing through the bowels of Congress was anything other than toxic sludge, they would speak boldly and with pride of the details, rather than hiding them. Reid and Pelosi's actions are all the indictment necessary.

Title disclaimer: the words were selected to fit the FMJRA form, and should not be taken as a derogatory remark about anyone named Juanita (I'm don't know any) or to imply specific knowledge of what's in the godforsaken legislation. My ignorance matches that of the jackasses voting it. The Federal government has no business doing anything but bare maintenance until the budget is balanced and a plan to work on the national debt is in progress.

Enough preamble.

Governor Sarah Palin:
She continues to disturb the left for some reason. She's been in the headlines a lot the last week. Has she done something?
  • Reaganite Republican Resistance agrees with the suggestion of Dick Armey as an advisor to Sarah.
  • Lead and Gold thinks the Left's anti-Palinism has to do with their...dysfunction.
  • Rightofcourse offers a Newsreek cover roundup showing their anti-Palin bias.
  • Monique Stewart concurs with Stacy on the Newsweak cover: "I agree with him on this one. Screw Newsweek! "
  • American Glob announces ice in Hades because Media Matters attacked Newsleak for sexism. Don't get excited. The occasional outburst of intellectual honesty does not rehabilitation constitute.
  • Frank Schaeffer opines that Sarah is America's Evita PerĂ³n, and lays down some beautiful projection:
    The chief characteristic of Palin's book is her trashing of the old cautious and respectable William F. Buckley-style Republican Party in general and John McCain and his campaign in particular, an act of backstabbing right up there with the "Et tu Brute" assassination of Caesar. I should say it is actually the second characteristic, that comes a distant second to the building of a Sarah Palin cult of personality, wherein Jesus and Sarah will "take America back for God."

    As a former Republican, religious right activist who saw the light, re-registered as an independent voter and then, in the last election cycle, worked hard to get then Senator Obama elected, and having been one of the instigators of what is now becoming the bomb-throwing wing of the former Republican Party -- now a far right fundamentalist cult -- I understand better than most that Palin's book is her bid to take over the Republican Party, something like Oprah's positioning herself as the doyen of publishing.

    It's personality cult time, personality cult with an agenda. The agenda isn't about politics at all. This is about naked power.

    Wow. It has the potential to be true, one must admit. However, Mr. Schaeffer, do you have the intellectual honesty to apply this same analysis to the same administration you worked so hard to bring about?
    And who is standing between us and Sarah's burning desire to BE somebody? President Obama, that's who.

    Problem is President Obama has "friends" who seem more like enemies every day: the impatient juvenile left is already trumpeting his "failure" because he hasn't fixed everything in one whole year!
    What if it's not about Sarah at all, but rather about the principles upon which the country was founded? The principles that Progressive government-worshippers on either side of the aisle have increasingly rejected for the last century? No, you have religious certainty. You need criticize Progressivism as much as Anthropogenic Global Warming. Thanks for nothing, buddy.

  • Jules Crittenden notes this blog's commitment to Sullivan Scholarship and Dick Armey suggestion.
  • Conservatives for Palin notes Stacy's American Spectator piece.
  • Rhetorican gave us a shout.
  • Dustbury noted the Newsweek photo, along with a URL pointing to bogus Sarah Palin quotes. That page, on supposes, could grow to megabytes as the Lefty worms dig in their...noses?
  • Paco thinks Sullivan a demented entrepreneur:
    What I find especially amusing is Sullivan's notion that he is in a position to demand an accounting from Sarah Palin on anything, particularly given his bizarre, embarrassing and highly vocal fascination with Trig Palin’s parentage. I believe he still styles himself a Catholic and a kind of "generalissimo" of "true" conservatism, but the last thing we need – and certainly, a thing we need never pay any serious attention to – is Francisco Franco in a pink uniform.
  • The Camp of the Saints echoed the lament that Sarah was bottled up during the campaign, and also had highlights from the AmSpec piece.
  • The Daley Gator suggests Stacy run Sarah's 2012 campaign.

  • Update: I can't quite figure out where this blog is from or what is their chief concern, but Texas for Sarah Palin gives us the linky-love we need:

Would the race card please vaporize itself?
I suppose if we could hook the arm playing the card to a generator, the country would be well on the way to regaining energy independence.
  • Dixinet approved of the SPLC rebuttal.
  • Carol's Closet, to Progressives: "So stop the projecting."
  • Saberpoint notes that the latest tired, sad accuser is a Smith. I hang my head in shame at this news. Stogie then adds:
    However, as one who actually observed McCain over a decade ago, arguing against racism and white supremacy, I know that the charges against McCain are irresponsible, unfounded smear.
  • Legal Insurrection offers the succinct description of the problem:
    How does one defend oneself against such charges? It's the age-old problem of self-publication. In order to defend oneself against defamatory accusations, one has to repeat the accusations as part of the defense. So McCain is put in the difficult position of having to defend himself while not self-publishing the accusations. "Ignore it or fight it" is a difficult choice, made all the more difficult by the rise of the internet, where smear merchants playing the race card abound.
  • Bob Belvedere offered his usual stalwart support.
We don't need taxpayer protection by government, we need taxpayer protection from government:
Oddly, that seems to have been the motive for founding the country initially.
  • Paco finds Dodd's new ideas reassuring.
  • Political Byline picked up the open question of whether BHO could be seeking impeachment.
  • The Sundries Shack thinks BHO could be committing political suicide.
Senator Graham is useful on at least one topic:
3 Megahits:
Stacy continues to blaze a mean trail, while I, riding shotgun, am in awe.
  • Fischersville Mike gave us a shout.
  • Troglopundit feels it necessary to trash Jerry Springer by comparing us to Jerry. What did Springer ever do to you, Trog?
Feminism and the Iron Law:
The idea that Feminism would somehow escape The Iron Law is mildly laughable.
  • Carol's Closet opines: "A narrow, small-minded cabal of women have hijacked feminism and redefined it in their anti-vibrant image. We have gone from "be all you can be" to "you can be all we tell you is acceptable." Thanks but no thanks. I'm just fine."
Carrie Prejean:
  • Carol's Closet speaks wisdom:
    Back in March, Stacy McCain wrote Mamas Don't Let Your Daughters Grow Up To Be Downloads. Well now that Carrie Prejean has become a download, who better to talk to drive home to our young people the message that "it can happen to you". The message to young people should be, if you think it is embarrassing for your ex-boyfriend to show his friends the nude pics of you now, how embarrassing would it be if ten years from now he sends them to your boss?
Other FMJRA Roundups:Miscellaneous Shouts:
  • Fischersville Mike hat tips us on the BHO "Kick Me", and mentions us for the Weblog Awards. I, for one, remain mired in depression that my IowaHawk Steel Cage Art Death Match entry received such a drubbing. *sniff*
  • Troglopundit is working hard to deny that this picture is of him on a bike. We'll allow him his devices.
  • Paco picked up the Allen West post. That guy is teh r0x0rz.
  • Makes My Brain Itch reveals that Scratcher is doing as well as Stacy in the offspring department.
  • Political ByLine appreciated the attack on the comment trolls.
  • Obi's Sister linked the hammering of Sullivan.
  • Rightofcourse gathers news of the global warming scandal, linking us as well.
  • Daley Gator hat tips us for a Sarah Palin quote.
Please send additions to Smitty. Paused in working on a GData coding project to improve these FMJRA outings. I also need to review Technorati to see if they restored the old functionality. As one does in these situations, one orders a tome from Amazon to offer worked examples. "Everything is easy when you know how to do it".

Update: Jumping in Pools picked up the Advice for Trolls post after a discussion of LGF's Rush Limbaugh attack.


  1. FTA: Reaganite Republican Resistance agrees with the suggestion of Dick Armey as an advisor to Sarah.

    Dunno. Armey has blasted right wingnuts. Depends on your definition of a right wingnut. I'd call Palin one. I'd call me one. After all, I do things like actually cite the US Constitution. Re/ Schiavo, Mr. Armey, please review Amendments 5 and 14 and then explain to me (in something other than dismissive mockery) how Schiavo wasn't a Constitutional issue.

    Again, I don't know, but I suspect that under bright lights and truth drugs, he doesn't like Palin.


  2. Hi Smitty! This is a great round-up of linky love!
    You have some great bloggers on here. I found
    Adrienne's Catholic Corner today, through Reganite Republican, and she's a delight. You can read about it on my latest post, where I write about ACORNS's latest child sex slavery expose.