Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ace rates the babes of Beirut

Yeah, he also talks about the geopolitical/military situation, but anyone can do that:
Beirut isn't just a loose city by Middle East standards; it's a loose city by American standards. In fact, it's a loose city by Vegas standards. Pretty much nothing is against the law and the sh*t that isn't against the law isn't terribly against the law.
So I guess I still don't have a real answer to the question.
Oh, let me mention the women dressing sexily. I joked during the Feb 14 rally that the eighties didn't die, they just came to Beirut and mutated.
There's a curiously standard fashion among young girls and women here -- very tight jeans and leather or suede boots coming up to the knee. Sometimes, in a flair I approve of, they roll up their jeans to reveal one or two inches of stockings or tights beneath, before the tights disappear into the boots.
What they dress like, in other words, is all the "bad girls" I was so h*rny for in middle school and high school. If only the feather ear-ring came into style here, it would be perfect.
If you're wondering why I slightly censored you, Ace -- yesterday I found out that Jesse Malkin's got me on his RSS feed. So I'm trying to be a little more "family values" and all that. Don't want to get Jesse in trouble with the Missus. She ain't been linking me all that much lately, but if she finds out I'm a bad influence on the hubby, it's gonna be a long slog to 2 million visits, eh?

UPDATE: Just in case anybody thinks this post represents the lowest possible depths of shameless blogwhoring, think again.

UPDATE II: Some of you have complained that this post doesn't include any photos of hot Lebanese babes. Well the problem is that this is the best photo I could find of Miss Lebanon 2008, Rosarita Tawil, unless you count the embarrassing "topless photo scandal," and we wouldn't want to get anybody in trouble by linking that, would we?


  1. I wonder how long before Ace pulls a Hitchens in Beirut. He's going to look at the wrong Christian, then Blam! 24 Syrian Nazis are going to be on him like white on hummus.

  2. RS, f*cking you wimp. You'd sacrifice virtually anything for more hits.

    Note - standard American curse word astericked by Dondero in a lame attempt to gain more credibility and linkes with conservative bloggers.

  3. I don't really care about asterisks in words like "h*rny" or the like. That's RSM's call.

    But it's incumbent upon people who write about - or link to writing about - babes to provide visual evidence for their babe theses. There was nothing here, and nothing at Ace's post.

    That's simply outrageous and I'll not stand for it. You don't make a counterintuitive argument like "Beirut is babe central" without photos. It's like saying a particular song is balls-out rockin', then humming a few bars for proof.

    I was ready to enjoy some babes of the Middle Eastern genus. Now I'm frustrated, like Travis the chimpanzee.

    - Brian Moore

  4. Sweet! Thanks!

    - Brian Moore

  5. It's not that hard to find Lebonese babes:

    - Brian Moore

  6. So where did you find that picture of Ramrocks?