Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Canadian future

OK, maybe our future is Argentina. But maybe it's also Canada, where the government attempts to control who gets booked on TV talk shows:
Warren Kinsella, a senior aide to Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, attempted to interfere with an editorial decision made by a public broadcaster today.
TV Ontario invited Kathy Shaidle, who blogs at Five Feet of Fury, to debate the "atheist bus" campaign. Kinsella, who was hand-picked by Ignatieff to head up the
Liberal war-room, immediately went ballistic, contacting the show's host, Steve Paikin, and demanding that Shaidle be un-invited.
Then Kinsella continued his hysterics, e-mailing provincial MPPs and staff, screeching that Shaidle must be persona non grata. He tried to get an online "campaign" going to stop her.
Congratulations, Kathy, on making the "persona non grata" list. First Mark Steyn, now you. If only someone had thought to ban Neil Young back when they had the chance . . .

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