Monday, February 16, 2009

'What Ann Coulter really thinks of the CCC . . .'

". . . I couldn't tell you. I lost my magical ESP powers in a tragic lawnmower accident."


  1. The R word is definitely the new Commie word! And we hear it every time the wind blows.

    I define a racist as a white person who doesn't do or say what the MSM or minorities want them to do or say. Oops..that must make me a racist!

    Angry White Dude

  2. I need to pay more attention to blogs, I missed the firestorm in the closed room. All of that cross-linking could have been put to better use actually discrediting Potok in a way that he and his enablers in the media would notice. For instance, if everyone linked his name to this page I'll add more to it and it might turn up higher in search results for his name. Then, when reporters go to find out more on him, they might run across that page.