Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Atheist tedium

The boring irrationality of pure reason:
Atheists claim to value reason above blind faith and individuality above the lock-step certitude of religion. My own rejection of faith, I hoped, would allow me to indulge in wicked thoughts and pork-based dishes. I hoped I could, forever, avoid hallelujah get-togethers, groupthinky organizations and constraining labels.
Yet, these days, atheists are organized. They're activists. They will probably sue you. They have become exasperatingly earnest, hopelessly serious and unnecessarily pushy.
They have, in other words, become as tedious as Joel Osteen. And there are few greater sins.
Ouch. Read the whole thing by David Harsanyi in the Denver Post.


  1. Just like conservatives having kids rather than practicing abstinence or celibacy, they want the taxpayer to pay to raise and house in prisons and provide abortions for, as a proud and positive atheist myself, I do not want my tax money funding god-belief, god-education, god activities, or liberal god-fronted social programs. In the column, David Harsanyi confuses atheism with securalism. Big difference there (for the atheist at least).

    It's far simpler than it sounds. Keep your god-belief to yourself; don't tell me about your Zeus, Allah, Jesus, Moses, Vishnu, etc. unless you want to hear about my 'Flying Spaghetti Monster.' Spend your money how you want to, on anything religious. But don't spend taxpayer money funding prayer rooms for muslims, Christian holidays, or any of that. Your religion is not mine; neither of us want to be forced to listen to it, must like hearing Eric Holder and Jeremiah Wright lecture me on how evil I am for being born white.

  2. I'll be glad to hear about the FSM, that half-clever atheists created as a joke, and then use reason to prove that Jesus is the real Creator.

    Believing in Christ takes little faith in this day and age considering the weight of evidence. Atheism takes far more faith, and is in my view, irrational.