Thursday, February 19, 2009

Civility: 'You pampered little b*tch!'

The voices of tolerance and enlightenment -- to paraphrase Janeane Garofalo -- offer words of encouragement to a "woman of color":
Your bigoted comments make me wish that your jaw gets f*cked up more than your hero Ann Coulter's did. . . . I'd like to see you walk a week in her shoes as a homeless person. You wouldn’t survive. You pampered little b*tch.
Of course, the "woman of color" toward whom this "open-minded, pluralistic" discourse was offered is Michelle Malkin. The assertion that Malkin's "hero" is Ann Coulter would, I imagine, be equally surprising to both Malkin and Coulter. They are very different writers and very different personalities, and all they really have in common are (a) they're women, (b) they're conservative, and (c) they appear frequently on Fox News. 

However, this is not the place to do a compare-and-contrast. I merely point out how Malkin's "well adjusted, open-minded, pluralistic, enlightened" correspondent lumps her in with Coulter as an object of rage. (Pundette Derangement Syndrome?)

What is truly interesting is the correspondent's assertion that homeless people are, by the mere fact of their homelessness, somehow more resourceful and adaptive than the non-homeless. Yesterday, I discussed this naive veneration of the homeless in terms of Thomas Sowell's The Vision of the Anointed -- a book everyone absolutely must read -- and also Adam Shephard's eye-opening new book, Scratch Beginnings.

The notion that the homeless are possessed of some special virtue is a modernistic liberal perversion of Judeo-Christian teaching about the poor. "Rich" and "poor" are relative terms. If you want to see true poverty, go to Uganda. There are hard-working honest people in Kampala who don't dare dream of the luxuries enjoyed and opportunities ignored by the "poor" in America. You let some Ugandan find his way to America -- save up enough money, jump through all the hoops of legal immigration -- and I guarantee you that man will not end up homeless.

In Washington, DC, the cabs are mostly driven by Third World immigrants -- Somali, Sudanese, Ethiopian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, and so forth. Talk to one of those cabbies and you'll discover that his children are going to college to study business, engineering, medicine and law.

Think about Michelle Malkin's immigrant parents. Think about the values they instilled in her. Do you suppose that, having been blessed to come to the greatest nation in the history of mankind, they would have failed to do all in their power to be sure that their daughter understood the value of these advantages?

"Pampered" -- bah! People who see Michelle Malkin on TV and think she's "pampered" have no idea at all of her hard work, her diligence, her perseverance, her focus. Have you seen her work? When we were in Denver for the Democratic convention, I watched her at work. I filed five stories from Denver and blogged a ton, but that was just goofing off compared to what Malkin did. If you could see her at work -- the intensity of her focus -- you would not for a minute think of her as "pampered." What she's got, she earned.

And to "funnyalex04," let me tell you this: If somehow it all fell apart tomorrow, and Michelle Malkin did find herself homeless, she'd survive a helluva lot better than you would, you pathetic worm.


  1. Er, while you were impressing us a by winning a debate with yourself over a thesaurus, WHOM, exactly were you quoting?

    Or did you just make that up?

  2. That would be the comment on the linked post on Michelle Malkin's site, if you're referring to what I think you're referring to.

    Re the original post: When I was in India, there were illegal slums everywhere. I wondered why and was told: some of the people living there could afford better places, but they'd rather live in slums - so as to have the money for their children's education.

    That's when I knew India would be fine. Imagine that being our worst problem.

  3. Michelle is a very hard worker. Thanks for noticing!

  4. If I denounce Garofolo on my blog, but include a picture of her would that count as observing Rule 5?

  5. Excellent follow-up to the post where you referred to the estimable Kathy Shaidle as a "hobophobe." (LOL)

    I appreciate both you and her for your intolerance of the intolerable.

    OK, now I have to read "Vision" and "Scratch Beginnings."