Thursday, February 19, 2009

Obama's broken promises

Stephen Green of Vodkapundit reminds us that there are "four different lists of Obama’s broken campaign promises."


  1. Better question: how to turn this knowledge into a post-B.S. electorate that consciously rejects crappy manipulations?
    Will CPAC show us how?

  2. I love these lists because they are direct evidence against the obama cult. As Rove pointed out in the WSJ this morning, running the country is very different from campaigning, and obama needs to get his face off the TV, get back in the Oval Office, and get this butt to work. The first month has been a disaster by every measure.

    Obama just spent four years' worth of stimulus in his first 700 hours in office. Does he really think the Chinese are going to impoverish their country just so we can bail out Jamie Dimon (again)? I need to calm down before the steam coming out of my ears blows a fuse.

  3. Remember when Democrats were busting Bush's balls about breaking an obscure, hypertechnical campaign promise about arsenic levels in drinking water? It was the best they could do. Those were the days!

    - Brian Moore